Fan Fics - Abolin's Domain of Evil

It had been two weeks since Chikorita had set foot on the small island of Britain to live with Becky and me. Chikorita had got use to being a tame Pokemon; she didn't mind Becky, as Becky is a lovely trainer. Becky had given us privacy when we wanted to be left alone, when we felt romantic. I had been in heaven; a few times I had taken Chikorita for a slow walk along the Dee. Singing and dancing in the dark was fun to young lovers like Chikorita and me. I had given up with training, what was the point of trying to be the best when I had all I wanted. Becky had given up training me, she was happy keeping Chikorita and me as pets. I was very strong after the training in Brazil so I decided to just leave the training to Ali, an Umbreon who was also my best friend.

A loud bang could be heard at the door, as I slowly woke up, to see Chikorita lying next to me I noticed it was the front door. I ran down the stairs and opening the door I was staring atYerta. I growled then tried to shut the door but he stopped me with his paw. "Come to the adventure play ground at noon, don't be late." With this he ran of quickly up the road leaving a puzzled Pikachu. I walked back upstairs and looked at the clock, 8am for once I had over slept. "Who was it?" asked a half asleep Chikorita. I scratched my head but had already forgotten my encounter with Yerta. "No one important," I stated then climbed back into bed and hugged Chikorita. At 10am we finally awoke, walking down stairs to toast some muffins I saw some black hair caught in the door. Yerta's message quickly re entered my mind, in 2 hours he wanted to meet at a kid's playground. I told Chikorita this but she didn't know who Yerta was. I described him as dishonest, nastiest Umbreon in the world. Chikorita buttered her muffins then grabbing the paper sat down. Chikorita seemed to not understand that I was trying to tell her Yerta is evil. At noon, we walked towards the adventure playground still confused why Yerta wanted us to meet him. Yerta hated me more then Kingler, why should he want me to meet him? As we approached the playground we spotted Ali and her cubs. Now I was very confused, why did Yerta want Ali here along with her cubs and Kingler. I watched Ali turn her head towards me, smiling she gave me a hug, and then hugged Chikorita. "Great to see you again Pikachu, and you to Chikorita." We smiled back then I asked why Yerta wanted to see us. My question why cut short as Hyzenthlay ran towards me, hoping to get a kiss. She stopped in front of me, spotting Chikorita and growled. I wondered what was wrong with Hyzenthlay, why did she seem jealous? Before we could talk more a cold chill crept through our spines. Yerta jumped down from a bench where he had been listening to us. "I am very glad you decided to show up," stated Yerta, he sounded different. He normally spoke with evil in his voice, but this Yerta spoke softly. "Ali it is very good to see you again, and the cubs have grown." Ali just turned her head to Yerta, causing him to look upset. Chikorita walked close to him and asked "Pikachu, you said this creature was master of evil, you couldn't trust him, but he looks innocent enough." Yerta blushed and replied "Pikachu needs to learn manners, something he doesn't process." I walked close to Yerta and sent a thunder attack towards him. Yerta yawned and lifting one paw, reflected my attack.

Yerta raised his paw towards me and sent a powerful thunder attack. Before it hit me Ali jumped in the way and easily blocked it. Ali walked to Yerta who started to lose his kindness. "Don't mess with me, Ali you have no chance, its useless to challenge me." Ali laughed, her body started to glow. We watched, knowing she was focussing her power, I guessed she was focussing 10% of her power. "You are all mouth and no action Yerta," stated Ali. Yerta launched his paw to swipe Ali but Ali just raised her paw and grabbed his paw. Yerta watched in amassment as she put her paw on his head and pushed his head to the ground. It was amusing; the once powerful Yerta had his head in a puddle, unable to lift his head. Bubbles shot up from the water and Yerta's legs were kicking furiously. Ali lifted his head, to reveil a very upset half-drowned Yerta. I couldn't tell if there were tears on his face or just the water from the puddle. Yerta screamed, "That's how you beat me, you can focus your power." Yerta growled and stated, "I might as well die, we won't be connected anymore." Ali looked at Yerta in confusion. Yerta sniffed, I could tell he was trying to not cry. "The reason I shared my power with you when I was young was because I was to powerful for my body. I couldn't focus my power; I hurt myself if I used all my power. We both had great power, but this power could increase if you could focus all the power. Now you have learnt to focus your power, you are much stronger then me, I must know how to focus my power." Ali laughed but asked why they won't be connected anymore. Without warning Yerta jumped at Ali and kissed her.

