Fan Fics - Umbreon's Story: 2

Prologue: To understand this story it would be better if you first read Umbreon’s Story by me, Umbreon and An Evil Encounter by very_cute_pikachu. Umbreon and the Witches also by Pikachu and Pikachu and Friends Go to America of course this isn’t a necessity but you will find it both helpful and will enjoy the experience too.

As I sit here in this dark forest I take time to consider my life so far. I lost my sister at and early age to a irresponsible and stupid trainer then I feel in love with a completely evil male Umbreon by the name of Yerta and killed him and ended up in a pokmon mental institution and escaped then I battled and defeated two evil witches and their creature and most recently I want to America with my friends – not bad for a little Umbreon who had only been alive for a few years. I suddenly realised something – I hadn’t seen any of my friends since we had gone to America but where on Earth would I find a huge white and blue bird, an alligator look alike a huge red crab and a small yellow mouse? I closed my paw and made up my mind to go a search for them. I started to run through the dark forest, which I now inhabited not far from the small town with a statue erected in my honour. I looked up and was surprise to see a Pidgey flying over head I pounced up catching the Pidgey by its tail feathers and pinned it to the floor “Have you seen a small yellow mouse dratted bird?” I asked. To this the Pidgey replied yes I know the Pikachu of whom you talk he has a trainer now by the name of Becky. I released the Pidgey and digested this information; so he has a trainer and female too I sighed to myself and rolled my eyes I should of know knowing his fondness of females. I ran to the outskirts of a small town and stopped to drink in a small puddle on the side of the road. I looked up and saw a poster with featured two pokemon both large in size one seem to be contained in a big shell and had two large cannons coming from its back and was a Blastoise the other was orange with huge wings and was fire breathing and was a Charizard. Now I had an ability that I learnt from being in the mental hospital and being in contact with Humans for over a year, I could read. The poster said Pokemon League in Veridian City starting in two days. I knew Pikachu was talented and his trainer therefore must be talented too so I made up my mind to go to Veridian City.

I arrived in Veridian hot and tired and smelt the ground and my sensitive nose gave me a lot of confusing information many pokemon had passed this way but from all the other smells I picked out Pikachu’s trail and followed it. I finally reached what appeared to be a huge stadium my ears became alert as I heard an unmistakable “Pika” from inside the stadium. I ran through the gate and realised to my horror this place was full of humans. I melted into the shadows and walked into the stadium where I was confronted by an alarming site. Pikachu was stood in the middle of a huge grass field breathing heavily staring at a huge Charizard. The Charizard grinned evilly and stepped forward “Fire Blast now Charizard” I turned my head and looked at the other end of the field startled to hear a voice I recognised, it was Ash. The Charizard fire blasted pikachu, who was knocked back and lay motionless on the floor. I felt water rush into my eyes and was surprised when some shining water dropped at my feet and I suddenly realised that I was crying. An announcement came over the speakers “Pikachu is unable to battle the victor is Ash” I stood up confused and saw a human running towards Pikachu and then picked him up. I decided that this must be Becky and a snarl rose up my throat as I looked at the scene before me. How had this foolish human been able to capture Pikachu when she allowed him to be hurt. I began to think once more that humans were not as loving as I had previously thought I ran out of the stadium growling hot on the track of Becky and Pikachu and saw her carrying him to a pokemon centre which in my opinion looked like the hospital I had been sent to my eyes I growled and cursed not wanting Pikachu to have the same fate that had befallen me. I tackled Becky sending her flying to the floor and making Pikachu roll out of her arms. I walked to the dazed Becky and put my teeth around her neck getting ready to bite when suddenly from nowhere I was hit by a thunder bolt I turned around to see Pikachu who by now was standing “Pika” he yelled No! don’t attack her she is only trying to help me! I looked at Pikachu with surprise and questioned what he meant “This foolish Human allowed you to get hurt and now she is taking you to a mental hospital to get you locked up because you never won that match” at this Pikachu glared at me angrily “It is you who is the fool this is a pokemon centre she is trying to get me healed and defeat is part of the experience of being a trainers pokemon.” I looked at Pikachu completely confused and then Becky stood up and looked at me in a frightened way to her relief a worried Ash had just arrived on the scene and he took one look at me and said softly “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of trouble?” At this point Pikachu started laughing as I laid down on the floor trying to make myself as inoffensive as possible to Ash “Ha” Pikachu said then looked at Ash “The mighty Umbreon has a trainer I thought you hated all humans and would never go into their company.” I looked up at Ash and tried to wag my tail in friendship but he just stared at me with a cold hardness I had never before seen in him. Ash then helped Becky up off the floor “I’m sorry for my Umbreons behaviour” he apologised. I tried to sneak off back into the shadows but Ash saw my intentions and grabbed me by the back of the neck “And where do you think your going? You have proved yourself untrustworthy and therefore I must take you back as my pokemon either that or return you to the hospital.” At this I shook in fear “No not there please” I begged he merely replied by pulling out a pokeball and throwing it at me and I let myself be caught.

