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As usual, in the impregnable fortress of Mount Moon, Raticate was playing games on the computer and Raichu was sparring with Ariados as a form of fighting practice. "Mewtwo, I don't think fighting among ourselves is a good way to sharpen our claws, if we get hurt, Team Rocket will kill us."

Raticate smelt something fishy in the cave where the Matrix, Mother Nature's daughter, installed the computers. It was the smell of blood and saliva. "Does anybody here drink blood." Raticate blurted out an illogical question. "I am a herbivore." Raichu replied, munching a juicy cactus fruit, the rarest sight ever seen in desert vegetation. "We, Ariadoses and Spinaraks, feed on the flesh of animals and the meat of insects unlike our evolutionary ancestors, the normal spiders who drink blood. " Ariados replied, she was chewing a scorpion like a bar of chocolate. Mewtwo was in meditation and did not utter a word. Raticate remembered clearing all the dead bodies and keeping them in special liquid nitrogen refrigerators. Then Mewtwo awoke, he had sensed something……..

Mewtwo flew towards the ceiling and a shadow appeared. Then a screech echoed in the cavern. A Zubat, a bat Pokémon, flew down. Raichu was about to grab the flying mammal when it gave out supersonic waves, causing his head and eardrums to hurt. Raticate attempted to snag it but the bat sank its 2 cm canines into his hands. "Yowwwww!!!!!" Raticate screamed in pain. "A Zubat??!!," Raichu asked, his head was spinning after the flying mammal's Supersonic attack."Come on Thunder Rodent , let's catch it before it flies away. You are the one with the type advantage" Raticate called Raichu. Raichu was an electric type Pokémon so his electricity was useful against a flying Pokémon like Zubat.

The Zubat was flying across the field, a large part of the flying fortness, Ariados leaped out of the grass and unleashed a Night Shade attack but it missed. Raticate used a Bite attack but he bit a cactus instead. When the Zubat was making a detour, "Mud Slap!" Raichu threw the balls of soil at the Zubat but the pesky bat evaded the attack. "Rollout!" Raichu curled up into a ball and hurled his body at the bat. Ash used TM no.4 to teach Raichu, when he was still a Pikachu, this devastating attack to deal with tougher opponents.

This time Raichu hit the bat and weakened it. The force from Raichu' s Rollout attack was equal to the force of a football kicked from a footballer. Exhausted, the Zubat fell to the floor.

"How did this thing managed to survive when the Pokémon Killer Virus ran amuck? " asked Raichu. The Zubat was still unconscious. Raticate planted a Pokémon language translator on the Zubat's throat. Then it awoke and spoke with the translator. "Since when I became a science experiment?" the Zubat complained.

The Zubat was very irritated by the "treatment". "We can' t set you free. Team Rocket will take your life." said Raichu. Mewtwo questioned the Zubat about how the Pokémon managed to survive in amidst of the Pokémon Killer Virus. But Mewtwo wasn't able to get any answers from the bat. "Sorry, we'll have to put you in a cage." Raticate placed the drugged bat into a cage. Meanwhile, the Pokémon guerillas were trying to find out the identities of Crusher and Dasher. After choosing a suitable spot, they made a landing in Cerulean Cave. The ruin of a charred cave was familiar to Mewtwo. "After Ash saved me from Team Rocket, I stayed here. But later I moved to an uncharted Island." Mewtwo told his comrades. "Well, not a bad place." Raticate remarked. A shadow of grief came over Mewtwo thinking of Mew's death.

"I don't like this. It's too quiet." Ariados shivered as she spoke. Then bright lights shone on the Pokémon. "Surprise …!" It was James and his fleet of aerial troops! Crazy lasers beams fired at every direction. James' troops were easy to deal with but the General himself was a tough cookie.

The Zubat on Mount Moon slept like a baby when Mother Nature entered his dreams. "Little one…., wake up." The bleary eyed bat awoke. After listening to Mother Nature's words, the Zubat decided to face reality instead of dwelling on dreams of the past before this war began. Then suddenly the Zubat's eyes began to enlarge in size, its wingspan expanded and two tiny wings grew on his ankles.

. Meanwhile, James was hot in pursuit of four Pokémon fleeing for their lives. "It's a dead end!!" Raichu shouted. James was still scouting for the Pokémon. Araidos' and Raichu's energy levels were very low. Mewtwo' skin had a formative substance that was found in the skin of some types of Pokémon so he had a super healing ability.

But it would take at least a minute or two, before Mewtwo could have maximum energy. "Found you at last." Said James. James had his missile launcher at minimum temperature and the Pokémon were now sitting ducks for liquid nitrogen missiles.. A screech echoed through the caverns then a cyborg Crobat (the evolved form of Zubat) glided through air. The Zubat apparently had broken out of its cage and evolved. The bat now had enhanced nightvision and a faster flying speed.

"A puny little bat wants to challenge me?" James laughed at the Crobat. The Crobat then turned into a black phantom which flew through James' body, knocking the man out. "That's a Thief attack." Mewtwo spoke. Back at Mount Moon, Mewtwo and his other Pokémon comrade could now fight with renewed vigor and at the same time they found a new friend, Shriek, the Crobat.

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Pokemon Tech Organic 5

Torrence Tang


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