Kingler growled at Yerta, Ali slapped Yerta's face. "We are no longer connected now, I have learnt how to use my power, I just need to focus it. You have no worry about sharing power any more, I'm sick of sharing power, we are through." Ali snarled and again swiped Yerta's face. Yerta fell to the ground, covered in blood, he was getting very angry now. "ALI, don't you understand, you are double as strong now, we don't share power so you can reach your full power." Ali smiled but knew Yerta was depressed about not being able to focus his power. Ali also noticed that Yerta was upset because he actually loved her, breaking their connection was like breaking his heart. "Why did you call us here?" I asked, getting very confused about this power struggle. Yerta looked at me with a tear in his eye; clearing his throat he replied, "I had a dream about two evil forces, an Unown and a mew are heading to earth to train. They will kill every Pokémon and human just to increase their levels" I yawned and stated, "Let Ali defeat them, she's the strongest in the world." Ali smiled at me but Yerta just shook his head. "The reason not only because I was sick of sharing power with an useless Umbreon, that I got rid of our bond is because they are much stronger. I know about levels, Ali's level while focussing is over 100,000. With the bond broken she can get to a max of around 150,000. I unfortunely can only get to around level 100,000 now," Yerta again sniffed. I wondered why he was so obsessed with being the best. "In two months, these creatures will land on earth, I advise you to train, if you were wise." I have confidence in Ali but decided to train, this seemed serious, even Yerta was afraid. As everyone left to train for 2 months, I watched Yerta turn towards the shadows and let out a tear. Ali walked close to him and told him "Yerta, thank you for releasing me, is there any thing I can do?" J Yerta looked at Ali and asked, "How do I focus power?" Ali sighed and stated, "You know I can't tell you, the power would get to your head again. I think your sweet when you know that you're not superior to everyone else," Yerta walked away from Ali, Ali watched then taking her cubs took them to train. Kingler had a question, "How do you focus power?" Ali looked at Kingler and told him "Only my cubs, Yerta and myself can focus. It's hard to explain but, I get angry but instead of releasing my anger as emotions, I keep my anger in my head. The anger is converted into power, that's why Yerta can't focus, he shows his emotions without turning it into strength." Kingler had no idea what that meant, so just walked away with Ali and the cubs to train.

As the two months slowly drifted away, Ali's cubs had long ago decided to train. Even Pipkin volunteered to help, though he only wanted to fight along side his father. When Ali had asked Pipkin if he wanted to train with his sisters and brother he had refused. Kingler and Pipkin trained in the water, swimming far distances with heavy pearls on their back. Ali and her Umbreon cubs did more intense training. Running long countries, jumping of cliffs and landing on their feet and learning how to shoot light beams. My training involved shooting practice while Chikorita strengthened her vine whip attack by taking up a new hobby, sculpturing. While we all were training we wondered what kind of training would Yerta put himself through. Ali one night when in search of Yerta, to discover his training method. She caught sight of him in a volcano, throwing beams of light at the lava and then reflecting lava bombs. Ali gasped as Yerta threw himself towards the lava and stopped only 1 metre from the lava. Yerta started to scream and suddenly the whole volcano exploded. After the dust settled Ali spotted Yerta, lying on the crater bottom, nearly dead. Ali watched lava rising towards the ledge Yerta had collapsed on and knew it would instantly incinerate him. Ali zoomed towards Yerta dodging lava bombs and hot ash. She picked up Yerta then glowing she warped out of the volcano and back to where she had been training with her cubs. When she arrived Vantrase ran to Yerta and licked his face in an aid to revive him.

Yerta woke up and slashed Vantrase with his paw, making Ali very angry. "I'm not in need of your help, but who took me away from my training?" Ali walked next to Yerta and put her paw on his neck. "Next time you nearly die, I will not be there to assist you," Ali stated to the ungrateful Yerta. Yerta got up and smiled at Ali "Thank you for saving my life Ali, I will always be in your dep't." Now Ali was the confused one. Yerta had actually thanked her maybe he was turning nice. Ali smiled back; at last Yerta was going to be a nice Umbreon like herself. Vantrase got up and began to cry, Ali was going to hug her but Yerta beat her to the idea. Yerta picked up Vantrase and apologised. This was the first time Ali had ever heard Yerta apologising. Suddenly a thought came in Ali's head, Yerta was only being nice to focus his power. He still had a lot of anger inside himself but was trying to keep it locked up in an aid to focus. Ali put her paw on Yerta's head; indeed he was focusing his power, but not all of it. Yerta still hadn't experienced enough anger to fully extend his full power.

