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I am getting old or at least in an Umbreon's terms and as I reflect on my life and all the things I have done a certain serenity come to me. I have done and accomplished so much and as these things inside me move I know for sure what I first assumed is now a certainty. I decided now would be a good time to find shelter a warm cave to ensure the new life I had would be safe from all the hardships I had suffered and I realised the south American jungle wasn't the right place to raise my cubs. I looked deep into Kinglers eyes and as nature instructs father Kinglers he just nodded his approval. So later that afternoon we started to journey back to England, back to the place I knew or rather hoped we would be safe. We travelled north towards Rio de Janeiro following the river. We rested by day and travelled by night until we began to get neared to our destination. Whilst we were travelling one night when I had run a little ahead of Kingler when suddenly a long black tail with yellow band appeared into view and diverted my attention, it was Yerta, he was running in the bushes beside me and I realised that he had been following us since we had departed. I leapt at him, which surprised him, as he hadn't thought he had been noticed. I send him rolling across the forest floor. "State you purpose in following us!" I yelled angrily to which he just sat down on his haunches and grinned disalarmingly at which point Kingler arrived on the scene. Yerta looked up and saw Kingler. "Oh good I'm glad you're here I was just about to ask Ali something," at this point Yerta turned to me and regarded me coolly "well," he said. "There is something I want to know." I looked at him uncertainly knowing what his devious little mind was capable of thinking or making up "Oh," I stammered slightly. "Wh what do you want to know?" Yerta looked at me with calm eyes. "I want to know whether those cubs you carry are mine or his" and Yerta looked over at Kingler with intense dislike in his eyes. I could believe what I was hearing and went to slap Yerta with all my claws drawn when to my surprise a huge thunderbolt appeared out of nowhere and hit Yerta before I could. I looked at the place from where the shot had originated and out of the bushes walked Pikachu looking decidedly annoyed. "Hi Ali, " he said as he looked at me "I heard you had decided to come back to England and I came here to warn you not to." "Why?" I questioned felling more and more confused. "The mental institution is still after you Ali and Ash is in a bit of trouble but in your condition you mustn't go." I looked at Pikachu and said, "You realize if what you say about Ash is true then I must go back to England don't you?" Pikachu just shrugged and sighed sadly, "Well at least I will travel with you and protect you from him." Pikachu looked towards Yerta and almost growled, as Yerta sat gracefully licking his paws no the worse for the thunderbolt. Yerta stood up. "Well," he said. "I will travel with you until that Kingler realises I'm the father of your cubs." Kingler looked deep into my eyes. "Why don't you just deny it and tell this idiot I'm the father?" I looked at Kingler with a heavy heart and sad eyes. "I can't," I almost whispered. Pikachu looked at me with shocked eyes, Kingler looked like he had been shot and went very pale and tears formed in his eyes "How could you?" he said in a hurt and unsteady voice while Yerta just sat laughing. "Shut up you!" shouted Kingler at Yerta and glared at him. Yerta continued with his eerie laughing then looked at Kingler. "Your ‘girlfriend' has shared too many beds she's a bitch on heat." Kingler growled and lost his temper and fired a hyperbeam from his claw at Yerta. Yerta merely laughed and let the beam bounce of his moonlight shield. "You're weak," he commented as he looked at Kingler. "But not as weak as her," he said glancing at me. "She's both weak from not training and having no power and weak willed for allowing me to take her heart once more, however I'll take responsibility for what I have made," he said then walked to me and went to lick my muzzle but I turned my hear away from him. "We need to get to England," I said. "Pikachu how did you get here?" Pikachu just looked at me with his mouth open in horror. "Well?" I pressed Pikachu regained some of his speech. "Airport, plane," he stammered. So Yerta, Kingler, Pikachu and I all set of towards the airport and jumped on a plane back to England.

