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After that night long battle in Mount Moon, the weary Pokémon decided to rest in the caverns. "So Mother Nature turned us into cyborgs to save our world." Raichu talked to Mewtwo. "And to save Pokémon is going to be a journey of hardships" explained Mewtwo. "Maybe we rest here for toooooooo…!!" Raticate was suggesting something until Mount Moon produced tremors of immeasurable magnitude. "I hope this isn't the movie, Volcano!!! remarked Raichu as he hung onto Mewtwo's hand tightly. The distinctive stench of burning sulphur filled every space of the cavern. Although it seemed harmless, but the gaseous sulphur compounds mixed with the smell could be lethal to the Pokémon if inhaled.

Then a river of lava composing of a soup of melted minerals and diamonds with their super strong atomic bonds fractured by heat under the earth's crust, began to pour out through the caverns, causing the mineral and rock deposits on the walls of Mount Moon to soften and "join" the blazing inferno, adding to its strength. Mewtwo had strong psychic powers. Holding his breath, he made the river of lava flow upwards in order to stop it from reaching the Pokémon.

But suddenly the river of a shocking temperature of about 4000°C began to stop flowing for a while and it drilled into the cavern floor. Mount Moon began to rise miraculously into the sky.

"Nice place ''remarked Raticate. Mount Moon had risen and changed into an flying island paradise covered by thick clouds and an array of powerful defensive weapons embedded on the bottom and the top. Then a voice rang "This will be your mobile base for now." Then the island began to speak. "Good Morning, I am the island's soul." Raichu was puzzled how can an island that could fly, could speak as well.

Raticate was steering the island when he had to consider a problem." What if all of the personnel leave the this island?" he asked this island. "Don't worry,. I am omnipresent like God. You just have to call my name, Mount Moon". Then several screens appeared, Raticate shouted in horror "That means you are peeking at me bathing!!". "But don't worry I don't tell secrets all the time." the island assured.

The Pokémon were floating on top of Viridian City, a bustling city. "People, at last we can find help." Raichu exclaimed. Then a door opened revealing Pokéballs of the size of a human with thrusters. These were actually capsules not for medicine but for transportation.

Eager to seek help, Raichu rashly jumped into one of the capsules. "Raichu! Stop!" called "flying" Mount Moon and a flash of light, Raichu had disappeared into the capsule. Raichu steered the capsule out of the island. The others had no choice but follow suit.

Then four shiny UFOs(Unknown Floating Orbs) flew down from the clouds. Raichu was the first to land on the concrete ground. When the electric type Pokémon tried to find help, the crowds of people turned their heads to face Raichu, revealing their red devilish eyes! "Pokémon! They must be DESTROYED!". The people took up "weapons" ranging from clenched fists to forks to rifles.

Raichu was in a very dangerous situation. Although he managed to feud off some of his attackers with electricity. More assailants popped out of every corner of the street. Then Raichu was cornered in an alley. Unknown to the people with red eyes, something was staring at them. It was Raticate moving his mouse pointer at the people.

"Click." "Pow!" a metalic rope aimed right at the people and whipped them and at the same time a crab's claw extending from the rope grabbed Raichu. Adjusting the tightness for the claw , Raticate lifted up Raichu and placed him back in his capsule. " You have been a bad boy, Raichu!" Raticate remarked.

"Playtime is over, Pokémon" said Giovanni in the Team Rocket Military base which was also his new home. "James! Send the troops to attack." . On Giovanni's orders, James, sent out his plane troops. Stream-lined wings designed to overcome water and air resistance, extended from the planes' shark-like bodies as the vehicles flew out.

"Uh oh, we got company." reminded Ariados. The people were not in the right frame of mind, they were cheering for Team Rocket!. The planes blasted at the capsules but they were not fast enough. Mewtwo did not want to hurt innocent people but he had to do it. One by one the vehicles dropped down like meteorites after being hit by the capsule's weapons.James was badly damaged so he activated the teleportation button in his driver's seat. Giovanni was infuriated, he decided to fight the cyborg Pokémon, personally. Flashes of light blinked in Giovanni's conference room in his house. A metal monstrosity flew into the air.

Mewtwo and his comrades were about to retreat back to Mount Moon when a ball of flames flew past the four capsules. The eyes of a mechanical beast glowed like the Devil's as it unleashed laser blasts from its cannons on its chest. Mewtwo came out of his capsule to confront Giovanni. "Mewtwo, it has been a long time since we met ! But you are inferior to all humans no matter how much powers you have." Giovanni sniggered as he spoke. "Giovanni ,you have wiped out all the Pokémon in the world. You will pay for what you have done. " said Mewtwo. Since Mewtwo's birth, there had been bad blood between he and Giovanni.The other Pokémon used their attacks on Giovanni but they didn't manage to dent or scratch the monster's armor which was composed of synthetic diamonds. Then Mewtwo sent out a powerful psychic wave from his head which caused Giovanni to fall down with an ear-splitting explosion.

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Pokemon Tech Organic 3

Torrence Tang


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