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After a long struggle in the air, the Pokémon retreated to bed for a good night slumber. But however at the Team Rocket Military Base, Giovanni was talking to his right hand man, James, "James , I understand that it has been hard on you these days, controlling the entire Team Rocket army but fret not. I have caught two "whales". They are the best of the shoal." Two pairs of glowing eyes appeared in the conference room. Two new Generals, Dasher and Crusher, were chosen to help James. Unknown to all under Dasher's and Crusher's cold metal masks were the faces of Bill the famous Pokémon researcher and Ash Ketchum, one of the most powerful Pokémon trainers of all and also Raichu‘s beloved master.

"What!! Giovanni was that metal Charizard!" exclaimed Raichu after listening to Mewtwo. Raticate was trying his luck to catch some fish but in vain. "Their weapons and technology were so advanced. How can we defeat them?" Ariados asked in wonder. Mewtwo was confused about their mission. How can Pokémon be resurrected? This question will be embedded in his head until the time comes.…

When morning arrived, the Pokémon were on a mission, as the saying goes, "Know yourself, know your enemy, victory will come". The mission was to find out about Team Rocket. Pewter City came into view as the flying Mount Moon, cloaked by clouds, flew above it. Raichu looked at the giant computer monitors which were linked to the 180° ranged video cameras at the base of Mount Moon.

Raichu was saddened as he saw the Pokémon museum and gym torn down. Raticate busily scanned the place for the best place to land. Then a deserted corridor was selected. To distract the people, Raticate asked Mount Moon to create a thunderstorm while they flew down in capsules.

Thunder roared and lightning flashed creating fear in the people as the two capsules flew down unnoticed. Plugging the power point and the phone line, Raticate cracked his knuckles and Raichu stood guard in the area. No one took shelter in the deserted corridor. Typing and clicking , Raticate finally managed to get through to Team Rocket's central computer. "It should take 30 min to download everything." Raticate reminded.

Feeling bored, Raticate wrecked havoc on the other Team Rocket websites. Giovanni was red in the face seeing the Team Rocket websites wrecked and disfigured beyond recognition. "Done!!" Raticate exclaimed. The two rodents were about to make their escape when a shadow covered over them. "DesTroy! Pokémon!!!" bellowed Crusher. When the Pokémon ran from the colossal warrior in an another direction, another robot, Dasher, appeared. He had a speed of 5 Mach (about 6000 km/h). When the two robots were about to shoot, Raticate and Raichu leaped into the air and the lasers shot at the robots themselves.

"Run!" shouted Raichu. It was not easy trying to escape from two well-trained soldiers. Dasher had an easy job trying to catch up with the two rodents. Then a spider web came down and trapped the speed demon. "Nice catch!" Raticate commended. Ariados climbed down from a lamp post.

Then diamond blades extended Dasher's tyres and the robot freed himself without much effort. Dasher fired the lasers like a machine gun but he failed to hit any of the Pokémon. Crusher then appeared with his auto aiming cannon blinking with red targets—the Pokémon. James then hovered like a bee above them. "As long as you are Pokémon, Crusher's blasters will take care of you." Dasher sniggered. Crusher' s ball shape blasters had shape detectors to find the shape of enemies and could shoot more than one enemy at a time.

"Say your prayers, Pokémon." said James. It was thought that this was the end but it was not. Suddenly a strong tornado appeared at the place where Team Rocket Trio was standing. The soldier were sent crashing onto a concrete wall. " Was there a typ…hoon sig…nal hoisted this morning?!!" James questioned his other two colleagues who shook their heads in disagreement. Raichu was puzzled, he didn' t felt any wind coming his way. Raticate was in his capsule and found that the PKA(Psycho-Kinetic-Activity) reading in the area was very high. Then Mewtwo appeared and the four Pokémon made their quick escape back to Mount Moon.

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Pokemon Tech Organic 4

Torrence Tang


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