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    Accidental Connections

    Chapter 1
    The Ties Within

    Darkness loomed all around only to be lit up by swirling streaks of lightning. The crackle of thunder and the sound of fading voices was all that could be heard in the shifting shadows. A cool air brushed by faster and faster as a nauseating feeling grew from within, like riding a rollercoaster down the highest peak.
    “Don’t…” The words seemed to hit like a ton of bricks as the nauseating feeling was overwhelmed by the surge of pain, like slowly being squeezed through a needle. Flashes of memories, people, and emotions engulf the darkness making the very air taken in an intoxicating flood. Senseless visions cut through the darkness like a hot knife through butter.
    Then as if all at once the strain of all that had happened vanished into the night. The feel of cool wet grass in my hands and the drops of rain brought a calming sense of relief. The sky rang out furiously with thunder, lighting the surroundings in flashes as the wind continued to shake the tree braches as if attempting to loose every leaf it had.

    I scanned the area while desperately taking in the air on all fours as if I had just swam up from the bottom of the ocean. My eyes focused in the dim light of the storm over head. In a flash of light the form of some sort of animal was revealed but soon the lighting was gone and in the next flash of light so was the form I had just seen. I wasn’t even sure if I had seen anything at all as I was still feeling a little disoriented and my sight wasn’t all that clear. Upon catching my breath I attempted to move but my muscles wouldn’t respond and I collapsed back down in the drenched grass. In the next flash of light I saw the form again but this time it was standing a meer foot away. It’s eyes locked with mine as the sound of my heart beat grew louder. Throwing caution into the wind I reached out my hand. With a look of concern the form grew closer still. He placed his paw on me and I put my hand on his arm as I felt the care he had in his heart. I attempted to raise once more but as I did everything seemed to go quiet for second. My eyes widened as the sky lit up above. Before I knew it a surge of pain flowed through me like a thousand needles sowing strands of thread through my entire body. The sound of my screams, as well as the screams of the yellow form next to me, echoed in the forest. In an instant the light was gone and my head struck the ground with a spongy thud. My eyes shuddered on the yellow form that remained standing before me before everything faded away.

    I found myself sitting in an empty class room that seemed familiar to me but something was different. I couldn’t understand what I was doing in a class room alone. I got up and looked around but I couldn’t find anyone. I grew closer to something that I noticed at the front of the room. I could tell that it was a purple cloth covering something big but I wasn’t sure what it could be. There seemed to be a curiosity compelling me to move forward as I was unable to resist reaching for the cloth. As I lifted it off I found a black hole that immediately began pulling the entire room into the vortex. I was then spinning down having been sucked in. I now found myself in a dark room and light began flashing and in an instant the past events flashed through my eyes as if I was watching myself being struck by a blinding light.

    I jolted up as I opened my eyes onto a bright sunny day. My heart was pounding and dizzily I took in my surroundings. The shade shifted around as the cool wind blew passed the braches causing my black hair to sway. I was sitting under several trees with fairly low braches. I rubbed the back of my head as I tried to remember how I had gotten in the middle of a forest with little success.
    As I rose to my feet I noticed that a little Pikachu had been sleeping next to me. He must have been the same one from last night. The night was fuzzy in my memory but I knew that it couldn’t have been a dream. I felt like I should be excited or something but it just didn’t set well in my stomach for some reason. I didn’t know why my heart was racing as I knelt down next the little Pokemon and stroked his fur with my hand. He woke up and pulled back a little startled but quickly calmed down and gave me a sleepy smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at him before standing back up. My clothes felt a little damp but for the most part I was relatively dry. My black and blue jacket still had water droplets on it but my blue cargo pants had already dried in the sun through a hole in the tree branches. I remembered that it had been raining but I was almost positive I wasn’t under the trees when I lost consciousness.

    “Did you pull me under the trees last night?” I asked the Pikachu as I looked around again.
    “Pika, Pika” he responded with a nod.
    “Thank you” I then took a few steps out into the open and tried to find a path that would likely lead out of the forest. The Pikachu followed me into a small clearing and then stopped as I turned to face him.
    “Pika?” He asked as he cocked his head to the left in a curious manor.
    “You wouldn’t know the way out of this forest would you?” I asked a little hopeful that he would some how know the way out.
    “Pi-ka…” He answered shaking his head slowly to the right once with his sad eyes as he lowered his ears a little. I frowned for a moment as my heart sank slightly at the disappointment.
    “It’s ok, don’t be sad I’m sure I’ll find it…” I told him with a slight smile. I then walked over to him, knelt down beside him and placed my hand on his head to reassure him that it was really ok. I knew I might be lost for days but it didn’t worry me too much at the moment as I had other things on my mind. I couldn’t seem to remember more than a few mental pictures of my family and friends. I couldn’t even recall having ever meet a Pokemon before or how I even ended up in the forest for that matter. Just as I was going to say something I heard a voice come out from behind the bushes.

    “You their! Is that your Pikachu?” A girl around twelve to fourteen years old jumped out from behind some bushes on the other side of the small clearing, pointing towards us. She had a violet long sleeve shirt on, a pair of Khaki pants, and some red running shoes. Her black hair reached her shoulders and had a red streak of long hair down both sides.
    “Ah…” I didn’t know how to respond to her question as I wasn’t really all that sure myself. I knew I didn’t have a poke ball so it was likely that the Pikachu was wild.
    “Ok, I challenge you to a one on one match against your Pikachu!” She told us before I could say anything and sent out her Cyndaquil.
    “Ready?” She asked jumping up once and striking a semi fighting pose. I looked at Pikachu confused as our brown eyes locked with each other’s with the same expression.
    “Ah…” I replied again unable to think of what to say to her but she apparently took that as a yes also. The next thing I knew her Cyndaquil was running towards us and at the girl’s command let lose a Flamethrower which barely missed the both I us as I was still knelt down beside Pikachu. I had fallen back on by hands and Pikachu jumped back just out of reach of the flames. As the flames subside we both looked at each other and then at the Cyndaquil that was still closing in and then back at each other.
    “Pikachu?” I asked unsure if we should take action.
    “Pika” He replied with a single nod with some what of a serious expression. At that we both jumped up into a fighting stance similar to how the girl did a few moments ago.

    “Alright Pikachu, lets do this.” I said to him and he nodded with out turning to look at me and began to charge the Cyndaquil that was still running towards us. A moment later they were close enough to use physical attacks. Cyndaquil shot a few more flamethrowers but they all missed as Pikachu managed to avoid them. Thinking fast I told Pikachu to use agility and double team together and he listened to my command without protest. He took a slight glance to his left which was in my direction for a split second before actually doing what I told him to do. With the attack combination he made three rings around the Cyndaquil with the inner and outer most rings going in the same direction and the middle one moving in the opposite direction. The trainer and her Pokemon looked confused as they tried to find the real one by sending a flamethrower in a complete circle but after making a complete circle and removing all the decoys they found that Pikachu was not there but had jumped behind Cyndaquil when they were distracted. Before they could act Pikachu let a Thunderbolt lose and scored a direct hit. The Cyndaquil took considerable damage but was still holding on and shoot a flamethrower at Pikachu. I told pikachu to use Quick attack into the air and barly dodged Cyndaquil’s attack. The Girl smiled as Pikachu was now a sitting duck in the air and commanded a flamethrower in the air but I thought of a counter move just as quickly and had Pikachu use Iron Tail strait down which split the fire away but the fire still took its toll as it scorched Pikachu’s tail and fur. The Girl couldn’t believe it as the move connected with her Cyndaquil’s head and knocked him unconscious.
    Piakchu ran over to me and I dropped to my knees so I could give Pikachu a hug as he leapt into my arms.

    “That was great Pikachu.” I told him as he smiled in my arms. The girl recalled her Pokemon and walked over to us. She seemed disappointed but she didn’t seem to have any bad feelings having lost.
    “So you two must have trained together a lot seeing as how well battled together.” she said looking at us. I got up still holding Pikachu in my arms to explain.
    “Actually… to tell you the truth I can’t remember much past last night… I think this Pikachu is really a wild Pikachu who helped me out of the rain last night…” I explained, a little unsure myself.
    “Wha..what? Is this true?” she asked unsure if what I was saying was indeed fact.
    “Pika pika” Pikachu answered for me with a nod.
    “No way… your not lying… then I just lost to someone who battled with a wild Pokemon who haven’t even known each other more than a day… and the both of you battled like you knew each other for years. What if you told the Pikachu to use a move he didn’t know?”
    Pikachu and I looked at each other and then laughed as we both knew that it could have happened but some how we managed to pull off a victory with minimal damage.
    “Well I guess it doesn’t matter… luck must have just been on your side I guess…” she concluded. I thought for a moment before I remembered that I was still lost in the forest.
    “Oh, by any chance would you know the way out of this forest?” I asked her a little more hopeful.
    “theirs a town not too far from here. I’m headed there right now if you want to come with me I can show you the way.” She told us as I felt relieved that she knew the way and that I wouldn’t be aimlessly wandering through the forest.

    She lead us out of the forest and Pikachu followed by my side not wanting to leave me apparently. We reached the Poke Center in no time and Nurse Joy took care of Cyndaquil and Pikachu for us. While we were waiting I notice a flyer on the table we were sitting at in the lobby and read it. It was about the Pokemon League and on the other side it had something about contests.
    “What exactly is this flyer about?” I asked the girl who I had battled in the forest.
    “You don’t know?!” She asked in surprise and tried to explain. “The Pokemon league is basically a tournament in which trainers collect eight badges but defeating the eight gym leaders in order to participate in the main tournament held each year. It’s basically to show how strong your team is and get recognized as a great trainer. The Contests is similar except that you show of your Pokemon in various contests in order to be recognized as a great coordinator. Five ribbons need to be collected in order to participate in the Grand Festival.” She explained to me picking up a glass of soda she had sitting on the table.

