Fan Fics - Umbreon's Story: Nightmares Can Become Reality

Chapter 1 – Musings

Its funny how things turn out isn't it? One minute you're a young sleek Umbreon full of vitality and then before you know it you hearing isn't quite what it was your eyesight is dimmer and you're spending more and more time lying discussing life with your ex husband who tried to kill you a few times and you're beginning to think he actually isn't so bad. The crab you loved has been dead for a while an you miss him like mad, your son Pipkin has left the family area to live at the beach with other crabs and is intensely missing his father, your daughter Vantrase has settled down and will soon make you a grandmother with her mate Peture, and your son Gilliam enjoys lazing around in one clearing only leaving it to hunt occasionally and life seems to be going fine in a hazy sort of way. However plagued as I am not being a normal Umbreon adventure is always around the corner even for the weary of heart and old of soul. I mean in Umbreon years I'm approaching the grand old age of 119, having never died and retain my youth the full age was nearly attained and deep in my heart the darkness told me I didn't have long to survive I had already outlived "normal" Umbreon ages and was almost catching up to the oldest Umbreon ever living who was by now I estimated 2 days older than me before he popped off, err did I say popped off? Well this Umbreon was no ordinary Umbreon either, he was Yerta's father Mortus of all people and he didn't jump he was pushed, it all stems back from the time the in laws came to visit.

