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Raised by the silence only I wander the world only to be known as a shadow. I am Blackthorn. I have been cast away by trainers and pokemon from around the world. I was walking around in the forest in the night and something made a slight sound "Who's out there?" "Well if you don't come out I'll blast you out." Suddenenly a Pokemon jumped out. "Don't hurt me." It was a Bellosom but it was different it had different colors.................... like me. I thought she might be an outcast aswell. "Errr are you alone?" "Yes i was walking on the footpath when I Growlithe knocked me down here." "Oh are you hurt?" "No I`m okay but why do you come here?" "This is my home i am an outcast" "So am I". I thought about how a pretty face like her could be an outcast but then i remembered it's because where one of a kind a specieal race. "What's your name?" "My name is Seren" "Seren huh? Well my name's Blackthorn but you can call me Thorn." "Okay Thorn but how do we get out?" "We just walk north for 15 minutes". We started to walk, when we got out i asked her what she would do now? but she just said that she would just try to find a home so i went with her to protect her from danger. We walked to a little town called goldenrod. I met some pokemon on the way here because they wanted a fight but i won with ease. We walked into the town and i saw a trainer i had met before. I walked up to him and he grinded. He tossed a pokeball at me but i dodged he pulled his sword out and started chopping me. He sliced my chest and chopped my arm off. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I screamed as he laughed at my pain. Seren jumped out and did a hyper beam at Mira Trunks. It blew a hole in his torso and he ran from us. "Thorn hang in there" Seren being a specieal breed released her true power she was psychic. She teleported me and herself to the hospital where i was in there for a week. When i was fine again i hugged Seren and thanked her for saving my life. We then walked on down to desert road. We went across for 2 days fighting arboks, gilgars and all the rest of the desert pokemon. We came out of the desert and we walked along to a quiet place to set up camp. I woke up and left Seren to sleep. I was outside raising my level beyond anybody elses. Seren woke up 2 hours later to find me training up on a pikachu. The pikachu was very fast and he was very hard to land a punch on him. I suddenly saw a gold aura flowing around me. I had increased my powerlevel but i had not become my super form. After we had done our planing we walked until we entered a huge city. We looked around and i saw 2 battle costumes that would fit both of us. I went in and bought the costumes. We put the costumes on and we walked out. I felt someone losing power rapidly and i glided across the floor. It was a lickitung being beaten by a man in his 40's. I ran at the man and punched him to the ground. He got up and pulled out a gun. He shot at me but missed, i shot a beam of light at the man and he had a hole in his arm. He yelped in pain and pinned be to the groung. He shot me in the chest with all his bullets but thanks to the battle costumes the bullets didn't leave a scratch. I got up and kicked his ass all over the alley. I then then kicked him with all my strength and he flew into the sky. I picked up the lickitung and walked over to the pokemon center. Nurse joy nursed him back to health and he thanked us for saving him. He gaves us 2 amulets. If you clip them onto your aumor and they will give you more agility. We came outside and saw a sign saying *If you want to become the strongest in the world come to the capsule corp and train in our gravity capsules. "Let's try it," Seren said. "Okay." We ran over to the cap corp and they said they had one left and 2 people could go in. We entered and the gravity was normal but we found out that we could set it. I put the gravity up to 10x but we could feel nothing different so we put it up to 30x. We where flattened to the ground, i got up by pulling on a metal bar and i pulled Seren up. I then began to do push ups. After an hour i had done 425 push ups and i had gotten used to 30x gravity. Seren had gone to sleep because she was exausted from training. I put her in the room which wasn't affected by the gravity and turned the gravity up to 75x. I punched and kicked the air for 7 hours and did beams and did pull ups. I had muscles on muscles and my powerlevel had increased so much that i could have taken on Mira Trunks as a baby and would have still won with ease. I finally decided to go onto 100x gravity. I took a deep breath and turned the gravity up to 100x. The air went so thick I could hardely breath. Seren woke up and said, "I am ready to contiue training" i told her that the gravity would be too much for her but she steped into the room. Seren's bones almost broke but i got her out. "You can train when i have finnished okay. Seren nodded and waited. I went for 2 days without stopping, i was driven insane by the fact that i could become pokemon god form which i will aceive after nobody else has before 7000 years ago. I finnished without aceiving my goal and let Seren train. I trained along side her so i would not become lazy and become less powerful. We came out and the owner was stunned by the fact that we had been in there for a month. We payed him and went on our way. We went looking for a home where we could live in peice. We traveled across a mountain and Seren looked over the mountain top. She could see a place where plant pokemon like herself could live. As we ran down the mountain Mira Trunks came out and demanded a fight. I accepted and fought him. He punched me in the stomach and i went down. He grabbed Seren and held her infront of him. I stopped and asked to let her go. He said "fine". As he let Seren go he plunged his sword into her lung and killed her. I held her in my arms and kissed her but she just laid still. My body trembled and i felt an enourmous power come over me. You bastard i will rip you limb from limb. With that comment my eyes turned silver, red lightning hit me and my body turned dark gold. I ran at him and ripped his hands off and then i kicked his leg and it twisted right round and it fell off. Then finnaly I shot a beam shereading his head very slowly. I gavered all my energy and ran down the mountain at light speed. I entered the forest shrine and shouted can anybody help me. The elder came and said yes. I walked to the alter and he told me to place her on the alter. I lifted her onto the alter and asked what to do. He made me an Seren join hands. He said he could send me into the afterlife and bring her soul into her body then she would be alive and healed but i had to this in a speaceal way. You had to win the afterlife speed race. The elder told me that if you lose you die aswell. The person you will be racing is Anceint Zepher. He never loses. "I will beat him and do you know how?" "how?" said the elder. "I can go Legendary Jenta". The elder jumped out of his skin "Jenta" "Yes I'll show you" Blackthorn glows dark gold "see". "I see you will have a chance then are you ready" "yes". The elder sends Blackthorn into the afterlife waiting center.