    “Oh, it seems familiar… I think… as least I think I remember something about it…” I told her looking back at the flyer.
    “Do you at least remember your name?” She asked me setting her soda down. I looked at her for a moment before I answered.
    “Yeah, it’s Kitt. I don’t think you ever told me your name…” I responded.
    “I didn’t? Oh, sorry I must have forgotten to when I found out you had beaten me with a wild Pokemon… It’s Claira…” She answered. After a while Nurse Joy brought us the fully revived Cyndaquil and refreshed Pikachu with a smile.
    “Here are your Pokemon If you need anything else don’t hesitate to ask.” she said as Pikachu jumped into my arms and Claira picked up her Pokeball. Nurse Joy then returned to the front desk to work on something else. Pikachu was sitting happily in my arms when Claira set a empty Poke ball down on the table.
    “You two just seem to be meant for each other… why don’t the two of you enter the Pokemon League or if you prefer you could try your hand at contests. The two of you already act as one so contest shouldn’t be too hard for you. Pikachu and I looked at her for about a minute before we turned to each other.

    “What do you think Pikachu? Do you want to come with me and… be my partner?” I asked him.
    “Pika-chu Pi-ka” Pikachu looked at me a little unsure and shifted his eyes to his left then at me.
    “You don’t have to if you don’t want to…” I told him feeling a little hollowness in heart as I said the words. “You could back to the forest…” His eyes seemed to water at the thought.
    “Chu Pikachu Pika, Pika, Pika…” He said pointing to me then him self before giving me a hug.
    “So you want to come with me?” I asked to be sure I understood him.
    He looked at me and nodded with a smile and said, “Pika, Pika, Chu Pikachu Pika”
    I smiled back and reached for the Pokeball but before I could Nurse Joy came running out in a panic.

    “Someone has stolen a few of the Pokemon and important medical research data too!” Nurse Joy exclaimed as she stopped in the lobby. “It was you! You took the Pokemon!” She yelled pointing at two people in dark blue cloaks. The first one turned around and lifted the hood to reveal her self. She had long light blue hair that hung over her shoulders. She smiled at Nurse Joy with her pearl white teeth that seemed to shine.
    “Of course.” She said in a confident tone although her Jade colored eyes seemed to do most of the talking.
    The other one remained hidden only revealing his mouth and chin in a mysterious manor.
    “Stop!” I yelled with out even thinking as I got up from the table. Pikachu jumped down by my side. “We wont let you steal the Pokemon or anything else for that matter.” I said as Pikachu and I positioned our selves between Nurse Joy and the thieves. Claira sent out her Cyndaquil as she ran next to us.
    “That’s right.” She added in a serious tone. Her Cyndaquil stood ready next to Pikachu.
    “Ah and I suppose your going to try and stop us?” She asked as she closed her eyes for a moment.
    “You got that right.” I answered waiting for the right time to make a move.
    “Pika!” Pikachu said with a single nod of agreement.
    “Sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have time for kids games…” she replied as she let two silver beads fall from her hand that hand been concealed in her cloak. Before any of us could react the beads exploded with smoke which filled the lobby. Pikachu and I didn’t want to let them get away so we headed in the direction we had been facing moments before. We had been facing the door so even thought the room was now filled with smoke we were able to find the way out. As Pikachu and I exited the Poke Center we spotted the two thieves sprinting down the path in to the forest I had been in last night. While we pursued them I noticed that Claira hadn’t found her way out of the Poke Center as it faded in the distance so I knew we were on our own.

    The thieves soon reached their escape vehicle which looked like a hover jet of some sort. It was black with two jet engines on the ends of two small wings. The roof of the hover craft was one made of glass which slide back as they approached it.
    “Stop right their!” I yelled as we caught up to them. The two thieves turned around with a slight grin on their faces.
    “Persistent I see.” The thief with light blue hair replied. “Well if you insist on playing this little game I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.” Her jade eyes shimmered under the sun as she held out a Great ball in her right hand. Charizard appeared in a flash of light as she simply held out her Great ball towards us. The large fire dragon waited for it’s orders as he stood anxiously in front of us.
    “Get them with flamethrower.” She told him as she smoothly retracted the Great ball back into her cloak.
    Pikachu and I leapt out of the way in opposite directions as the flames came at us.
    “Pkachu use Thunderbolt!” I yelled before picking myself off the grass. Pikachu’s electric attack just missed as the Charizard took to the air. Pikachu shoot a second thunderbolt into the sky and managed to graze the Charizard’s Right wing as it barrel rolled out of range. The Charizard shot a fireball at Pikachu as it circled around for his next attack. Pikachu dodged it with double team and followed it up with Quick attack as the Charizard swooped in for a wing attack. Pikachu almost knocked him out f the air but the Charizard had more momentum so Pikachu took a harder hit and was slammed into the ground. As the Charizard came around Pikachu picked himself up and right as the Charizard was about to strike again with another wing attack Pikachu unleashed a powerful thunderbolt at close range. The shock caused the Charizard to crash land just passed Pikachu with a earth rattling sound. The Charizard managed to get up and used Dragon Rage on Pikachu as he was about to use an electric attack and sent him flying into me with electricity flowing around him. As he crashed into me we were pushed back into a near by tree behind some bushes. The electricity surged through the both of us causing more damage.

    I Looked at Pikachu who had taken serious damage and knew I couldn’t let him continue the fight. I needed to protect him some how and stop the thieves from taking what they had stolen. As I made my way out of the bushes, still feeling the electricity from Pikachu’s discharge moving through me I noticed something strange. It felt as though something was happening to me, like I was about to faint as I reached the other side of the bush.
    My vision was a little blurry for a moment as I focused on the Charizard before me. He looked like he was feeling exhausted but still able to fight.
    “It would seem your as stubborn as your trainer…” The girl with light blue hair commented before ordering her Charizard to use Wing Attack again. I glanced back to see if Pikachu was behind me but all I saw was the bush.
    Who is she talking to? I asked my self as she seemed to be speaking to Pikachu but he was behind the bushes. Before I could figure it out I noticed the Charizard was coming right at me. I extended my arms in a feeble attempt to block the Charizard from getting to Pikachu who was behind me in the bushes.

    I will Protect you Pikachu! I told my self as I closed my eyes as I thought the words in my mind just as the Charizard was about to strike. There was a loud sound, similar to the sound of a single large tree falling in a clearing. As I reopened my eyes my heart skipped a beat as I saw the Charizard had crashed into a green like dome barrier that now surrounded me. I extended my right hand to touch the barrier to see if it was real and as I did so I recoiled in shock as I realized where the barrier had came from. I had seen my arm but it was not the same as before. It had turned yellow and upon further inspection the evidence was conclusive, I had some how become a Pikachu.

    The protective barrier subsided and the dazed Charizard struggle to his feet. Taking advantage of my unexpected transformation I tried a thunderbolt without having any problem unleashing the attack onto the Charizard. Although my aim wasn’t all that good the electicity found its way a cross the ground and into the Charizard which brought the fire lizard to the ground and this time he did not get back up. There wasn’t any time for me to stand in aw of my slight victory as the other thief sent out an Absol never saying a word. The Absol imediaty rushed at me as the girl recalled her Charizard to his Pokeball. She seemed to be angered by the defeat but she recovered her confident stance as she seemed to hold none of the blame on her Charizard. I tried to dodge the Absol’s Bite but I reacted too slow and my left arm was caught in is jaws. I yelled out in pain as he bit down harder on my arm. In an attempt to brake free I let loose a thunderbolt as powerful as I could make it onto him. As he was being shocked he through me out of his mouth and I tumbled in the dirt nearly exhausted from discharging so much electricity. My attack managed to do some damage but it wasn’t enough to bring the Absol down. He approached me as I was catching my breath. I could tell his next attack was going to be a slash attack by the way he held his paw up over me but just as he was bringing it down a Thunderbolt came flying at him and knocked him back several feet. I wasn’t sure where it came from at first but I didn’t waits any time in jumping to my feet with an Iron Tail ready. Before the Absol could recover from the last attack I struck the him in the jaw and sent him back a few more feet unconscious. The two thieves looked at each other for moment before heading to their escape vehicle. The Jade eyes of the female thief seemed intrigued as she hoped in. the other mysterious thief recalled his Pokemon as he started up the engine of the hover jet like vehicle and in a blast of smoke they were gone.

    “Ah! They got away with the stolen Pokemon!” I yelled out as I extended my right arm in the direction they escaped as if I could call them back. “All this and I couldn’t even stop them…”
    “I wouldn’t be so sure…” A some what familiar voice called out. Pikachu then came out of the bushes where the thieves had hid their escape vehicle.
    “you can talk?!” I asked a little more surprised than I was at my transformation at the exact moment.
    “he… well yeah… it’s more like you can understand what I’m saying better…” He replied holding both hands up slightly.
    “Oh… Ok… but they still got away…” I said as I walked over to him. He seemed to be slightly surprised at me as I stood next to him.
    “Since when could you transform into…” He asked with a slight smirk on his face.
    “I don’t know… just right now… I guess…” I answered before he finished the question.
    “Well anyways I managed to take these from them when they were distracted.” He announced as he lifted up one of the branches to reveal the stolen Pokeballs as well as the important medical research data.
    “ha ha… Nice! This is great, we managed to retrieve everything they stole!” I said happily before looking at Pikachu. “Turning into a Pikachu when I did…” I paused in mid sentence as the full realization hit me. “I- I’m a Pikachu… I’m really a Pikachu!” I exclaimed unable to contain my excitement any longer.
    “Yeah, I noticed…” He replied with a smile.
    “This is so cool!” I said as I bounced around a few times before sitting in the grass.