Chapter 2 – Pharr and Mortus Come For Tea

Yerta, the cubs and I were sat in a clearing near to a lake and suddenly clouds appeared over the sky making it darker there was oppression in the air that I couldn't quite understand. I looked to my right and Yerta stood up almost involuntarily and to my disbelief he was shaking in fear, I wondered to myself nothing ever makes Yerta scared and the hairs on my spine rose up as a chill whisked through me. I looked at Yerta fearfully "What is it? Is it Pallin?" I question, but how could it be Pallin he was dead I saw it with my own eyes and in my nightmares every night too, the horror on his face and the burning gold flames the melted remains and most of all the fact he had almost achieved what I thought or rather prayed was impossible for us – X2. Yerta shook he head but remained silent as though he couldn't talk because he was paralysed with fear. A growl sprung to my throat as I faced the bushes waiting for whatever it was that had Yerta so frightened to appear. Suddenly the bushes cleared way and two figures appeared with the light shining behind them, Yerta suddenly shrank down and cowered, and being the Umbreon Yerta is I looked at the figures in the light waiting for the horror to begin. To my surprise and relief I quickly discovered the figures were Umbreons like us and also by the sight of them they were old, very old. The leading Umbreon cleared his throat and spoke in a soft aged voice that sounded a lot like Yerta's but deeper with the evilness Yerta's voice had once contained "Hello son I've come to meet your family, your wife, your children and you, what puzzles me is why I haven't seen you for so long…" Yerta bowed his head down to the floor then straightened his front legs so still half bowing but a little higher from the floor than before faced his mother and father and with a look of terror on his face addressed them "mother father how delightful to see you, this is my umm wife Ali and my children Gilliam and Vantrase" "how lovely your wife is" said Pharr – Yerta's mother as she approached me and put her paw with one claw unsheathed on my cheek and turned my head from side to side looking at me, then walked all the way around me "she'll do pity she has no golden circles like you my dear her silver circles will clash with yours, why ever didn't you let us arrange that marriage with that lovely attractive golden circled Umbreon when you were younger you could have done much better than with this...this thing what's her name again?" "Ali" replied Yerta. I shot Yerta a dirty look, since when was I his wife, this however was cut short when Yerta's father interrupted "son where are your other wives?" "I have no other wives" Yerta replied again "what no other wives, but son you could have as many wives as there are stars and sire many strong children to carry on the line where fore are you staying with just this one?" "I have everything I need father," said Yerta trying to regain his composure. Yerta's mother walked close to him "You haven't had a bath son" she stated and with this she turned towards the nearby lake and her and Mortus twined together and looked at the lake as their circles began shining, I stared in total confusion at first the dancing Umbreons and then at Yerta who was shaking and trembling as if he was young once more, then I looked at the lake which was slowly beginning to boil "that lake is over 100oC" stated Mortus "now son get in it." Yerta cried and shook but did as his father instructed and jumped head first into the lake, which was followed shortly by his screams, and some swear words that I'm not even going to repeat. Pharr walked over to the now surprise and shocked Vantrase "my dear join your father" she said, this is where I sort of snapped, watching Yerta's torture was hard to bear but no way was this person going to torture my child too so I sprung protectively in front of Vantrase my hackles raised and white fangs glinting in the sun Pharr merely laughed "Ali my dear Mortus and I have powers you cant even begin to understand or even dream off" my eyes narrowed as Yerta finally crawled out of the lake burnt badly and I couldn't control my anger anymore I growled and began focussing "ooo we made the little silver fox angry" said Mortus mocking me. I smiles and went elite glowing proudly in a silver light then my fur turning a bright silver colour, beat that I thought to myself. Pharr had what looked like fear in her eyes and I quickly gained the information that neither she or her partner could become elite but I still realised I was out numbered and both of them began to focus and I realised both together could destroy me, I had to think fast, I looked up and saw the clouds beginning to break and knew the sun would shine again soon and we would have to run for the shadows, I sprung at Pharr first digging my teeth into her throat, my healthy young jaws shut tight in a fatal grip as I inched my fangs closer towards the great vein of life, Mortus sprang on my back and scratched me with his claws trying to dig them into each vertebrae in my spine, I yelp and closed my eyes determined as I pulled backwards on her throat I felt the life fading from her and the satisfaction of her warm blood in my mouth, I released my grip and let her limp body fall to the floor then turned at Mortus snapping at him, he sprung back and fired a huge ball of dark light at me which hit me, I fell down an hit the floor hard, I growled and stood up a little dizzily, my eyes started burning a bright red shining from the darkness, Yerta looked up and knew what was coming and swore under his breath then managed somehow to jump up and push his father out of the way "No, Ali don't" he yelled at the top of his voice but it was too late the Haztre was already flying towards his father and struck him instantly blowing up as it made contact with his body. I looked up to see a scene of devastation, half the forest was gone and all that remained of Mortus was a small pile of ashes. Yerta fell to the floor crying "You bitch, you killed my family" it was only then that it hit me what I had done, I had killed innocent, sure they were crazy and old and had wanted to hurt my child but there was no need to have done what I did. I fell to the floor both exhausted from the power I had put into the Haztre and from the pain in my spine and also from the sadness that filled me from once again doing the wrong thing, I had hurt Yerta and badly without touching him, sure he was scared of his parents but he didn't want them dead in front of his paws like they were now and that's how the life of the oldest Umbreon the world has ever seen came to end by my paws, but these are just the ramblings of an old Umbreon who is reflecting on times past but now I have a larger problem than ever before in my life – Hyzenthlay.

Chapter 3 – Worrying Times

Hyzenthlay had always been a flighty child but recently her behaviour had been worrying me more and more I knew she was grown up and she had attained her adult Umbreon age but Hyzenthlay had always been one to stay near to the home clearing, it was rare for her to leave it much without either I or her father Kingler or more recently Yerta who all my cubs had now begun to refer to as their father except for Pipkin because he was always very close with his father and now was living away from home with his own kind as he put it. Hyzenthlay though recently had begun to disappear more and more at nighttime when we would all set off as a pack to find food. At first I thought she was just being more independent but I began to worry as it became rare of an evening to find Hyzenthlay never mind her coming hunting with us it was as if she had abandoned her family she didn't even seem to notice as Vantrase's husband Peture joined our pack but unknown to me I wasn't the only one worrying about Hyzenthlay unknown to me Gilliam was secretly worried about his sister also. Gilliam was a fox of little words he seemed unsociable and although deep down he cared he never showed it and being the Umbreon he is didn't feel as though he could talk to his mother about the things that worried him and this instance the thing that worried him most more than food or finding his own mate was his sister. Hyzenthlay was becoming more withdrawn and tired looking every day that passed Gilliam tried to speak with his sister but every time he got a sharp reply and sometimes Hyzenthlay even struck him with her paw impatiently. Hyzenthlay's reaction hurt and puzzled Gilliam it didn't hurt just physically though it hurt emotionally too. Gilliam sat and puzzled for hours over his sister's behaviour, he felt so useless and sometimes he cried with frustration. One night Gilliam decided what he must do, he decided to follow Hyzenthlay the next night when they left for hunting very quietly to see if there was anything bothering his sister that he could help with.