Two Days Later

I had been in Ash’s company for two days now and as I laid at his feet I was beginning to think life with humans wasn’t that bad I had been fed nice food and brushed by Ash until my coat began to shine and I had been able for the first ever to play with other pokemon because since Yerta I had been alone. I looked up at him and he bent down and scratched me gently behind the ears and I replied by wagging my tail. Ash was doing very well in the pokemon league and in fact was in the final today. He stood up and walked to the window and looked out to see Misty playing cards with Pikachu and then turned away blushing. I smiled slightly and followed him as he walked down the stairs and into the stadium. I looked over to the far side of the battle arena and saw another young pokemon trainer stood looking thoughtfully at the grass. He was Ash’s opponent in the final today I could tell that so I bellied closer to him and suddenly caught his scent on the wind a snarl sprung to my throat as I recognised the smell it was Gary the evil trainer who had caught my sister Eevee payback time I though and I prepared myself to spring and grasp Gary’s throat with my teeth Ash looked up startled by my snarl and at once saw my intentions and grabbed my pokeball hastily and retuned me and walked away murmuring to himself while I sat inside my pokeball furiously scratching the inside of it trying to get out.

Later That Day

I felt my pokeball being moved off the table Ash had sat it on and realised Ash had been staring at my pokeball all afternoon. He’s worried and nervous about this match I thought to myself but all I was worried about was my sister Eevee and the evil trainer to whom she now belonged. I heard the noise of the crowds from my pokeball and realised Ash was entering the stadium for the last time for his last battle it was the final. It suddenly occurred to me trainers in the final are allowed to use six pokemon I closed my paw tightly in frustration then realised I must be on Ash’s team of six and I would be battling Gary and I would finally get my revenge on the evil trainer who caught my sister. I heard the platform rise underneath Ash and mentally prepared myself for the challenge ahead. I heard Gary’s gloating voice as he told Ash that he would never win. Ash never replied “Go Bulbasaur” he said in a soft but angry voice. Gary laughed evilly “Go Arcanine” he shouted I heard the pokeballs being thrown out and the unmistakable howl of an Arcanine. I cursed to myself Bulbasaur is weak against Arcanine anyone knew that. I heard Ash shouting instructions to Bulbasuar but it was only a few minutes before the inevitable “Bulbasaur is unable to battle send out you next pokemon.” Ash chose Squirtle Good boy I murmured to myself and a few minutes later Arcanine was down followed by Nidoking both dispatched by Squirtle’s strong water attacks. Gary then chose Jolteon and his electric attacks filled the stadium. So that was Ash down to four pokemon and Gary still with four too. “Charizard I choose you” Ash said now swearing under his breath as Charizard lay down on the ground and started sleeping until the Jolteon hit him with a strong Thunder attack paralysing him and putting him out of action. “Go Snorlax” was Ash’s response and Snorlax laid down on the now very squashed flat Jolteon using all of his body weight to stop Jolteon’s breathing. “Go Raichu” Gary who was also laid on by Snorlax but to Ashs surprise the Raichu leapt up and sent Snorlax back to his pokeball with a huge thunder attack. Ash chose Chikorita who solar beamed Raichu right in the face who then staggered back and fell over yelping and fainted. Gary laughed evilly “Go Ninetails” he said and a shining Ninetails jumped out of her pokeball and faced Chikorita. Chikorita looked at the Ninetails and was very frightened but somehow managed to fire a solar beam at her but the Ninetails merely laughed at Chikorita and made her faint by using a powerful fire blast. For those of you who can do your maths that left me as Ash’s last pokemon and Gary still had two left. “Umbreon go” Ash said softy nearly crying I leapt from my pokeball and faced the