    “So you really don’t remember anything beyond last night?” he asked me sitting down next to me.
    “No… not really… I guess I can remmeber a few things but it’s not enough to tell me much about myself. I guess I’m lucky enough to remember my name…” I replied looking at my paws.
    “Yeah… I just go by Pikachu… it’s easy to remember…but you can call me Sparky if you like…” He said as he looked down the path.
    “Well Sparky we should probably take what the thieves stole back to the Poke Center now” I suggested, using the name he told me that I could call him. He laughed to himself as we stood up.
    “Yeah…” He agreed and pulled out the Pokeballs from behind the bush. The research data was on a flash drive so it wasn’t too hard to carry along with the four poke balls. Sparky had three of them and I had the flash drive and the other Pokeball. We had walked about half way back when I noticed claira coming up the path.
    “Oh no… I can’t let her see me like this…” I told Sparky as I tried to think of what I could do.

    “Ah… Ok why don’t you hide in the bushes and I’ll try and ah… just hide…” he told me and I ran into the bushes before Claira was able to see us.
    She spotted Sparky and ran over to him.
    “Oh there you are… Where’s Kitt?” She asked him a little concerned. Sparky Glanced away from the bushes for a second but didn’t respond.
    “Well?” She continued her interrogation. “It looks like you were able to get some of the Pokemon back from the thieves.”
    He nodded with a worried smile in response. I took a step back and tripped on a root, snapping a twig under me as I fell back.
    “What was that?” she asked and Sparky just shook his head as she moved over to the bush to find out.
    I heard her coming and closed my eyes as I braced myself as I would have to explain when she found me.

    “There you are…” she said as she parted a few braches looking in. I opened my eyes to see her holding out a hand. “Let me help you up.” I took her hand and she pulled me out of the bush. I inspected myself a moment pretending to be brushing off dust. I had changed back and she didn’t know that I had been a Pikachu a few moments ago.
    “So, what were you doing in that bush?” she questioned a little curious.
    “I ah… tripped…” I answered truthfully for I did trip while I was in the bush.
    “Ok… well by the time I found my way out of the Poke Center you and the thieves had vanished. I ran into town to see if anyone had seen you but apparently I went the wrong direction… I was on my way to help but it would seem that you already took care of those thieves without me.” she explained a little disappointedly but she was still quiet happy.
    “Yeah… we managed to take out both of their Pokemon. I distracted them while Pika… Sparky here snuck around and took back what they stole without them noticing.
    “Really?” she asked still curious. “So they must have been trying to look all mysterious and powerful but their Pokemon must not have been so strong… anyways it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you got everything back…” I Picked up the rest of the Pokeballs Sparky was holding and let him onto my left shoulder.
    “I wouldn’t say they were weak…” I said as I started down the Path to the Poke Center. She shrugged and headed back with us. After a while we reached the Poke Center and returned the stolen Pokeballs and flash drive to Nurse Joy. She was relieved that we were able to get them back.

    “Just curious but what did they want with Medical research anyways?” Claira asked Nurse Joy as she set the Pokeballs in a green glass case with wires running from the top to a machine of some sort.
    “Well…” She seemed hesitant to explain. “Since you got them back I’ll tell you… The Data on this flash drive has information on Shadow Pokemon.”
    “Shadow Pokemon?” I asked her unsure what she meant.
    “Shadow Pokemon have had the door to their hearts closed. They are much more powerful than the other Pokemon but they can’t feel any emotions other than hate, pain, and anger. The four Pokemon you took back from them are Shadow Pokemon. I hope to be able to find a cure for them and the data on this flash drive may hold the key to doing it…” she explained with sympathy in her voice. “There are many Shadow Pokemon out there and everyday more of them seem to pop up. I’m sure those thieves wanted the Shadow Pokemon to use them for their despicable gain. The Research data could possible hold the secret to the Shadow Pokemon… If they figured it out they could turn more Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon…”
    After hearing what Nurse Joy had said Claira and I sat in the lobby for a while as we thought about what could have happened had they gotten away with the research. Nurse Joy was kind enough to register me for the Pokemon League. I was also considering contest battles as Sparky was exceptional even though we hadn’t done any training together. Our timing was great in the few battles we were in. After a while Claira got up to leave and I followed her out side.

    “Your registered for the Pokemon League right?” I asked her to make sure she was traveling around collecting badges.
    “Yeah, just started… Why do you ask?” She questioned as the sun began to set.
    “Well if it’s alright with you could we travel together with you?” I asked as I didn’t like the idea of traveling alone and not even knowing my way around.
    “Sure, I don’t have a problem with that at all. It’ll be fun.” She replied with a smile. “You know, your Pikachu is still technically wild… even if he follows you around and listens to you.” She told me as she tossed me an empty Pokeball. I looked at it and remembered that I hadn’t used it on Sparky yet. I had left it on the table when the thieves stole the Pokemon and the medical research.
    “Ha… I almost for got…” I said in a low voice that anyone could barely hear. Sparky looked at me a little uneasy but gave me a reassuring smile.
    “Ok, ready Sparky?” I asked as I knelt down next to him. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them with a nod, still smiling. I held the Pokeball in front of him and he reached out his had and touched it. In a flash of read light he was inside and after a few second he was caught. Once the red light stopped blinking I wasted no time in letting him out. In a flash of white light he reappeared, very glad to be out.
    “So he doesn’t like being in a Pokeball…” She observed with a slight grin. “Ok if your ready…”
    Nurse Joy cut her off. “Wait, if your going to be traveling you need to carry supplies… I put together a backpack for your travels Kitt. It should have everything that you’ll need. I Hope you’ll use it…” She told me with a joyful smile.
    “I will, thank you. It’s just what I needed.” I replied as I put it on. Sparky jumped onto my shoulder and I turned to Claira. “Ok, I think we’re ready now…” I said with an excited smile. We then proceeded to the next town after saying our good byes and thanking Nurse Joy a few more times.

    Up on a cliff that over looked the forest the golden rays from the setting sun shined on the glass windshield of a black hover jet that was parked a few yards from the edge. The two cloaked thieves stood at the edge of the cliff.
    “They got away with the Pokemon when we weren’t looking…” The girl with light blue hair stated with a certain confidence that was somewhere between happy and sad. The other thief simply smiled as he held a flash drive up in his hands. “It’s a shame we couldn’t get away with the Shadow Pokemon but… we still have the copy we made of the data, bringing us one step closer to reaching our goal…” she finished with the same confidence in her voice. They walked back to their hover jet as the sun went down behind the mountains in the distance.
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    Chapter 2

    The Shadow Knights

    The Sun was shining high in the sky as Claira, Sparky, and I made our way to New Dayo. New Dayo was the name of the town we were headed to which had a Pokemon Gym or so I was told. We had been walking for two days through the forest but we finally made it to the edge of the city. Sparky was laying down on my backpack half asleep as we entered New Dayo. Many of the houses had extended roofs which covered the gaps between the buildings, most of the paths were covered in shadows despite the bright sunlight. Except for the main road everything was in the shade. In places where there were few homes large trees blocked the sunlight with their canopy like branches. A cool breeze pushed by as several towns people went about their daily routines, visiting with each other, and enjoying the shade.

    We stopped by the Poke Center which resembled a dark red Dusk Ball, in preparation for the Gym battle.
    While We waited for Nurse Joy to bring us our Pokemon I tried to recall a memory before I had found myself in the forest. I had made several attempts in vain before while we had walked in near silence only occasionally carrying on a conversation. The only thing I could seem to remember was being in a class room similar to the one in the dream I had after I fainted during the storm. It was a little frustrating feeling that there was something important about the memory and my dream but let I go. I couldn’t see much point in getting frustrated about something that could easily be a coincidence. I could have gone to school and my dream was just picking up on a weak memory of it. The whole black hole part was probably just a nightmare since it’s not like one could be sitting at the front of a classroom under a cover.

    I sighed as I turned to Claira who was busy reading a book she had with her. Last night she had been reading it as I tended to the campfire. Sparky had used his electricity to start the fire in only a few tries before Claira could bring out her Cyndaquil. Claira said she was reading about a Pokemon who lost his trainer and set out on a mission to find him. The book sounded interesting to me but I was more interested in what she knew about the Gym.
    “Claira…“ I waited a few moments for her to look up before continuing my question. “do you know anything about the Gym here?” She put a book mark in the book she was reading and set it down on the table.

    “I know a little bit about it…” she responded and seemed to be thinking before she told me what she knew. “The whole town here blocks out as much sun light as possible to create shadows. Many dark type Pokemon live around here and as such the gym specializes with Pokemon of similar a type. From what I’ve heard the Gym Leader uses the ‘Messenger of Disaster’ in most of his matches.” She then placed her book into her backpack as Nurse Joy brought us our Pokemon. Sparky was happily sitting on the tray next to two Poke balls. I scratched my head as Claira retrieved the two Pokeballs from the tray.

    “Since when did you have two Pokemon?” I asked her as Sparky hoped off the tray into my arms.
    “Since last night, I caught it when you were sleeping.” She said in a slightly proud kind of way.
    “So what Pokemon did you manage to catch?” I asked a little disappointed that I missed it.
    “A Murkrow” She said with a smile. “It was bugging me all night with is squawking so I through a poke ball at it and caught it. I’m surprised you were able to sleep with all that racket” She explained as she picked up her pack. Nurse Joy headed back to the front desk as I picked up my pack also.

    We made our way to the New Dayo Gym which was up against a small cliff at the edge of the town. The shadows from the cliff covered the gym entrance. The building was painted black and had a large over extended roof like most of the other buildings in New Dayo. It sort of had a castle like feel to it. The only thing it was missing was a moat and a few towers.
    “So, you said the Gym Leader uses ‘The Massager of Disaster’ right?” I asked as we approached the Silver gate with a red ‘V’ shaped design painted on it.
    “Yeah, usually or so I heard.” She replied focused on the door.
    “Any Idea what Pokemon it is?” I asked curiously.
    “Sorry, I don’t… I guess if it’s true well find out soon enough.” She answered as we open the doors and went inside. There was a someone wearing dark cloths at the end of the entrance hallway.