Chapter 4 - Hyzenthlay's Mistake / Gilliam To The Rescue

Hyzenthlay groomed her coat and looked at her reflection in a pool of water, she shone and her jet-black coat dazzled in the moonlight, in other words she looked beautiful. Hyzenthlay slipped off into the darkness on her velvet feet making not a sound but unknown to her she wasn't alone her brother was very close behind.

The night was darkening as Hyzenthlay slipped through the forest, she was content in the knowledge through her parents teachings and trainings there was nothing in the forest could harm her but still she increased her pace and her breathing became uneasy and excited, she'd made this trip a thousand times but each time seemed like a new adventure to her. She crossed the dark paths not needing to stop to find her way, this route she knew by heart and she wondered she'd ever been whole without him, he made her feel so right, what she'd had with Pikachu was love but this…this was much stronger it was a different type of love one she'd never experienced before and one she hoped she'd never had to live without. She slipped between two trees knowing she hadn't got much farther to run and finally she broke into a run "I'm here, I'm here I've come my love" she called out and ran towards a familiar looking cave. Gilliam heard Hyzenthlay's soft calls. So that's it he thought to himself she has a mate I needn't have had to worry but just so his curiously got the best of him Hyzenthlay was already greeting the mysterious shadowy figure that Gilliam had seen from the corner of his eye, Gilliam wasn't into watching relationships but something about the oppression of the place made him feel as though his sister was in immense danger, not content to let her face it alone he lay down in some thick grass to watch.

Hyzenthlay smiled as she heard the whisk of wind that always announced the arrive of her lover, the shadowy creature who Gilliam couldn't quiet make out bent down and picked a flower gently with his paw and placed it behind Hyzenthlay's ear "Hyzenthlay I love you with all my heart" said the creature then paused "I would lay down my life for you if you were in danger, but what would give me most pleasure off all would be one sweet touch of your lips against me that would be heaven." Hyzenthlay giggled excitedly and nervously then leaned forward and kissed the shadowy figure, which to Gilliams surprise began to get bolder and adopted a specific shape of an Umbreon, a male Umbreon, a male Umbreon with tufts on his ears! It was Pallin and Hyzenthlay had just brought him back to life.

Gilliam shook with fear Pallin was back after so long, his mother and father weren't what they once were, they weren't the young youthful strong Umbreons they were last time Pallin had come to attack them, his father was still strong but not as quick and the pain, sadness and dark in Gilliam's heart told him that his mother was fading day by day and was close to the end, secretly Gilliam worried that Ali's next breath would be her last but he didn't have the heart to say anything.

Pallin took a step forward and looked at the scenery before him then at Hyzenthlay, he didn't even notice the beauty of her he was already consumed with hatred and revenge, he had used Hyzenthlay, he had made her fall in love with him slowly and now he was back. Pallin had learned much while he was in the world of shadows beyond the living world, he had trained and trained hard but being unable to hurt anything he had begun to improve his mental abilities too and now not only was dangerously strong but cunning and clever too this explains how he could trick Hyzenthlay, of course he had the advantage she was inexperienced and naïve but he had quickly assessed the situation and make quick decisions and acted in a pleasing way towards her but now he had what he wanted he didn't have to play nice anymore. Hyzenthlay felt a sharp pain on the side of her head and realise she had been struck, she looked up in surprise and stared into the eyes of Pallin "Oh my God I've brought you back, he who must be destroyed and stay dead" "You foolish cub I have used you to achieve my will I no longer have use of you" and with this Pallin threw Hyzenthlay into a boulder where she lay broken without movement on the floor. "I know your there Gilliam, I don't want to have to come looking for you, running is futile I have powers your mother had nightmares about, I know I lay nearby and watched laughing because I put those dreams into her head, what you most dread has become reality, you're a cub of little wit so I will put it clearly for you, I have been able to achieve the perfection of X2, it took me a while to train to be strong enough to achieve it but now I have my destruction on you and your family will be complete, I will make your mother kill you one by one and that Pikachu too he has foiled my plans once too many times, now if I was you I'd do the sensible thing and come out of that bush now so we can discuss your silence…"