Blackthorn looked around, it looked like a train station. I looked around for Seren. Suddenly I heard a voice it was Seren. Blackthorn hugged Seren. "What are you doing here?" Seren said. "I can bring you back to life" "How?" "I have to win a race against somebody called anceint Zepher and if I win I get you back to life." "and if you don't win" Blackthorn sighed "I die aswell" Seren jumped up in shock. "Die........" "Don't worry, I won't loose." Blackthorn and Seren walked over to the train and got on. They sat down and talked. "Are you sure you can win?" Seren asked "Yes, because I can go Legendary Jenta" "wow but how did you do it?" "when you died it set of the key of my power and it triggered the change". Seren was thinking when Thorn won she would be alive and they could live in the forest shrine. A voice was speaking from the speaker *All passengers please exit at your appropreot stop thank you*. A man then said *Next stop speed race arena* "that's are stop" Seren said. Seren teleported us to the arena signup. Yes nobody here i`ll just signup. Then out of nowhere a man and a small rabbit like creature came into site. "So you want to race do you" said the man, "Sorry my name is Render the owner of race arena and you want to race against Zepher do you?" "Yes and I'll win to". "We shall see, follow me" The group walked out into the arena and the crowd of millions cheered race! race! race! "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have a treat for you an Ampharos which is a cross breed with an Umbreon and he is called Blackthorn but there is another thing you should now he can go Jenta" The crowd cheered wildly " and our campion everybody now's Zepher!" The crowd cheered until their lungs came out. "Enough talk lets start the race" Render said. "What you have to do is run across the mountain through the ice cave and under the ocean okay" "No prob," Blackthorn said. 3............ 2............ 1............ GO! Blackthorn ran infront of Zepher and started the mountain, boulders where flying off the top and the floor was brittle. Zepher knocked Blackthorn to the ground and got ahead, "so you wanna play rough huh then take this. Blackthorn jumped into the air and shot a hyper beam at Zepher. It hit the ground below him and he fell through a hole. Blackthorn ran past Zepher and they where off the mountain. Blackthorn picked up a torch and went inside. It was like a hall of mirrors so Blackthorn punched his way through. As he was getting closer to the end of the cave Zepher knocked Blackthorn out, by the time Blackthorn awoke Zepher had gone through the ice cave and was halfway through the ocean route. Blackthorn charged up and when Jenta. Blackthorn saw that the ocean route was colapsing so he had to move quick so he turned into a ball of light and flew through the ocean route. He saw Zepher turning the preasure valves and he tackeled him. He quickly got up and tried to slash me with his claws but he missed so i put dark matter around him and he was trapped in a ball of dark matter. I kicked the ball right down the ocean route and he was stuck in the hall of mirrors. I ran through the ocean route and i crossed the finnish line. "Congradulations you won and what do you want as your prize?" "To make me and Seren go back to life and be in the forest shrine." "You wish is my command and bye bye" The crowd cheered Blackthorn Blackthorn and I was instently teleported back to the living world with Seren alive. "Welcome back" the elder said happily Blackthorn hugged Seren. "Now we have found our home." We setteled down and lived in peice but that is not for me because sooner or later you'll feel the call for adventure.

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Born With A Difference



Born With a Difference
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