    When we got close enough we could tell he was wearing a Black cape with a near blackish red tint on the inside. He had black gantlets on with red designs around a bluish Pink pearl at the top of each hand. The rest of his cloths were similar to a king from the past in black and dark Blue colors. His Eyes seemed to shine when he saw us.
    “Ah, I presume you came here for the Shadow badge.” He said with a eerie confidence in his voice.
    “Yes, we did.” Claira replied a little slowly.
    “Excellent!” He said with a formal feel. “I am the Gym Leader Kardama. If you are ready, the battle arena is this way.” He gestured with his left arm behind him to an archway a few feet away. Claira and I nodded and Kardama lead the way in.

    It was as if the entire the battle area was lit by moonlight as we entered. Kardama calmly turned to us with a familiar smile.
    “Which one of you will be challenging me first?” He asked with a certain curiosity that was contempt but eager at the same time. There was a moment of silence between us as Claira and I looked at each other.
    “I will.” Claira announced turning to him after seeing the unsure expression on my face.
    “Very well.” He said and turned to take his position on the other side of the field. I walked over to some stands in the shadows to watch the battle.
    “This match will be a one on one battle, no time limit. ” Came a voice from the judge who was wearing an all black uniform once Claira and Kardama were ready. “Begin.”

    Kardama went first and sent out a Sneasel which did a front flip in midair as he came out ready to fight.
    A Sneasel huh? “Then I’ll use Cyndaquil.” she said as she tossed her Pokeball into the air. Cyndaquil emerged from the bright light and promptly ignited his flame on his back. “Quick use Flamethrower!” She commanded and Cyndaquil shoot a stream of fire at the Sneasel.
    “Dodge, then furry swipes” Kardama said maintaining his smile on his face. His Sneasel vanished as the fire reached him and reappeared behind Cyndaquil before Cyndaquil had time to finish the attack. Sneasel then unleashed a multitude of furry swipe attacks, knocking Cyndaquil to the ground.
    Cyndaquil then rolled away from the last hit and let a second Flamethrower fly which brushed passed Sneasel as it used a Quick Attack to avoid the flames. Then Sneasel followed up with Shadow Ball which Cyndaquil managed to avoid.

    “Sneasel use Shadow Claw” Kardama said with the same smile as before, never showing any signs of worry.
    “Cyndaquil wait until he gets close then use your Flamethrower” Claira instructed her Pokemon as the Sneasel approached. Then with little time to react the Sneasel picked up speed and sent Cyndaquil back but he managed to remain standing and countered with a heated jet of fire which connected with a surprised Seasel. He tried to create another Shadow Ball in the mitts of the attack but failed to do so in time and by the flames end Sneasel collapsed to the ground unconscious.
    “Sneasel is unable to battle the winner is Cyndaquil.” the Judge announced raising a flag towards the Challengers side. Kardama Recalled his Sneasel back to his Pokeball slightly impressed.
    “Good job Cyndaquil!” She told her Pokemon as he jumped into her arms.

    She then Proceeded to the stands as I took the challengers’ spot on the field.
    “Begin” The Judge told us once he had re-explained the battle rules and we were ready.
    “Ready Sparky?” I asked and he nodded before jumping into position on the field. Kardama continued to smile in a way that seemed familiar to me as he tossed his Pokeball High into the air with out a word.
    I get the feeling I’ve seen that same smile somewhere before…
    His Pokeball opened and in a flash of light an Absol appeared. Then with out a word the Absol made a silent move and before Sparky could move he used Bite on his arm then immediately through Sparky up into the air and launched a couple of Sonic Boom attacks blowing Sparky Higher still. Sparky nearly touched the ceiling of the large battle arena and started to fall over Absol who was getting ready to use an attack.

    “Thunder Wave!” I told Sparky and in a split second his attack immobilized Absol. Sparky still in the air followed up with Thunderbolt which connected with ease and topped it off with An Iron Tail which knocked the Absol back a few feet. The Absol shook off the attack and sent several Shadow balls in succession. Sparky promptly used double team to dodge the attacks but The absol managed to find him anyways. Sparky tumbled across the battle field causing dust to trail after him. As Sparky struggled to his feet the Absol prepared to attack. Kardama stood calm as ever with the same smile on his face.
    It’s can’t be… I could some how tell which attack Absol was going to use and Kardama’s calm smile on his face was all to familiar for it to be just a coincidence.
    “Sparky get ready…” I told him hoping he could use an attack I did when I had turned into a Pikachu.

    As the Absol was ready he charged towards Sparky with Giga Impact but at the precise moment I told Sparky to use Protect. The Absol didn’t have any time to avoid crashing into the Protect and was sent flying back but stayed on his feet. Sparky then used Thunderbolt while Absol was recovering from the last attack which brought him to the ground. The Absol struggled to his feet and Sparky came in with another Iron Tail but the attack was blocked by the Absol’s own Iron Tail at the last second. They parted and stood facing each other exhausted. There was a shimmer in Kardama’s eyes as both Absol and Sparky used Quick Attack on each other which knocked them apart again. Both of them got back on their feet again but then collapsed back down at the ground.
    “Neather pokem-” The judge began to Announce but was promptly cut off.
    “Absol!” He declared in anger at the Announcer, still laying on the ground.
    “Pi-ka!” Sparky also yelled at the judge struggling to his feet and Absol did the same.
    “Ah…Continue…” the Judge said surprised.

    Absol then prepared a Shadow ball and Sparky charged up for a Thunderbolt. Both attacks collided with each other with an explosion. When the smoke cleared both Absol and Sparky were attacking with Iron Tail after Iron Tail blocking each others moves. It continued for another minute before they broke off their attack and prepared for a final attack. In a few seconds they both used a combination of Quick Attack and Iron Tail, striking at each other in a single pass. Upon completion of their attacks the stood with their backs to each other.
    ‘Pika…” Sparky said as he grabbed his right arm with his left for the last Iron Tail had connected with it.
    “-Sol” The Absol managed to say before falling to the ground defeated.
    “Absol is unable to battle! Pikachu is the Winner.” The Judge said again holding up the flag in his left hand.

    Kardama recalled his Absol without a word and walked over to me as I Picked up Sparky from the field. He was tired from the battle but still able to move but I saved him the trouble of having to come all the way back to me. Kardama and I met at the center of the battle field along with Claira.
    “Impressive you and your Pokemon are almost one in battle. You must have trained with each other for quite some time.” He said as he handed me the Shadow Badge. It must be him… The way he stood there and his Absol attacked with out him Kardama ever saying what to use. And the Smile on his face the whole time looks the same.
    “Thank you” I replied as calmly as I could before Kardama turned to Claira.
    “You did well also. Your Cyndaquil trusts you, that’s important.” He told her as he handed her the Shadow badge.

    After we got ourselves Shadow badges we made our way back to the Poke Center. I was sure I knew Kardama was hiding something but I decided to let it go until Sparky had recovered from the battle.
    About half way to the Poke Center we spotted a Charmander running from a small group of people wearing black suits of light armor. The Charmander tripped and Claira sent out her Murkrow to stop Charmander’s pursuers. They stopped a few feet away and we ran over to the Charmander. The lightly armored people sent out two Mightyena and a Houndoom, one each.
    “Why don’t you hand over that little Charmander you got hiding behind you?” The owner of the Houndoom asked with a irritating grin.
    “Who are you? Why are after this Charmander?” Claira asked sounding as brave as she could.

    “You don’t Know? Why I’m hurt…” He answered a little sarcastically. “Were the Shadow Knights! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll hand that Charmander over to us right now.” He threatened with infancies in his voice. Sparky’s too weak to fight them right now and Claira only has one Pokemon that isn’t exhausted from battle. it’s three to one so it’s not likely she could defeat them in an unfair battle. We only got one hope… Their focus was on the Charmander and Claira so I took the opportunity and snuck off the path and into the Park near by with Sparky. There were some bushes around a tree so I ducked for cover.

    “Not going to happen” She replied to them as The Charmander was still laying on the ground catching his breath from all the running he did. “Kitt if we… Kitt?” She said in a low voice but soon realized that I wasn’t their. The two Mightyena attacked together with bite. Her Murkrow dodged the attacks but was hit by Houndoom’s Flamethrower square in the chest. Claira’s Murkrow fell to the ground but managed to get up.
    “You should have ran like your friend did when you had the chance…” The one with the Houndoom told her feeling invincible. “Perhaps well take your Pokemon for our troubles” He added with a chuckle.
    Kitt… you coward!

    Meanwhile I set Sparky down next to the tree along with my pack. “I have to try to chance again…” I told Sparky and he nodded his head in agreement. “Only I don’t know how it happened in the first place…” Sparky looked at me nudgingly and I decided to concentrate on it. As I did so I felt a static building up around me but I still hadn’t changed. I kept tying keeping in mind what I needed to happen. I need to become Pikachu again, I need to help Claira and that Charmander before it’s too late. She can’t hold them off by herself she need help I told myself and in a quick surge of what felt like electicity flow through me I changed into a pikachu this time with my eyes open. The Change looked similar to a Pokemon’s evolution. Once I looked my self over a moment to be sure I had really become Pikachu again I dashed back to the path where I had left Claira. I saw Her Murkrow and Cyndaquil laying on the ground unable to get up as two Mightyena were about at attack. With no time to spare I used Quick Attack on one of them and sent him into the other. I then stood in defense of the hurt Pokemon behind me.