Gilliam terrified of the monster before him who had just disposed of Hyzenthlay couldn't think what to do his mind was racing he knew he could never escape Pallin if it was true that he was able to become X2 and there was no way he could fight him either the only thing he could do is try to bargain with this creature. Gilliam walked out of the bush that he thought he had been well hidden in and walked towards Pallin. Gilliam truly looked like Yerta's son and under his careful guidance Gilliam had train hard, Gilliam had grown taller in height and broader and had sinew muscle that was as unforgiving as iron and unknown to Gilliam he already surpassed Yerta's level for focussing as of yet Gilliam had never been able to achieve elite power levels of X1 but he was promisingly in reach, Gilliam could have very easily achieved X1 but the truth is he had been to frightened to try after he had seen Pallin trying to achieve the higher level of X2 and die very painfully trying. Gilliam didn't have long to make his mind up though as a large rustle from behind him meant help was on the way. Ali jumped out snarling furiously shielding her son "Gilliam run" she shout to the relieved but confused Gilliam, how had she known he just guessed it was a mothers intuition and ran from the scene before him.

Chapter 5 – All Good Things Come To An End

"So Ali we meet again" said Pallin sneering. Indeed Ali had come to protect her children from Pallin she had sensed his dark force when he was brought back to life but she was old and wasn't as strong as she once had been, life had taken a strain on Ali and she was fading fast. Pallin sneered from the shadows, indeed Pallin hadn't found love and peace as Yerta did when he had been sent to the world beyond, in fact it had just intensified the pain and torture he put himself thought on a daily basis, his mind already twisted had become more and more dark and evil and the thought of seeing Ali mercilessly slaughtering her family one by one pleased him immensely. Pallin stared into Ali's eyes and his ears swung from side to side on his head then his eyes began glowing and suddenly Ali fell to the floor. Pallin laughed "Ali your soul once more belongs to me, you will do my bidding my will is yours." Pallin dragged Ali into his cave and laid down next to her feeling the body warmth pass between them and smiles, although Ali was unconscious Pallin didn't seem to notice and he began speaking "Without you or your family, Yerta, Vantrase and Gilliam I would be the most powerful that ever existed, you are old and hardly pose a threat anymore you cant get an stronger only weaker now, I know you know your dying but don't want to admit it, that's why you have become more quiet and don't discuss your problems you keep yourself to yourself I know everything because I've watched it all waiting for my chance, my opportunity to come back and breath the Earth once more to feel the shadows slip over me and to see the moon shine down through the trees with my own eyes not just my spirit, however Yerta is still strong but he too is fading he still poses a threat and your children Gilliam and Vantrase have too much potential to grow stronger and even now Vantrase is with cubs that could grow to be the strongest Umbreons that exist, I cant allow that to happen I must make them cease to exist and you Ali are going to do that for me, also I want to gain my revenge on Pikachu and all of his family, he made me look like a fool when he foiled my plan to kill those Acaras and even helped to increase the numbers of the little freaks so he is who you will kill first for me Ali." With this Pallin became quiet slipped his paw over Ali's gently rising and falling spine and closed his eyes too.