Later on in a forest in Northern England

I ran through the forest I hadn't seen for so long and reached a small brook and slacked my thirst then I put my nose on the ground and smelt all the smells that drifted through the wood. I ran along the brook uphill slightly until I reached a small hole in the side of the mountain. I laid down as flat as I could get and bellied forwards through a short tunnel and arrived at my destination a medium sized cave, which was warm and cosy, and exactly what I was looking for. I curled up in a little ball and thought to myself how could I have done that to Kingler, how could I have been so stupid after all I was supposed to love him and of all the pokemon to choose Yerta. I laid my head on my paws and cried silently. I was so distraught I never felt Pikachu's presence and when he laid down next to me and gave me a comforting hug I didn't even feel it "It's all you fault you know that don't you? I have little sympathy for what you did was wrong, but now it's done now," he murmured. I jumped up when I heard his voice and looked at him with my tear stained face. "I know what Yerta did was wrong he should have never learnt how to kiss someone then take over there mind and body," I sobbed. "But I don't deny wanting that kiss from him its only nature." I looked at Pikachu who just sat quietly reflecting "He's gone hasn't he?" I asked not wanting to know the answer "which one?" he asked with a hint of hardness in his voice "Kingler" I said with a wavering voice Pikachu nodded his head sadly "Kingler has gone but Yerta's here." I lay down on the floor of the cave and cried until my heart was ready to break. Pikachu patted me on the back "tell you what you stay here out of trouble and Ill go look for Kingler, deal?" said Pikachu. I looked at Pikachu gratefully. "Thanks," I replied. Pikachu set off straight away to find the missing and most likely upset Kingler. Yerta in the mean while was searching the forest he returned to the cave after Pikachu had left with a Pidgey in his mouth and dropped it in front of my nose "here eat this it'll keep you strength up." I snarled at Yerta and went for him with my teeth snapping then closed just short of Yerta's muzzle. Yerta smiled "Still feisty I see," and put his paw around my neck. "I've always wondered what it would be like to be a father," he mused. "They aren't yours," I snarled at Yerta. "And even if they where which they aren't I would rather have Kingler as the father he'd be a better father than you'd ever be." Yerta's eyes narrowed and he looked at me angrily then walked towards me and raised his paw as if to strike me then licked me on the muzzle instead and sighed then nudged the Pidgey closer to me with his nose then brushed closely passed me as he went to the cave exit. I looked at the Pidgey that laid on the floor of the cave and growled, not wanting to except any help from Yerta but feeling hungry, but if I didn't eat it I'd have to go and catch my own and I was tired so I sat down and ate the Pidgey feeling begrudgingly grateful towards Yerta. Suddenly I heard a voice floating through the forest, it was calling my name. I crawled out of the cave and ran towards the sound. I arrived in a small forest clearing and saw an inert human form lying on the floor. I ran to the body and turned it over with my paw and a gasp of horror escaped my lips. It was Ash. I licked Ash's face and placed my paw on his chest and to my relief Ash's eyes slowly opened and he coughed slightly. I was quick to notice that all of Ash's pokeballs were gone and I realised by the state of him he had been mugged. I helped Ash to his feet and looked around for clues to where the mugger has disappeared too. I sniffed the ground and picked up the scent of another human evidently the perpetrator of the crime. I growled and followed the trail ignoring the tearing pains from near my stomach. Ash followed me through the forest and nearly bumped into me when I suddenly stopped behind a bush and looked through it to see a trainer sitting looking at all of Ash's pokeballs, it was Michael. Ash looked over the bush and saw Michael. "That's him," he whispered. I sprang out of the bush launching myself at Michael, time for some retribution I thought to myself. As expected Michael sent out his Rhydon but I knew I was stronger than before all the training in the jungle had paid off. I kicked the Rhydon who yelled slightly. Rhydon punched me and the jaw causing me to yelp in surprise and pain at this point Yerta appeared on the scene but to my surprise instead of helping me laid down on the sidelines to watch. I cursed Yerta silently under my breath and turned to face the Rhydon again. The Rhydon fire several hyperbeams at me all of which I barely managed to dodge, with one whizzing past me so close it burnt the end of my tail. I growled and leapt at the Rhydon kicking him repeatedly on the head. The Rhydon growled with pain then picked me up and threw me at the ground. I hit the ground quite hard but jumped at him again. The Rhydon seeing him leaping towards him growled and kicked me hard on the stomach. I yelped in agony as I rolled over the floor and lay where I had landed unable to move as the Rhydon move in to finish me off with a heavy takedown attack. I lay on the floor gasping painfully for breath and wondering why Yerta wasn't helping me and now I was going to die at the hands of this crazed Rhydon. I laid my head on my paws waiting for the inevitable but the inevitable never came because a huge jet of water send the Rhydon flying back, it was Kingler he had returned. The Rhydon squealed in pain and leapt back into its pokeball. Michael was terrified that three strong pokemon were fighting for Ash and ran off leaving Ash's pokeballs behind. Ash walked forwards and collected his pokeballs. I knew my work here was done and I weakly wagged my tail, stood up and walked back to the cave. I was in agony by now and as soon as I got inside the cave I collapsed again on the floor. I heard a Ku Ke from outside then an Umbreee. "You fool!" shouted Kingler at Yerta. "She could have died out there and her cubs along with her." Yerta looked at Kingler. "You know what Kingler?" he said. "Ali was right about you, you'll make a better father than me." Kingler looked at Yerta in surprise then Yerta added "Whoever the father is lets both swear on our lives to defend the cubs and their mother and give the cubs the guidance they will need." Kingler nodded his head and held his claw out to Yerta who embraced the claw with his paw. From inside the cave faint whimpering noises attracted both of their attentions and they both entered to find me curled up around three black bundles of fluff and one small red shell, two female Umbreons with silver circles like mine who were later named Vantrese and Hyzenthlay, one male Umbreon with golden circles like Yerta later named Gilliam and one small Kingler named Pipkin. A smile lit up both of their faces and Yerta turned to Kingler "I'm sorry these are your cubs not mine," said Yerta. "However little Gilliam does share some of my spirit and my golden circles because me and Ali are connected because of the kiss we had when we first met, so while one of us lives the other does also so unless we are both killed at the same time we will live forever." Kingler smiled and looked at me. "Forgive me," he said quietly and I did hoping that one day he'd be able to forgive me too. Pikachu at this point burst into the cave out of breath. "News!" he shouted. "Nearby in another cave another Umbreon has also given birth and all the cubs have golden circles, Yerta I think you'll find that they are your cubs, Ali its your sister." Yerta smacked himself on the head with his paw. "Oh no you and your sister look so alike Ali I must have made a mistake I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused for you Kingler, Pikachu and especially to you Ali." Yerta ran to Pikachu and got the location of the cave and ran off to go and help my sister raise her cubs. Pikachu turned to me and looked at Gilliam, Hyzenthlay, Vantrese and Pipkin with a smile on his face. "You'll make me feel all broody," he admitted. Pikachu gave me a hug. "I'd better go I have a cute Chikorita to get back to," he said and then he winked at Kingler who just smiled. "Bye," he said as he exited the cave leaving Kingler and me alone again. Kingler laid down next to me and a parental glow seem to radiate from him. "Let's never part again," he whispered in my ear. I licked his face in agreement and he closed his eyes with a happy sigh and went to sleep. I looked around the cave with a happy feeling inside me then I too closed my eyes and fell to sleep with my family gathered around me and no worries as of yet.

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