    “How dare you attack us like that!” the Shadow Knight with the Houndoom yelled in rage.
    “Sparky?” Claira asked in disbelief. I then fired a Thunderbolt at the Houndoom but it missed without him ever moving an inch.
    “You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with that attack.” the Shadow Knight mocked as the two Mightyena and Houndoom surrounded me.
    No maybe not, but who needs to hit the broad side of a barn when you can take out the whole farm?
    I Used Charge while the three Pokemon closed in on me.
    “Get him!” He commanded and the three Pokemon leapt in. When they were close enough I used Discharge on them, bringing them to the ground like a ton of bricks. My attack wasn’t strong enough to take them down and they got back up to their feet. I could tell they couldn’t take much more but I had used so much energy in my last attack that I couldn’t produce more than a single Thunderbolt if I tried.

    “You little rat! I'll have you turned into poke chow for that!” The slightly charred Shadow Knight yelled enraged. My Discharge had apparently carried over far enough to shock them as well. I couldn’t help cracking a smile before he ordered another attack. Before the attack could be carried out though three Shadow balls exploded in front of the Shadow Knights Pokemon sent them flying back. I turned around and saw see an exhausted Absol and sneasel standing by Kardama, a few feet behind Claira.
    “Your Pokemon are ready to faint! You can’t stop us. Well be taking that Charmander weather you like it or not.” the Shadow Knight said with an irritated tone of voice.

    “Your out numbered!” Came a familiar voice from above. There was no mistaking it, it was the same light blue haired thief from before. Her Charizard landed in front of me as she jumped off wearing a cape that almost looked the same as Kardama’s.
    “Attack!” the Shadow Knight ordered anyways and the three of them fired Shadow Balls at Her Charizard.
    Without thinking I jumped in front and use Protect to stop the attacks from hitting her.
    “Ah That stupid little rat stopped our attack” one of the other Shadow Knight’s said angrily.
    “Dragon Rage!” She quickly Commanded and sent the Shadow Knight’s Pokemon into the three of them.
    “Next time.” The Shadow Knight said before recalling his Pokemon and the other shadow Knights did the same. With that the Shadow Knight who had the Houndoom called out an Abra and they teleported away.

    “Kitt! Where were you?! Why did you run?” She asked and I spun around in Shock. Standing next to her was what appeared to be me holding my pack in his hands.
    No Way! How can I be there when I‘m right here… as a Pikachu… I ran over to the Kitt Standing next to Claira to verify a suspicion.
    “Ah… I ah was… near by… K- Sparky needed to recover fast so he could defend you and the Charmander.” The Kitt I was standing next to explained.
    “right… Well Sparky was at nerd full power as far as I could tell… How did you manage to Recover his strength so quickly?” She asked curiously as I had a chat with the Charmander.
    “Ah … I can’t really answer that…”
    “why not?”
    “Because… I don’t really know…”
    “Ah… yeah… strange I know…”

    Kardama and Girl with light blue hair walked over to us after they had recalled their Pokemon.
    “Your the thief who tried to steal the Shadow Pokemon from the Poke Center.” Claira Said pointing her finger at her.
    “I’m glad your remembered me…” She replied sounding a little tired.
    “Pika Pika?” I asked the Kitt standing next to Claira pointing to him then to me, while the others were busy. He nodded slightly to answer my question. I Sighed as I scratched behind my right Ear.
    “So where’s your partner in crime?” Claira asked crossing her arms.
    I walked over to Kardama and pointed. “Chu Pika” I said loud enough for everyone to hear.
    “Me? You think it’s me?” Kardama asked me.
    “Pika” I answered him.
    “Him?! It can’t be him can it?” Claira asked a little unconvinced/
    “It’s him all right, no mistaking it.” Sparky replied as me.
    “How very perceptive of you.” he admitted. “How did you know it was me?” he asked curiously.
    “Pikapi ka Chu Pika,” I said and Sparky repeated it. “Pikapi Pika-chu Chu Kachu”
    “Your smile for one, your Absol for another.”

    “I see…” He said after looking at us for a moment. “you took notice of the small details and managed to figure it out… that’s impressive…”
    “And for the record were not thieves” The girl with light blue hair added.
    “Just who are you?” Claira asked returning her Pokemon who were still laying exhausted on the ground.
    “My name’s Roxy.” She answered running her fingers through her hair.
    “She’s right, were not thieves though… we’re Shadow Knights… The real Shadow Knights…” Kardama said with a sigh. “Perhaps I should explain…”
    “Yeah perhaps you should” Claira said unconvinced that they were not thieves.

    “You see The Shadow Knights are guardians of space… of Palkia we made sure that no one messed with the fabric of space so that Palkia would not become angry and have to take matters into it’s own hands. Further more the Shadow Knights guarded the devices on this planet that could distort space form falling into the wrong hands. Not too long ago corruption grew in the hearts of the Shadow Knights and they turn to use the power for their selves rather than protect it. Not all the Shadow Knights were corrupted by this thrust for power… but only a few of us is all that remains.” He explained.
    “Ok, then why were you stealing Shadow Pokemon?” Claira asked him.
    “The Shadow Knights Use Shadow Pokemon true Shadow Pokemon… the ones we took were turned into Shadow Pokemon though. Their not true shadow Pokemon but a pathetic attempt to duplicate their power.” Roxy answered with some confidence.
    “What’s the difference?” Claira asked.
    “The difference is that true shadow pokemon have emotions feelings at thoughts just like any other Pokemon but can use Shadow versions of their moves if they chose to. Shadow versions are many times more powerful than the regular ones. The Shadow Pokemon you know about can only use a few shadow moves, think one mindedly, and can feel no emotions aside form hate, pain, and anger.” Kardama explained. “One more thing, true shadow pokemon can take on a shadow form and when in their shadow form they become stronger and faster as well.”

    “Say what you said is true… what would corrupted Shadow Knights want with this Charmander?” Claira asked pointing to the little Charmander sitting next to me. We had picked up a conversation while Kardama was explaining things and were just finishing up when he stated his theory.
    “Not many Shadow Knights who became corrupted had true Shadow Pokemon so I would assume that this Charmander is a True Shadow Pokemon. there are not too many running around and it can be hard to tell the difference between the normal Pokemon and Shadow ones.” He took a step closer. “You should give me the Charmander so that I can keep him from the other Shadow Knights.”
    “What makes you think we can trust you?” Claira questioned him.
    “We saved you for starters” Roxy answered for her.

    Having spoken with the Charmander I jumped over to Sparky who still looked like me and I rummaged through the pack Nurse Joy game me. I then produced a Pokeball that was part normal poke ball on the bottom and part dusk ball on top. Nurse Joy had packed a few make shift poke balls she had gathered over the years into my bag with a note wishing me good luck.
    I quickly carried the Pokeball over to Charmander and he willingly hopped inside before Kardama or Roxy could press the matter.
    “What?!” Everyone exclaimed at once excluding Sparky and me. Sparky then picked up the strange Pokeball and I climbed up onto his shoulders.
    “The Charmander had chosen to come with us…” Sparky told them confidently.
    “You can’t…” Roxy started to say.
    “Very well” Kardama said with contempt
    “But Sir!” Roxy Protested.
    “let it go… The Shadow Pokemon clearly chose Kitt. And what’s Important is that the Shadow Pokemon has someone who can keep him safe from evil eyes, someone we can trust as much as him.”
    “Understood.” Roxy replied before walking towards Kardama’s gym.
    “Some how you managed to gain the trust of a Shadow Pokemon, or your Pikachu did it for you but none the less the Charmander chose to go with you… Keep him safe, train him as best you can… and I trust you’ll remember that Shadow moves are not legal moves in an official match… just keep that in mind… I will no doubt be seeing you again…” Kardama told Kitt as I stood on his shoulder. He then turned around and headed back to his gym. Claira staired at me for a few moments before breathing out through her nose and shaking her head with a sarcastic smile. “I don’t know how you did it but you got your self a Pokemon… or was it your Pikachu who got a Pokemon before you…” Sparky scratched his head with a some what confused smile before following her to the Poke Center.

    Later that night while we were in a room by our selves Sparky concentrated on being a Pikachu and in the same way that I had changed before he did also. We had made sure the door was locked and Charmander was out of his Pokeball before Sparky tried to change back. Charmander wasn’t too surprised as I had explained to him that for some reason we could take each others appearance among other things. Charmander told me he was a Shadow Pokemon before Kardama had ever said anything on the matter. Charmander agreed to travel with us as he felt that he could trust us. He also told me that he would like to be called Blaze. We spent the rest of the night chatting with each other about whatever was on our minds, getting to know each other better.
    I still couldn’t remember much of anything from my past but somewhere deep down it felt important that I remembered it soon.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

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    Chapter 3

    Dreams Or Memories, The Shocking Challenge

    At the front of the room was a large desk with something covered by a purple cloth sitting on it. The room was filled with many more small desks and judging from the board at the front suggested that it was a classroom. The classroom looked familiar to me as I walked down the center row towards the front. Before I could reach the front however I noticed that there was someone standing by the desk next to the purple cloth. He hadn’t been their a second ago and neither had a girl who was now standing next to me. The man at the front uncovered the object sitting on the large desk which revealed a black hole of some sort. Both the girl and the man were pulled into the vortex as I reached out to the girl and held onto her hand before she could be sucked in. The vortex grew in size consuming the entire front of the classroom in a black sea of darkness. The girl looked at me with frightened eyes as two shadows pulled her from my grip into the swirling sea of darkness. With out even thinking I ran in after the girl and man who were pulled into he darkness.

    As I did so there was a flash of light and I awoke to the sound of thunder crackle in the night. The wind was blowing heavily through the trees around us as I remembered where I was. Claira was still asleep on the other side of the extinguished fire pit. Blaze was safely sleeping inside his Poke ball and Pikachu was awake next to me. He had apparently woken up when I did and seemed to be focused on the sky. I sat up with my heart still pounding. The dream had seemed so real to me that I felt worried for the two people I had seen in my dream. The dream was similar to the one I had when I found myself in the forest but this time I saw others.