When the two months were over, we all met again in a children's playground. As Yerta appeared he noticed two kids playing on the swings. Yerta growled and raised his paw; Ali quickly slapped his paw and snarled. Yerta sighed and closing his eyes and quickly informed us of our levels. "Normal Pokémon can't get over 100 but were the elite, we surpass all Pokémon. Ali your 150,000 I'm 170,000. Yerta paused and then got an evil grin on his face. Ali noticed his grin and started to glow, "take my level again, please." Yerta scanned Ali and shouting he replied "your 250,000." Ali evilly grinned at the heart stricken Yerta who continued with his levels. "Pikachu your 120,000 Kingler your 65,000 Vantrase your 45,000 Hyzenthlay your 30,000 Gilliam your 25,000 and Pipkin you're a pathetic 1,000." Yerta looked at Pipkin and stated, "you've been training for two months and your 1,000 that is stupid you stand no chance." Kingler walked towards Yerta and growled. Yerta sent a beam of light at him, instantly making him retreat. Yerta laughed but Pipkin didn't seem happy. Pipkin ran towards Yerta and body slammed him into a nearby tree. Yerta growled and attempted to slash Pipkin but he dodged and scratched Yerta. Yerta fell to the ground and looked again at Pipkin's level 200,000 and dropping. Yerta and Ali looked at Pipkin in amassment; he was stronger then Yerta and maybe herself. Kingler put his claw on his son's head and proudly stated, "That's my son." Yerta watched in more horror as Pipkin began to evolve, Pipkin grew bigger and his claw went massive. Pipkin was now a Kingler like his dad. Yerta's argument quickly ended as two weird creatures began to float towards the ground. One was black and looked like the letter O. The other was pink and had a very long tail, this looked much more cute then the other creature. As they landed the pink creature boasted, "My name is Abolin and this faithful Unown of mine is called Wacko. Is this all this world's defence could offer, no matter we shall destroy you all." Abolin raised her paw at us; I quickly asked "You show no strength by using beams of power, fight us normally." Abolin nodded her head and told Wacko to fight us. Yerta looked at me and stated, "Your weak Pikachu but this Unown looks even weaker, you can fight him." I looked at Yerta and asked, "What is his level?" Yerta looked at Wacko who had already changed his form, he now looked like an A. Yerta closed his eyes and looked at the two Pokémon. Yerta couldn't tell the evil Pokemon's levels but he knew they didn't look strong. If that was the case then himself could easily defeat these two Pokémon. Yerta smiled at Abolin and rushed towards her. His nails just broke on contact with her skin. She picked him up by his neck using her tail and threw him towards Wacko. Wacko caught him and sent him flying into the ground. Yerta's impact made a 20 metre deep crater, Yerta's scream could be heard by all of us. Yerta jumped out of the crater, he was glowing! Ali knew that he was learning to focus his power but he couldn't get as angry as she once got. Ali remembered to when the witch had frozen her body and had taunted her by hurting and torturing her. Ali had got so angry but didn't want the witch to see her emotions so had kept the anger in her head. This had raised her focus power to 100%, something Yerta couldn't do. Yerta was glowing so Ali guessed he was 25% focusing. Yerta dashed towards Wacko but he just dodged and used hidden power. The power clashed with Yerta's body and he yelped in pain.

Ali wanted to help Yerta so quickly in her head worked out that every 1% of Yerta focusing power is worth 7,000. Her 1% was only 2,500 she was weaker then Yerta! Ali gasped in shock; Yerta was still the strongest Pokemon he just didn't know how to focus. Ali decided that after the battle she would have to kill Yerta. If she didn't kill Yerta then he may become a threat in the future. Yerta jumped up and kept attacking Wacko but none of his attacks did any harm. Ali decided to help Yerta, she jumped at Wacko but was surprised that she to was flung back. Wacko picked up Yerta and threw him at Ali, making both of them collide with a tree. Ali and Yerta, the two strongest Pokémon on planet Earth had both been beaten by an Unown.