Chapter 6 – And They Say Revenge Is Sweet…

The next evening Ali awoke to see a dead Pidgey carcass in front of her nose she stretched herself and sat up to see bones on the floor at Pallin's feet, the bones appeared to be those of a Furret "evening Ali" said Pallin "eat up quickly we are going to be busy tonight" and with that Pallin walked from the cave leaving Ali to eat the Pidgey alone. Ali sniffed the Pidgey and took a hesitant mouthful of it then sprung on it ravenous ripping it limb from limb savouring every mouthful. Pallin sat outside the cave and looked up at the moon, soon very soon he thought to himself then walked back into the cave where Ali had finished eating the Pidgey and was grooming her coat, Pallin though to himself how much younger and fitter she was looking compared to the state he had expected her to arrive in and laughed darkly to himself as he saw Ali's ears had grown fur tufts indicating that once more she was feeling like a proper Umbreon, an evil Umbreon and his opinion Umbreons that weren't evil weren't fit to be Umbreons, that's why he was naturally evil as all Umbreons are but Pallin went further than most Umbreons evilness and was an evil genius but unfortunately also a psychopath.

Pallin and Ali set of into the cold crisp night their breaths misting up as they embraced the cold night air. Clouds started to form overhead as Pallin and Ali homed in on their target the Pikachu who Ali had befriended and brought back to life in Brazil, their only intent was to kill him and as the rain started to fall on their backs they came closer to where Ali knew she would find Pikachu. Pallin faded into the shadows softly and simply said "Ali go, complete your task." Ali walked softly through the forest passing the final few trees that lead to Pikachu's living area. Pikachu heard Ali's arrival and pleased with the thought she had come to see him even though it was late in the night ran out to great her with a friendly Pika, what Pikachu saw however was far from friendly and as the first crack of thunder filled the sky Pikachu encountered a very different Ali from the one he had come to know and love. Pikachu stared into Ali's cold eyes feeling a chill creep up his spine and before he was able to say anything Ali interrupted him "I have come here to kill you" she said in a cold unemotional tone then looked at Pikachu. The thunder filled the night and hard rain poured from the dark skies as Ali agitated with the tufts on the end of her ears erect and her silver circles shining giving her an eerie glow in the darkness advanced on the terrified Pikachu, she lifted one paw and swiped at him sending him flying through the air, he hit a tree which was followed by a sounded like a grape being squashed until it bursts then he slid down the tree and laid on the floor dead, still unsatisfied Ali forced some of her power through Pikachu's body knowing he couldn't handle the power of he truly focussing which made all the tissues in his body to expand leading to his eyes exploding in their sockets because of the immense power overload. Pallin walked out of the shadows eerily laughing and patted Ali on the head "good girl" he whispered softly in Ali's ear which just twitched slightly in response to Pallin's words. "Well now we must go and pay a visit on Pikachu's family," Pallin continued. Ali merely nodded her head and led the way deeper into Pikachu's territory to where she knew they would find Chikortia and Pikachu's children nearby.

Chikorita heard the soft crackles of branches being stepped on by paws and the movement of the leaves that laid on the forest floor near to her home which usually announced Ali's welcome arrival and smiled, Chikorita also noticed the sound of another pair of paws and assumed Ali must have brought one of her cubs or Yerta with her since Ali hardly ever went out alone anymore due to her deteriorating health and also the fact that the mental institution had tightened the rope around Ali's throat more and more recently and were on several occasions very close to catching Ali but in each instance she had been able to sense their approach and had hidden herself in a suitable place until they had left. These events had become more and more distressing and worrying to Ali and her family as the days passed. Chikorita left the cave and trotted towards where she heard Ali's footsteps to greet her friend, as Chikorita approached she could sense something was wrong, although Ali's steps were recognisable the steps of the Umbreon with her were not, there was a certain evil feeling in the air that Chikorita had never experienced with the arrival of Ali before and a cold chill crept slowly up her spine, what could be wrong she wondered to herself, why was there maliciousness hanging in the air like thick fog that she couldn't see through, and why did she feel fear creeping up on her like a stealthy cat unseen but felt. All these things Chikorita was never destined to find out as she witness then death of her children while they slept as Ali springing on her god children and closing her mouth around their muzzles slowly suffocated them. The last thing Chikorita remembered before her death was running terrified through the forest being hunted down like a Stantler by a shadow like creature with blazing red eyes who had once been her friend Ali.