    “Sparky?” I asked and he turned his attention to me. “This storm reminds me of when we met; it wasn’t too not to long ago.” I told him and He nodded looking back up at the lightning streak across the sky. “I had another dream… It was the same one but different… I saw two others… they got sucked into the black hole and I ran in after them…” I continued. “I don’t think it really happened but I think that it’s possible that they were lost or in trouble and I went after them. I feel that that the others from my dream are real and are in need of help... I suppose that it could have just been a dream though…”
    Sparky looked at me curiously with his head slightly tilted to his right. The wind continued to shake the branches of the trees as the lightning lit up the sky. I took a second glance where Claira was sleeping; she was out like a light. The storm hadn’t woken her up so I took the risk of transformation, seeing that I wasn’t about to be able to fall back to sleep any time soon.

    As the static electric feel of the transformation dissipated I left my sleeping bag to sit closer to Sparky. It had been about a week since we left New Dayo for Mira City. In that Time we had taken the forest route in hopes of spotting some new Pokemon to add to our teams but we hadn’t had much luck. It was strange that Sparky and I could take on each others appearance at will. Such an ability was best kept a secret unless we wanted to end up drawing unwanted attention to our selves. We had decided that it was best that Claira remained in the dark for now since there was no telling what could happen if she knew.

    Blaze knew about our ability of course since I had told him and he had chosen to become a part of our team. He was a real Shadow Pokemon and knew a few Shadow versions of his atttacks but was currently unable to take on his shadow form at will. He had told us that his shadow form had shown it’s self once when he was surrounded by several water Pokemon. Black stripes inlayed with yellow stripes on top had appeared on him when his shadow form caused him to use an attack in a fire wave. It had cleared a large area around him and the water Pokemon laid all about unconscious or so he had told us. It was nice to know that he helped the water Pokemon he attacked to recover. He said he felt a little bad that a Shadow attack as powerful as that one was unleashed with out intending it to.

    Sparky looked at me with a half gin.
    “Having trouble sleeping, are we?” he asked as I yawned looking away from my sleeping bag.
    “Yeah… Just thinking about the people I saw in my dream has me a little concerned…”
    “I think I know what you mean… I was having a dream of when I found you in the forest… for a moment I saw you on the other side of a black whirlpool and the next moment you were on the ground. I ran over to you and as we touched each other a bolt of Lightning struck through the black whirlpool that was still swirling above and hit us with a near blinding force.” he paused for a moment before continuing. “I don’t know about the black whirlpool because I never saw it when I had found you but I’m quite sure we were struck by lightning that night…”
    “Maybe our dreams have some real meaning to them… If so then the two people I saw could e in trouble… but I have no way of finding them… and there’s no proof that they even exist…” I explained my thoughts to him. “One thing is for sure… if there is a black hole or whirlpool in both our dreams then it must mean something…” I added as I listened to the wind howl in my ears.
    “Yeah, but what could it mean is the question…” He stated as he looked up at the stormy sky.
    What does it mean… We watched the storm for a few more hours before I changed back to get some sleep before morning.

    When I woke up Claira had already packed her sleeping bag and was eating her breakfast. Sparky was sitting on a log enjoying a granola bar with dried berries in it. The sky was still cloudy and it looked like it wanted to rain. The wind had died down to a gentle breeze and the lightning had stopped. As I got up I rolled my sleeping bag up and pulled out some dried oatmeal in a cup from my bag. After heating up some water over the fire I poured it into the cup and after it was ready I had my breakfast.

    After we had all eaten we followed a worn down path to the edge of the main dirt road that lead into Mira City. It didn’t take up long to reach the Poke Center of Mira City. Just like it’s name suggested the city was prosperous. On the way in I had noticed a number of people in the streets with shops and booths next to each other. Several of the buildings were really tall skyscrapers and the top of the tallest one couldn’t be seen in the low cloud cover.

    Nurse Joy brought us our Pokemon and after Claira and I had lunch we headed out to challenge the Gym Leader of Mira City. When we got there I notice that the building had several floors at the center and on the tall building there was an hour glass in a gold plate. According to a plaque the tall tower at the center was like the style of a sundial. When the sun casts it’s light on the tower, the tower’s shadow pointes to the markings on the roof of the gym building below it.
    “This gym uses psychic Pokemon…” Claira told me in a low but confident voice.

    We made our way inside and a receptionist directed us to battle arena where two other people were waiting.

    The man was wearing a white with green over red strips along the edge of the untied robe. Hs Pants seemed to be made of silk or a similar material and his shirt was a light gray. He also had a thick royal blue belt around his waits. The other was girl that looked about a year younger that the man and had similar clothing on.
    “Have you come for the Time Badge?” The man at the other end asked.
    “Yes, we have” Claira replied confidently. “Good. My name is Chronus and this is my sister Horacia; we are the Gym Leaders. The gym battle is a two on two battle.” He explained in introduction.
    “Which one of you will be going first?” Horacia asked as she stepped forward.
    “I will” Claira said before I could say anything.

    “The challenger must defeat both of the gym leaders’ Pokemon to win the battle. Each gym leader may use only one Pokemon while the challenger may use two Pokemon.” The judge announced before the battle began at the sound of a bell. Both Claira and the gym leaders sent out their Pokemon at the same time. Horacia’s Pokeball revealed a Gardevoir and Chronus sent out a Gallade. Claira’s Cyndaquil and Murkrow took the field.

    “Gardevoir us Psychic on Cyndaquil!” Horacia commanded with out waiting any time.
    “Gallade use Helping Hand!” Chronus told his Pokemon at the same time as Horacia.
    “Murkrow Quick, protect Cyndaquil!” She commanded before the psychic attack could be made. “Cyndaquil use Smoke Screen!”
    “Clever.” Horacia commented as the Psychic attack was rendered useless against the Dark type Murkrow.
    Gallade moved into the Smoke Screen and used Double Team while Gardevoir used Calm Mind.
    Cyndaquil used Flamethrower on Gallade but it missed. Having seen that attack Gallade moved in and struck Cyndaquil with Leaf Blade. While the attack didn’t do much damage it did send Cyndaquil into the air where Gardevoir used Psychic again before Murkrow could block the attack. Murkrow then used Faint Attack On Gallade as Cyndaquil hit the ground. Cyndaquil was knocked out and unable to battle so Claira Recalled him. Gallade had taken considerable damage from the super effective move. Before he could use a second attack Murkrow came in with Arial Ace and managed to hit both Gallade and Gardevoir in one strike.

    Gardevior countered with Focus Blast as Gallade fell unconscious. Murkrow attempted to avoid the attack but it Clipped his wing and caused him to come crash down. Just when it seemed that Murkrow was going to be called unable to battle he stood up to his feet and let loose a Shadow Ball which smashed in to Gardevior and sent her flying into the back wall. With that last attack the battle was over and Claira had won. She congratulated her Pokemon and switched places with me.

    As the battle started the Gym Leaders sent out their Pokemon. Horacia’s Xatu stood ready as well as Chronus’ Alakazam. I sent out Blaze and Sparky took the field. Xatu used Future Sight while Alakazam used Psychic on Blaze. The Psychic attack missed it’s mark as Blaze used Smoke screen to avoid the attack. Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Xatu but Alakazam blocked the hit and took the damage. Xatu then flew up and used Psychic on Sparky before he could avoid it. Blaze used Flamethrower on Alakazam but Alakazam Teleported behind him and used Psybeam before he could turn around. Sparky got back up and used thunderbolt again on Xatu as she was swooping down to finish Blaze off. The electric attack rendered Xatu unconscious but the Future Sight struck Sparky as Alakazam used Recover. Blaze fired a well aimed Flamethrower at the Alakazam who in turn used Psybeam on Blaze rendering him unable to battle. Sparky struggled to get up but was unable to and in one last attempt he fainted.

    “The Match goes to the Gym Leader” the judge announced and I picked Sparky up off the field. Claira then joined me on the field.
    “Congratulations Claira, as proof of your victory we present to you the Time Badge.” Horacia said with a smile. Claira gladly took the badge as the Gym leaders turned to me.
    “That was a great match Kitt. Even though you didn’t win your Pokemons’ actions were exceptional. I hope to see you here for a rematch, when the time is right.” Chronus told me as Claira put her Badge away in her case. I looked at Sparky and he gave me a weak nod.
    “You can count on it.” I replied as we Claira and I left for the Poke Center.

    As I waited for Nurse Joy to heal Blaze and Sparky I though of how we could be sure to beat the Gym Leaders the next time we challenged them. We could try a combination attack… or maybe a different strategy… If we can come up with a plan to avoid their attacks while doing damage then we might be able to Pull of a string of attacks before they can do anything to stop us. Claira walked over to me and sighed.
    “Thinking about the match you had today?” She asked with a slightly concerned voice.
    Yeah… I’m trying to think of a way we can win before they have the chance to hit us with powerful attacks…” I answered with a half smile.

    Nurse Joy brought our Pokemon to us and we decided to get some sleep as it was getting late. Claira went to her own room and I made sure that the door was locked to mine before jumping into bed. Sparky and Blaze curled up on the floor next to me as I shut my eyes.
    “Good night” I told them with a yawn.
    “P-ika” he answered me closing his eyes.
    “Cha-arr” Blaze replied making sure his flame wasn’t near anything flammable.

    The next morning the three of us got up just as the sun was peeking over the mountains. We decided that we should head off to the forest to do some training so we could be sure and win the next time we battled the Gym Leaders. I left a note with Nurse Joy telling Claira that we had gone to do some training but I didn’t say where so she wouldn’t know exactly where we were. It’s not that I had anything against her but I wanted to do some training myself which I couldn’t do if she was with us, unless I wanted to risk telling her that Sparky and I could transform into each other.

