Fan Works

The Fan Works section is where all the fan-submitted content belongs. Here, you will find three sub-categories:

Fan Fiction - These are the fan-submitted Pokemon stories. There are stories of all genres. There are so many stories, it'd take you forever to get through them all!
Fan Art - The Fan Art are fan-submitted art. Many Poke-Artists have sent pictures of Pokemon that they drew, and you'll find all that here.
PokeLyrics Archive - Find lyrics, poems, and raps that Pokemon fans made up.

Fan Fiction Fan Fiction are Pokemon stories written by fans, and in this section, you'll find tons of it. There are Pokemon battling stories, trainer stories, love stories, and so much more stories of all genres.
Fan Art In this section, you will find many Pokemon art drawn by many Poke-Artists. You've got the everyday normal drawing to the weird and wacky. Everything can be found right here!
PokeLyrics Can you write your own Pokemon song? Well, the people who've written these lyrics can. Check it out!