Chapter 7 – Blood Ties

Ali returned to Pallin masked in the blood of Chikorita and her children, no longer a black and silver fox with red eyes Ali was a pure dark red with the dry blood congealing on her coat and sticking her fur down flat to her body she truly looked a fearful site even Pallin took an involuntary step back as she approached him then sat down next to him and started to groom the blood from her fur. Pallin joined Ali in the grooming also licking the dried blood from Ali's fur enjoying the taste of his victims deaths but wanting more, wanting to see their terrified eyes and to hear their pleading screams and kill them himself. Pallin put his paw on Ali's head and read her memories of the murders he had made her commit and smiled evilly enjoying every second of the bloodshed he had caused.

The sun was beginning to rise by the time Pallin and Ali had travelled the distance from the nights violent scenes back to Pallin's cave and Ali had regained her shiny black coat and gleaming silver circles as the first shafts of sunlight fell between the trees onto the forest floor. Ali lied down in the corner of the cave in the darkest part of the shadow or the umbra and rested her head on her paws, Pallin meanwhile watched the dawn break over the forest smiling satisfied then growled softly with an evilly excited smile on his face "enjoy your day wherever you are Yerta because this day you will breath your last, you and your cubs also." Pallin slinked into the cave and lied next to the already sleeping Ali and licked her muzzle "you are my creature of destruction and while your soul belongs to me I need not use my fangs to accomplish my will." Pallin then curled up around Ali and slowly drifted off to sleep his mind full of the deeds of evil that he would commit later that very day.

As the moon rose over the midnight forest the sleeping Umbreons slowly woke, Ali woke first and softly without waking Pallin stood up and walked out of the cave, Ali had sensed something, someone else in the forest, another male Umbreon was approaching, Ali snarl gently and set of to find out who this mysterious stranger was.

Alone but fearless the Umbreon who Ali had sensed made his way towards where he could find Ali. This Umbreon had been alone for a long time, after the death of his parents who were both Eevees Darbracken had wondered the land alone, he knew he was different from his parents but he also knew something else, when he was a cub he had had a brother and two sisters, his older sister had been different too and his parents were scared of what she was and had made her leave the family area at a very young age, his sister had been accompanied by his other sister and both had left together and had never been heard of since. Since the death of his parents Darbracken had lead a tragic and afflicted life, he had been in many fights with humans and had managed to evade all attempts to catch him so far, he had been chased by a pair of Eevees for a long time as he accidentally gone into their territory and they had pulled out his sandy brown fur and had never let him get a moments peace, it was if they had sensed he was different too, different like his sister, an outcast in Eevee society, all these things had made Darbracken mad, and one night while the moon was whole he had howled to it in desperation of his life and he had his wish for power enough to protect himself was granted, as his power increased he grew taller and began glowing. He turned a dark black colour and gained silver circles, evolving into an Umbreon had been the only good part of Darbracken's life, and now in his mind the only thing he was intent on was finding his sister who knew what he was going through and what he was.

As Darbracken neared where he felt his sister was he felt something was wrong, terribly wrong, something evil was about the place, the darkened shadowy trees held monsters and souls of their own as the reached forward and snatched at Darbracken leaving scratch marks where their twigs had managed to maintain a hold in his fur, there was an evil spirit in the area Darbracken could feel it closing in on him and suddenly he could read the thoughts and feelings of the spirit and knew what had happened to the spirit, the spirit though not naturally evil had been controlled by something else, something powerful, something evil, that something was Pallin. Ali crept into the clearing where Darbracken was stood, Ali had been very careful to approach upwind of the Umbreon who she assumed was Yerta and was now stood behind the unassuming Darbracken. Ali stared at the Umbreon puzzled, this wasn't Yerta and why would an Umbreon venture into a place so inherently evil and dangerous, and why did this Umbreon have silver circles like herself and Clover. Ali confused sat down to figure out these things. Darbracken sensed Ali's presence behind him and turned to look eye to eye with Ali, he let out a gasp of surprised as he laid eyes on the first Umbreon he had ever seen and she too had silver circles, Darbracken had always know having silver circles was special even amongst whatever he was, they to him were an asset and had assumed he was the only whatever he was with them, an now he was nose to nose with another of his kind, this one female and with the same silver markings. Then it dawned upon him, he was actually staring into the eyes of his sister that he had last seen so long ago when she was forced to leave by their parents. Darbracken sensed great evil in Ali and broke the silence between them.