Ninetails. I growled loudly and the Ninetails just smiled at me. I took a step forward but realised the Ninetails was already pinning me to the floor biting my ear. I yelped in pain and threw her off then the rushed at me sending me flying with a quick attack. I stood up and did something she didn’t expect I kisses her and sucked all her power then sent it flying back at her in a huge ball of dark light which sent her flying and as she landed on the ground with a sickening thud I smiled Gary is going down I thought. Then something happened that I hadn’t expected “Go Umbreon” said Gary with an evil smile and right before my eyes appeared my sister Eevee but somehow changed into an Umbreon I muttered and astounded “Umbre” and took a step back. Ash looked down from his platform “Umbreon tackle” he instructed. I just stood there confused and happy all at once. I walked to my sister and licked her muzzle “Cut it out were in a match here” she growled. I looked at her with surprised and sad eyes. I know knew Gary had changed her mind somehow and as she tackled me to the floor I had the funny water in my eyes again. I felt the hard sting of her claws digging into my body and yelp in pain. I stood up shaking and looked at Ash who yelled from the box “I don’t care whether or not you know each other just beat her will you for me please.” I looked at Ash again and felt a pain on my shoulder as my sister bit me. I looked at my sister she needs help I thought and I powered up a huge ball of dark light and fired it at her. She dropped to the floor and lay there for a few seconds then she stood up again and said, “Never say never” and leapt at me again and dug her teeth into my neck. I yelped in agony but shook her off then faced her and ran at her and used my tail to fire a ball of dark light at her again this one more powerful than the first this time she fell to the floor and stayed down “Umbreon is unable to battle Ash is the victor.” I ran from the stadium crying and stumbled down the street with eyes full of tears and found myself looking into a lake, which rippled as my tears fell into it. I saw two figures approaching from behind me in the reflection on the water. I looked up to see Ash and behind him was my sister. I was hugged by Ash but I growls slightly then walked to my sister and licked her muzzle and rubbed my head against hers. To my relief she nuzzled me with her muzzle then sat down next to me. I looked into her eyes “why do you stay with Gary his heart is evil he doesn’t care about you all he cares about is winning” I asked. She shrugged “he wont let me leave” she replied. I thought for a minute “Ok then well kill him together and run off into the wild.” She looked at me with sad eyes and shook her head and I knew the answer to that was no. I though even more and asked quietly “why do you battle for him?” she replied “What am I to do he made me what I am”. I looked at Ash with sad eyes “Umbre Um Umbre” I said to him but he couldn’t understand. I put my paw on he his chest near his heart and told him of Gary and my sister then he understood “Ok” he said “Ill go have a chat with him.” Gary however wouldn’t listen to Ash calling him an idiot, which made me mad, as I knew Ash wasn’t an idiot and if he was how had he won the pokemon league? I looked at my sister “Lets run now I pleaded” to which she replied by standing up and looking towards the forest. I started to run and realised she wasn’t following me I knew she had made her choice. I looked back at Ash who just nodded “You’ve done your work here Umbreon and I shall be forever grateful” he said with a chocked voice. He knew that if he ever needed my help I would go and help him. I ran into the forest where I sit now contemplating what I might do next I know what about blowing up the Dome… you’ll just have to see.


Somewhere deep in Suffolk sat a large red crab in a huge lake he waddled out of the lake and said Ku Ke Ku Ke and looked sadly up north to the forest I live in and then started waddling towards the forest with an unhappy expression on his face. He turn around went home and watched the football.

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