Kingler crawled towards Ali and asked, "You can suck power, why don't you suck Yerta's power?" Yerta looked at Ali with fear and quickly tried to run away. Ali stepped on Yerta's tail and turned him around. "It won't work Ali, I'm ready for your power stealing and you can't steal power if the oppment holds back his power." With this Yerta quickly decreased his level leaving Ali snarling. Kingler got another idea, without think he jumped at Ali and kissed her. Ali got his idea and sucked his power. To be honest I was a bit to quick to agree when Ali asked if anyone else would give their power. Ali laughed and walked towards me, making me turn red. Ali looked at the blushing Pikachu and sighed. "I'm only taking power not your heart." Ali quickly leaned forward and kissed me and then quickly released me leaving a very content Pikachu. Yerta looked at Wacko, Ali smiled and knew that she was more experienced then Wacko. She charged towards the startled Unown, knocking him to the ground. Wacko growled but was over powered as Ali appeared behind him and thumped him in the back. Abolin watched, quite amused by Wacko getting beaten. Wacko repeatedly tried to punch Ali but he couldn't catch her. Ali threw him in the air then hurtled him towards Yerta. Yerta caught Wacko and stated "Pay back time" Yerta bit into Wacko's weak body as he screamed in pain. "Ice Cream, give me Ice Cream" he asked, which confused all of us. Abolin threw Wacko an ice cream cone that Wacko quickly stuffed in his face. Wacko began to glow and we noticed that ice cream must heal Wacko. We were wrong though, the ice cream didn't heal him but it made him hyper. He rushed around in a hyper mood, hitting anyone he passed. Yerta fed up with being weak launched himself towards Abolin. Abolin watched Yerta and grabbed his tail. Abolin threw Yerta into the air and hit him like a tennis ball. Vantrase snarled, she was the nearest of Ali's cubs related to Yerta. She hurtled towards Abolin who sent a beam of light at her. The beam made contact with Vantrase who yelped then exploded. Yerta and Ali looked at the fire ball, when it cleared Vantrase was lying on the floor not moving at all. Ali slowly walked towards Vantrase and with a tear in her eye nudged Vantrase with her nose. Vantrase didn't move, she was dead. Yerta growled with anger, his face was exploding like a star. Ali looked at Yerta and knew he was focusing his power and this may make him 100%. Without thinking Ali sent a power beam of light towards Yerta, intending to destroy him. Yerta grabbed the beam with one hand and threw it at Wacko. Wacko was flung back and landed a few metres from Abolin. Abolin looked at Wacko and picked him up. Wacko smiled but Abolin just wrapped her tail around his neck. With a loud crunch, Wacko's head was separated from his body. We all looked in shock, Abolin had killed Wacko. Yerta looked down at Ali and stated "we will finish our little scuffle later." Ali was now in fear, Yerta had reached his full power and was 700,000! L Ali ran to Vantrase and picked her up. Ali remembed she can revive people so she might be able to revive Vantrase. Picking her up she wiped the tears from her eyes then kissed the dead corpse of Vantrase. Ali crossed her paws hoping Vantrase would come back to life. Yerta dropped down towards the ground and looked at Vantrase. Vantrase's eye began to flicker, she was alive. Yerta and Ali smiled as Vantrase got up and looked and them. "Mumma Dadda, I'm back, thank you." Ali smiled but corrected Vantrase "Daddy is over there with Pipkin." Vantrase looked towards Kingler but shook her head. Hugging Yerta's leg she stated "This Dadda.." Ali sighed and looked at Vantrase, Ali then got an idea. Reviving Pokémon gave them extra strength, but still took her power, so Pikachu had been sharing some of her power. Ali asked Vantrase if she could loan some of her power, Vantrase gladly agreed.

Ali now was 400,000 so every 1% was 4,000. Even though she wasn't as strong as Yerta she was strong enough to beat Abolin, at least she thought she was. Yerta just laughed, Abolin didn't know that he was now stronger then her. Yerta was the only Pokémon who could correctly give Pokémon levels, all the other Pokémon had to guess. Ali sent a beam of light at Abolin but a bigger beam sent by Yerta absorbed it. The beam collided with Abolin flinging her back into the ground. Abolin couldn't believe Yerta was stronger then her. Abolin hurtled towards the cubs, and me hoping to kill any one weaker then her. Ali got in her way but was easily knocked back. Yerta collided with Abolin making her fall into the children's park. Everyone laughed as an angry, wet Abolin climbed out of the pond. Abolin decided to hide so flew of towards the west followed by Yerta and Ali. Abolin knew that she was the fastest so decided to battle in the Welsh hills. Abolin hid behind a huge rock waiting for Ali to get to close. Ali was behind Yerta as she now was much slower then him. Abolin watched Yerta pass him then quickly grabbed Ali's mouth so she couldn't scream for help. Ali kicked furiously and tried to bite her paw but couldn't. Abolin used some dark power to make an invisible bond. Ali was confused how a psychic Pokémon could use a dark type move. Abolin squeezed Ali's head and suddenly she felt something leave her body and something entered. Ali looked around in shock; she was pink and had a long tail. She looked to her left and saw a dark female fox with yellow hoops. It was weird but Ali was in Abolin's body and vice versa.