"Hath thou the tufts of thy evil master Ali? I seeth that thou hast and indeed this ist a sad day for the world for once thys heart turns dark and tharn thou will diest soon, darkness will effect thy heart and turn it cold and make it fit for nothing and as thy siteth here I tell you that you willst draw thy last breath soon and fall at the feet of those whom you call good." Ali looked up surprised then snarled, this Umbreon knew her name and was also predicting her death; she wondered how he knew her and what he wanted with her and also why he was so keen on predicting her demise.

"Who are you?" she snarled "and why are you so sure I'm going to die and your not…" Darbracken looked up and sighed "Ali dost thou not recognise thy brother? You may have forgotten me long ago, we grew up together in the den of our parents briefly, I was named after the bracken outside of our den just plain Bracken to our parents but when I changed, became like you I added Dark to the front since plain Bracken didn't seem to suit me anymore, but this was shortened hence the name Darbracken." Ali looked at Darbracken confused then faltered, "Yes…yes I do remember you Bracken." Ali and Darbracken were interrupted by 5 different paw sounds approaching, 4 from the South and 1 from the North. Ali's ears twitched uneasily and Darbracken stood up growling gently. The first to arrive on the scene was Pallin he stood uneasily in the moonlight and stared in wonder at Darbracken "So we meet finally Dar" he said softly and coldly observed Darbracken. Darbracken bared his fangs at Pallin then turned to his sister "how couldst thou fall in with such evil as this?" Ali looked down at the floor and away from he brother shielding her eyes from view. The bushes behind Ali rustled and Yerta, Gilliam, Hyzenthlay and Vantrase appeared to confront the scene. All seven Umbreons stared at each other wondering what was coming next, Pallin quickly provided them with the answer, he shot a beam of light at Ali, Ali stumbled and fell to the floor or her side. Darbracken looked at Pallin with hatred in his eyes "thou hast murder my sister thou ist dark and unholy an thou will diest!" Pallin merely laughed at Darbracken and as Ali lay on her side breathing lightly the six remaining Umbreons faced Pallin. Yerta joked "Welcome to the family Dar I'm sure if we had met in better circumstances I'd have grown to dislike you, did I say dislike? I meant like…" Pallin stood in the shadows "you fools you may outnumber me but I have power you can only wish for." Yerta sprung at Pallin and in the moonlight a golden glow surrounded the clearing as first Yerta then Vantrase then Hyzenthlay and finally Gilliam went to elite X1. Darbracken just stared in wonder at the pure gold Umbreons and looked at Pallin aghast as he to started to glow gold then lit up in a powerful golden red flame and smiled evil the flame not affecting him at all "see you fool I have achieved the perfection on X2" stated Pallin as he flung back an over adventurous Hyzenthlay into a boulder to the nasty snapping sound that was received as she bounced off the rock and laid on the floor. Gilliam snarled and sprung at Pallin "you hurt my mother you *******." Gilliam sunk his teeth into Pallin then yelped in pain as the flame surrounding Pallin started to burn into his flesh, the agony for Gilliam was intense as his eyeball began to burn in there sockets until Pallin pushed him to the floor with his paw and broke one of his ribs "that's nice Gilliam your making me a barbeque" smirked Pallin "two down three to go." Vantrase growled at Pallin and fired a huge beam of dark light at him. Pallin grabbed the beam in his shield of flame and threw it back at Vantrase and laughed as it hit her and she slowly sunk down to the floor in throbbing pain. "Looks like it just me and you again Yerta" Pallin said with a little of a laugh in his voice "looks like it is," replied Yerta with a grimace on his face. Yerta started to form a Haztre in between his paws. Pallin ran at Yerta and sprung on him kicking him in the face and breaking his jaw, Pallin leapt up and grabbed Yerta by the throat and started to throttle him "look Yerta, how the mighty have fallen" Pallin coldly remarked as Yerta's eyes began to roll back in his head. "Stop!!" Pallin turned his head "who said that?" Darbracken walked out of the shadows "Stop now Pallin or I will kill you." Pallin started laughing and dropped Yerta to the floor where he laid choking and gagging trying to catch his breath. "You will kill me how exactly?" said Pallin looking at Darbracken calmly