    After walking up the main path into the forest for about an hour we turned off the path. Once I was sure no one could see me I transformed into Pikachu and the three of us continued on until we found a small clearing. I told Blaze to practice his aim by firing his flamethrower at some small braches I sent in the ground next to a rock. I also told him to try and hit them while jumping off the rock in midair.
    While Blaze did that I asked Sparky to help me with my aim. I knew my electric attacks were just as strong as Sparky’s but as one of the Shadow Knight had told me, ‘I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.’

    “Ok, What you need to do is feel the electricity flow. When the timing is just right let it loose in the direction you want it to go. When your releasing the electricity focus it through you like an extension of yourself. Observer how it shifts the further out it goes, know its strength and speed. And with a little Practice you should be able to hit any target, big or small.” Sparky explained with confidence.
    I did as he said and felt the electricity flow through me. I waited for the timing to be just right before letting loose a Thunderbolt. I felt it’s movements like it was alive and shifted about. It got weaker the farther it went out but by pushing more power into it, it picked up speed and strength. I aimed for a tree on the other side if the field but just missed it by half an inch.
    “Practice Makes perfect… but not bad considering the amount of practice you’ve hand…” Sparky told me with a half grin.
    “Thanks” I replied before sighing and trying again.

    We practice for several hours and both my aim and control was getting better the longer I practiced. I was too busy practicing that I never noticed the Murkrow above us. About thirty minutes later Sparky heard a Branch snap and quickly transformed into me. I turned around to see that Sparky had changed into as Claira stumbled into the clearing.
    “There you guys are, I’ve been looking all over for you.”
    “Ah… you have? How did you find us…”
    “With Murkrow’s help” He spotted you from above.
    “Murkrow!” He said happily before twisting his head to the right. “Mur? Mur-krow…” Before he could finish Claira recalled him to his Pokeball and walked over to Sparky who looked like me. I sighed as I could understand what her Murkrow was asking. He was wondering where the other Pikachu he saw went.
    “Anyways I just wanted to let you know that there’s going to be a contest in a couple of days, in case you were interested.” She explained handing Sparky a flier. Sparky looked back at me for a moment and we both smile at each other.
    “Of course were interested, thank you for letting us know.” Sparky replied folding the flyer in his hands. “We need to get back to training now… ok?”

    “Ok, do you need any help?” She asked him.
    “No…Thank you, but we have it under control…” He replied to her.
    “Well if your sure then I’m going to head back to the city, possibly look around the shops.” She said to let us know where she was going to be.
    “Ok, Bye.” Sparky told her as she headed back to the main path. Once we were sure she was gone Sparky transformed back into himself with the folded flyer in his hand. He walked over to me opening up the flyer and I looked at it for a moment. We then looked at each other as Blaze came over to see.
    “I have an idea!” Both Sparky and I shouted, grinning at each other as we both knew what we were thinking. Blaze looked at us a little confused and curious.

    We headed back to the Poke Center after training for a few more hours. The sun was beginning to go down and all we had to eat were a few berries that I had knocked down from a tree I managed to hit. As we approached the main path I transformed back into myself and called Blaze back into his Pokeball. Once we got back to the Poke Center we got ourselves some dinner and headed off to bed a little early. Claira passed us on the way to our room and she had a few plastic bags in her hands. I told her I was headed for bed and she simply nodded as she was chewing on a cookie she had apparently bought while on her shopping spree.

    The next morning Sparky and I got up around ten O’clock and went down for breakfast. I had had the same dream I had when I woke up the other night and talked with Sparky. I was a little concerned that I had seemed so real but I pushed it out of my mind as I had other things that I needed to be concerned about at the moment. After meeting up with Claira in the lounge we headed back to the Gym with a strategy to win. As we entered the Gym I noticed a large gold banner with red tassels and a green Pokemon was sewn into it, hanging above the receptionist. The Pokemon looked familiar to me and as I passed it into the gym arena I recalled it’s name, Celebi. The Gym Leaders were standing at the other end of the battle field as before.
    “Are you ready this time?” Horacia asked pulling out a Pokeball.
    “Yes were ready.” I replied with confidence.
    “Good.” Chronus added as he got his Pokeball ready in his hand.
    Sparky let a few sparks loose from his cheeks as the Judge took his Position at the side of the field. The air grew intense as the battle was about to begin.
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    I think its good can't wait for next chapter
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    Chapter 4

    “““““Time For Plan Switch A Rue!”””””

    It was time to find out if the training and strategizing Sparky, blaze, and I had done would be enough to being home the victory.
    “Ready Begin!” The Judge announced and at once all four pokemon took the field. Both Sparky and Blaze readied them selves as Chronus’ Alakazam and Horacia’s Xatu moved in for the attack, not wasting any time.

    “Now!” I called out to his Pokemon, for they knew the plan like the back of their paw. Blaze Immediately let out a dense Smokescreen that filled the their side of the field.
    Unable to see into the black cloud both of the gym leaders Pokemon stopped their attacks.
    After a few moments Horacia commanded her Xatu to use whirlwind to clear the field. As the smoke disappeared Sparky shot a thunderbolt into Xatu before the attack could be avoided. Sparky then jumped back into one of the many holes that now riddled the first half of the stage. Xatu shook the attack of but did so struggling.

    “What’s this?” Chronus asked as he took notice of the newly remodeled field. Blaze popped out of one of the holes to fire a flamethrower which missed Alakazam as he teleported out of the way. Xatu quickly used Future Sight as Blaze ducked back into the hole.
    For a moment the field was silent as the two gym leaders planned their next move. Then Blaze came out of the ground under Alakazam followed by Sparky who used a Quick Attack on Xatu. Blaze then let a Flamethrower loose into Alakazam be for he could Teleport out of the way.
    Sparky then used Agility to get back into the hole followed by blaze.

    As Xatu and Alakazam used Recover and blaze filled the second half of the stage with Smokescreen.
    Xatu immediately cleared the smoke from the stage before more holes could be dug but Blaze used Bite on Xatu. Sparky had found Alakazam in the smoke and struck him with a Thunderbolt as the smoke was cleared. Blaze let go of Xatu to use bite on Alakasam but was sent flying by the future sight attack. Sparky fired a second Thunderbolt at Xatu to finish it off. Xatu was unable to avoid the attack and fainted from the attack. Alakazam used Psychic on Sparky and through him into Blaze.
    Blaze was unable to battle and collapsed on the field. Sparky struggled to get up as Alakazam shot a Psybeam and barely avoided the attack by rolling into a nearby hole.

    With so many holes in the field it was difficult to tell which one he would be coming out of.
    “Use Recover!” Chronus commanded but Sparky was already in front of Alakazam and used Iron Tail to knock him off his feet. Quickly Sparky then let loose a Thunderbolt onto Alakazam but the attack was cut short at he teleported away. When he reappeared there were a few electrical sparks encircling him and was unable to used Recover.

    “No…” Chronus said to him self and Sparky used Double Team, closely followed by Agility and toped off with Quick Attack. Alakazam was fully paralyzed and helpless to get a way from the attack.
    Sparky seemed to come from all sides but apparently came directly in front of Alakazam as the attack connected. Alakazam slide across the field on his back a few feet before coming to a stop. He struggled to get up but fell back down, letting the spoons in his hands drop from his grip.
    “Alakazam is unable to battle the winner is the challenger’s Pikachu!” The judge announced raising a flag towards Kitt.

    “Congratulations” Chronus said returning his Pokemon to his poke ball and walking out onto the field with Horacia, to speak to me.
    “That was an interesting strategy you had there. By filling the stage with holes and tunnels you were able to limit the range of attacks we were able to use with out limiting yours.” Horacia commented as she handed me the Time badge.
    “Thank you” I said as I took the badge with a smile on my face. Sparky jumped up onto my shoulders to see the badge.

    Back at the Poke Center Nurse Joy was attending to my Pokemon as I attended to my stomach in the lounge. I was enjoying a plate of Fettuccine Alfredo when Claira came over to my table and sat down.
    “So Your Charmander learned Dig?” She asked remembering the battle.
    “He’s not the only one… “ I replied after I swallowed the food in my mouth.
    “Really? Sparky knows Dig?” She asked a little surprised.
    “Yeah, really great timing too. Using dig like that was a key element to our strategy and our victory.” I told her as I was about to take another bite.

    Nurse Joy brought over my Pokemon as I finished eating my meal. After getting my Pokemon from the tray Nurse Joy returned to the counter.
    “I’m going to head out to do some more training for tomorrow’s Contest” I told Claira as I got up from the table with Sparky on my shoulder.
    “Well ok, I think I’m just going to stay here.” She replied.

    Sparky and I headed back to the forest clearing where we did our training yesterday. We spent most of the day practicing combination moves, trying to make each one look brilliant. It was obvious that we needed to come up with a few unique ways to show off the attacks and still be effective. Sparky and I needed to be ready even though we didn’t have much time to practice. We tried on idea after another finding some good, some bad, and some unpredictable.

    The sun began to seat on us and we decided it was time to head back. On our way back through the forest we heard a strange sound as the forest trees lit up, glowing a green fluorescent like color. After a few seconds it stopped. We looked at each other for a moment before we decided to continue to make our way back to the Poke Center. The sound had seemed some what familiar to me but I wasn’t sure where I had heard it before.

    Once we had reached to Poke Center we headed up to our room and Sparky made sure the door was Locked. I looked up at him for a moment thinking about the Contest, before grinning at the thought of our plan. Sparky returned the smile before we made sure the alarm was set.
    “Good night Sparky.” I said as I curled up on the floor.
    “Good Night Kitt.” He said pulling the covers over him.