Ali smiled and tried to send a beam of light but nothing happened. "I'm not stupid my dear, I took your power along with my own. Now I'm stronger then Yerta he stands no chance." Abolin flew of to find Yerta who had stopped to look for Ali. Abolin approached Yerta and stated, "Check my level." Yerta was confused why Ali wanted to know her level but decided to tell her. "300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000." Yerta was astonished how could Ali suddenly increase her level so quickly? "900,000 oh my god, no I see you as 1,000,000 but that's impossible, no one could get that level." Abolin informed Yerta that she was Abolin inside Ali's body. Yerta snarled but knew that he wouldn't stand a chance. "Every time I reach new levels, it seems someone always beats me, how come?"

Abolin shrugged her shoulders but then hurtled her body towards Yerta. Yerta flew back into a mountain instantly shattering it. Yerta growled weakly then sent a beam of light towards Yerta. Abolin opened her mouth and just ate the beam. Yerta looked furious but quickly changed his emotion to pain as Abolin grabbed his head and repeatedly punched it. Yerta now getting a headache tossed Abolin of him but she quickly kicked him in the head. Yerta sent another beam and followed it. When Abolin opened her mouth Yerta punched her in the stomach. To Yerta's surprise, Abolin didn't even notice. Meanwhile Ali was travelling slowly to where Yerta and Abolin were fighting when she suddenly felt a blow to the stomach. Ali quickly discovered that they would feel each other's pain. Yerta had already noticed this but wanted to make sure he was correct. Grabbing Abolin he tickled her stomach and looked down to see Ali furiously kicking around. Yerta smiled and flew down to where Ali was standing and began to attack her. Abolin screamed in pain and quickly decided to change her body back. Ali was relieved when her body was returned, now she had her body back it was time for revenge. Abolin didn't want to fight though.

With a sigh she claimed "I will be back, I'm going to train then I maybe a better oppment for you Yerta." Ali glanced at Abolin and shouted "You'll never be back." With this she sent a huge blast to kill Abolin. The blast nearly made contact but was stopped by Yerta. "Ok, come back when your stronger, I will be waiting." Abolin quickly flew into space leaving a puzzled Ali. Yerta warped to where we were all standing quickly followed by Ali. Ali screamed at Yerta "You idiot, she could become stronger and beat us, kill her when you have the chance." Yerta stared at Ali evilly and asked "Do you want to continue our little scrap?" Ali sighed she had no chance now against Yerta. Yerta laughed and boasted "It would be easy to destroy you but I don't want Vantrase to be an one parent child. Vantrase needs you and that's why I'm sparing your life. Besides, you were right when we had our first fight in front of Ash, I can't hurt someone I love." Ali stared at Yerta, he still fancied her. Ali stood up and walked over to him, licking his face she stated, "I belong to Kingler." Yerta nodded his head; he understands that she'd never love him. With a sigh he claimed Kingler was a lucky person. I stated, "Kingler's a crab." Yerta while not facing me answered "Yes and you're a rat from the sewers." I pulled two fingers at Yerta but quickly put them down when he looked at me. Yerta smiled and asked, "You I can make an exception for, you're not a father and to be honest you get on my nerves." Ali whispered, "Sometimes he gets on all of our nerves but that's why we like him." I smiled at Ali and in a cocky voice sang my motto "I'm a love making, heart breaking, money taking, test faking, hand shaking, cake baking Pikachu." I looked around but everyone just sighed I wonder if they like my poem I wondered to myself and then looked at Yerta who was pointing his paw at me. Yerta's paw began to glow to my horror. I watched in horror but Chikorita quickly appeared. "Wait, he is going to be a father, I'm pregment." Ali stated well done and I did what any strong, faithful very happy male would do, I fainted.

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