thinking to himself there was no way that this Umbreon could match or beat his power. Darbracken looked at the scene before him with sad and painful eyes, his family, all of them he had only just met where laid strewn on the floor due to the creature stood before him. Darbracken growled angrily and started to glow pure silver, he advanced upon Pallin and a silver flame appeared around his body and finally as he was within striking distance his tail became longer and thinner his eyes turned a pure black colour and his ears extended and became more pointed. Pallin gasped in horror and apprehension, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, the Umbreon before him wasn't evil and was pure of heart and yet he had managed to achieve the power of X3, a power Pallin could only dream off. Darbracken advanced on Pallin and formed a ball of holy light in his paws and fired it at Pallin "thou hast breathed thy last Pallin thou hast torture the world for the last time and now thy willst die and go to hell." Darbracken watched as Pallin was engulfed in the light and turned his back to the screams of pain uttering from Pallin's throat "please nooooo" Pallin screamed, but all that was left when Darbracken turned his head back to see what had become of Pallin was a pile of ashes which blew off and flew with the wind scattering new hope and fertility on the ground. Darbracken used a moonlight attack and everyone who had fallen pray to Pallin was healed, everyone that is accept Ali who was still laid on her side in a shaft of moonlight. Darbracken turned back to his normal black colour and nudged his sister with his nose "please Ali wake up." Vantrase, Hyzenthlay and Gilliam ran over to their mum and looked at her inert form lying on the floor. Yerta walked over to Ali and licked her muzzle "its ok Ali Pallin has gone now he can never come back to harm you again." Darbracken put his head on Ali's chest and listen silently. Darbracken looked up into the four worried faces of his family then turned and walked a little distance and sat on a rock, he laid his ears to his back tilted his head back and let of a long mournful howl. Vantrase looked at her mums body with tears streaming from her eyes "no, no it can be" she cried brokenly and looked at her uncle again who had lain down dejectedly on the rock "please someone tell me it isn't true" she begged but everyone knew it was true. Gilliam and Hyzenthlay walked and lay down by their uncle's side and looked up at the moon. Vantrase ran off into the forest unable to contain her anguish. Yerta looked down on the dead body of Ali and licked her face over and over again "please Ali, I love you, you can live through this, me and you we will be in love again, even have more children, just please don't leave me on my own" but his pleas fell on deaf ears and as Yerta turned to finally leave a moonbeam struck Ali's body lighting it up in moonlight, Yerta turned and saw it and knew that Ali's spirit was finally at peace and although she had battle through all of her life, this was one battle to many and it was just her time to go and rest up in the clouds. Yerta had no doubt in his mind where Ali's spirit had gone, she had gone to heaven and was right now with a halo and new white feathery wings looking down on her family missing them very much but knowing one day they'd all be together again.

Author's Note

I hope you liked this story, it is going to my longest and hopefully best so far, get your Kleenex out ^-^ you may need it. I'd just like to thank some people for helping me with my writing, firstly Andy aka Very_Cute_Pikachu for giving me encouragement to send in my first story to this site and also help critise and improve my stories, secondly to Barry aka Kingler for being a great help and leaning post to me and he knows I'll always feel friendship for him, thirdly to Balanchuy, you don't know him but he helps with ideas, thanks mate and also to a whole host of other people too Lugia, Raichu, Teiru, Frosty, Frost, cutie_cyndaquil, Hayate, Darksakabatsu and all my other friends just for being them and cheering me up a little when I'm down. I also want to share a little known fact Pallin and Kellay are based on real people however their names have been changed to protect their identity and obviously what I wrote concerning them has been changed Pallin isn't that evil honest although he plans for his world domination he is a good guy and Kellay, well Kellay is Kellay. All other events are merely fiction and have no relevance to real life.

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