    The room seemed to be spinning as everything came into focus. It was the same classroom as before. All the desks were lined up facing the teachers desk. Near the teachers desk was something covered with a purple veil. In no time the class room was filled with students and the teacher was at the front of the room about to unveil the object next to his desk.

    From the past dreams there was a dark void underneath it but this time it was different. There was a peace of machinery under it. The teacher continued to talk to the class but the words didn’t make any sense to me. I couldn’t make out a thing he was saying, although he seemed to be explaining the contraption he had under the veil. It was strange that nothing seemed to happen for the longest time. Looking out the class room window It was noticeable that the class was several stories up and there were many vehicles along the side of the street. Everything seemed to be normal, except for one thing, there was a strange creature walking about on four legs. It didn’t look like any Pokemon that I had ever seen, in fact I wasn’t even sure if it was one at all.

    Before I could think on it further there was a flash of light in the classroom and a sound similar to nails on a chock board mixed with plastic balloons rubbing against each other. At the front of the room a black whirlpool took shape near the wall in a vertical position. Two figures stepped out in familiar looking cloaks. They seemed slightly different than before as they entered the classroom through the whirlpool. One of them grabbed the teacher and the other took a little girl that I seemed to recognize.

    Then just as they were entering the portal, there was a loud beeping sound. I ran towards the whirlpool as the room behind me was quickly fading into darkness. Just as I reached it the beeping sound grew louder and the next thing I knew my eyes shoot open and I accidentally loosed a small bolt of electricity. My heart was pounding as struggled for a moment before I realize were I was.

    Sparky had gotten up and seemed to be just as surprised as I was. He quickly changed back into a Pikachu before jumping down off the bed to meet me on the floor. We looked at each other for a few minutes as the alarm clock continued with it’s insistent beeping.
    “I just…” I started to say but was cut off by Sparky.
    “Me too, I think I just…” He began but stopped mid-sentence. We both turned to the Alarm Clock with annoyed looks as the beeping got even louder.

    The next moment we were on top of the alarm clock, biting and scraping at it until the beeping stopped with one last weak drawn out beep. Breathing heavenly we got up and sighed to each other.
    “If it wasn’t for that…” Sparky started but I answered him before he could finish.
    “I know…” I answered, anticipating what he was going to say. There was a moment of silence as we exchanged looks to the clock and each other. A moment later we were laughing.
    “Poor clock…” I commented as we calmed down a bit.
    “Yeah… but it deserved it…” Sparky replied. “Anyways I think I just had the same dream you were talking about having the other night, and the same night we meet.”
    “It was more detailed this time…” I added.

    “What does it mean?” Sparky asked as I was thinking the same question.
    “I- I don’t know… It must mean something though… I mean we both had it… and it keeps happening.” I said unsure.
    “Well, do you know anyone you recognized?” He asked trying figure it out.
    “If only I could remember…” I said thinking about it. “I’m sure I recognized everyone in the dream… but I can’t remember from where…”

    “What about that strange metal thing at the front of the room?” Sparky asked hoping to find some answers.
    “I’m not sure… I think the teacher was explaining it but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.” I explained. “It might have something to do with the whirlpool that keeps appearing…”
    “Maybe…” Sparky replied unable to think of another question.

    I looked back at the dented alarm clock and noticed that the time was still working.
    “Ahh!” I yelled out as I realized that the time on the alarm clock was an hour before registration would be closed.
    “What is it?” Sparky asked surprised.
    “We’re going to be late if we don‘t hurry…” I answered a little worried.
    “We had better get over there now… we’ll just have to figure this out later…” Sparky said before turning him self into me. I then jumped up onto his shoulder as he walked over to the door.

    As we went down stairs we notice Claira sitting down at one of the tables having breakfast.
    “Good morning.” She said to us as we were headed for the door.
    “Oh, ah… good morning…” Sparky replied after a moment since he now looked like me.
    “Your just getting up?” She asked a little concerned. “Ah… yeah… the alarm clock was ah… isn’t working too good right now…” He replied.

    “you know registration for the contest ends in forty-five minutes right?” she asked eating a bagel.
    “Yeah… did you register already?” Sparky questioned.
    “Nah, Contests aren’t really my thing… but don‘t you worry, I’ll be up in the stands watching.”
    “well, ok… see you later then.” He replied as he ran out the door.

    We had just made it in time to register for the contest. The contest rules for this contest required only one Pokemon be used for both rounds. There would be a time limit of one minute for the first round and a time limit of five minutes for the second round. Only eight contestants will make it passed the first round.

    As Sparky and I got ready we considered how unusual it seemed to be into a contest like this. Of course I was probably the one who had more to worry about this than him. All the training we did was about to be put to the test. If I could pull off the planned attack combinations as well as Sparky then we would be ready for anything that might come our way. Sparky still had his role to play, quite a twisted one at that.

    “I don’t think anyone would have seen this coming.” I told Sparky, although my words sounded like a Pikachu’s. Even though I was a Pikachu and he was a human we could still understand our own language. And so long as I was a Pokemon I could obviously understand other Pokemon as well.
    “Yeah… not that they’d know…” Sparky replied with a smile.

    As the first round began several Coordinators showed off their Pokemon in spectacular ways. One of the Pokemon was an Espeon and used a combination of Psybeam, Swift, and Psychic to create several rings in which she jumped through. The moment that she jumped through each ring they exploded in a magnificent fireworks display of color.

    Another Pokemon was a Totodile that used Hydro Pump followed by Ice Beam and Dragon Claw to create pliers that looked like skyscrapers similar to the city. He then proceeded to skate around the Ice buildings.
    One coordinator used a Marowak which took the stage with a front flip. Immediately he then used Bonemerang followed by Rock Smash on the stage. As the Rocks flew in the air the Bonemerang smashed through the rocks while Marowak jumped from rock to rock before reaching the middle of the stage and doing a back flip to the ground. He then stood up strait towards the audience. Finally as one final rock fell behind him he simply swung his bone back to pulverize it without braking focus on the audience.

    It was now our turn to show off our moves, and find out if I could take the orders as well as I could give them. As the clock started Sparky signaled me to jump in. I came in loosing a few Thunderbolts up and agility to dodge them as they came back down, all the while using my Iron Tail to carve out a picture of a contest ribbon into the stage. Finishing off in the center of the stage by using Protect in the air so that when it came down it made an indention at the center of the ribbon at the same time deflecting the last thunderbolt with sparks flying harmlessly in every direction.

    The first round ended and I barely came in seventh place. It was a close one as I wasn’t sure if that last Thunderbolt would hit it’s mark; my aim having been so bad until Sparky showed my how to keep them moving where they needed to go. The second round was about to begin for me. So far Monferno had beaten Roselia by nock out, Bagon had beaten Yanma by Nock out, and Marowak was currently battling Espeon.

    The Marowak used bonemerang on Espeon who dodged that attack by leaping over it and used Psychic attack. Marowak avoided the attack with Double Team and then distracted Espeon with sand attack. Before Espeon could figure out what was happning the Bonemerang came back and hit Espeon in the head. Marowak caught the bone as the time ran out. Marowak had a majority of the points left so him and his trainer moved on to he next round.

    It was time for our battle, and as luck would have it I was up against a Totodile. The clock started and the Totodile wasted no time in shooting a water gun attack at me. The annoying Pokemon then proceeded to laugh at me since he managed to get me wet. I shook off the water and quickly loosed a few bolt of electricity which he took great pleasure in dodging with his insistent laughter.
    “Calm Down!” Sparky told me as with each miss our points dropped. “Use double team” He commanded I promptly obeyed as he would obey me.

    I proceeded to surround the water Pokemon and managed to confuse him. His trainer then told him to use water gun again on me but this time he was unable to hit me. The water began to damp in the ground and our points began to even out. The Totodile then switched to Hydro
    Pump and I dug a hole to avoid the attack. With so much water on the field I let a thunderbolt loose and it had no problem finding it’s way across the surface of the wet field to the Totodile.
    “What!” the coordinator called out as His Totodile fainted with a single hit, forty seconds still on the clock. A good thing too, since he still had slightly more points than us.

    The next match didn’t last too long as the coordinators Bagon were in perfect sync. When Monferno came in to attack they stopped him with a Zenheadbutt. That attack was followed up by Arial Ace and knocked him out before a minute had even passed on the clock.

    It was now me versus a Marowak in the semifinal round.
    “It would have to be a ground type now wouldn’t it…” I said as I took the stage.
    “Don’t worry, just keep your guard up and trust in yourself, I know you can do it” Sparky encouraged me.
    As the clock began the Marowak through his bone club at me which I sent right back with an Iron Tail. Then I followed it up with a Quick attack.

    The blow seemed to bounce right off the Marowak and he use Bone rush to knock me a cross the field.
    Then as I got up I noticed that he was powering up a Hyper beam so I quickly used Protect to block the attack. While he as still recovering from the attack I slammed an Iron tail Into him and knocked him back a few feet. He hit me with is bone club again and I tumbled half way across the stage. His coordinator then told him to use Giga Impact.

    As I stood up I recalled Sparky telling me to trust in myself. As the attack came at me I did the first thing that came to mind not knowing if it would even work. I jumped up and begin to spinning right as the attack was about to hit me. The force of the attack caused me to spin faster and away from harm. As I made it to the other side I landed on my feet and instinctively used my electricity in a defiant way, creating a Flash of light. While the Marowak was distracted I hit him with a few Iron Tail attacks before backing off. The confused Pokemon through his bone at me but I caught it and thorough it right back, knocking him out with twenty seconds on the clock and a head a few points.

    I wasn’t even sure where I had seen that move before but I was glad it had worked. The next match would be the final round and I hoped I was ready for it. Sparky and I had about five more minutes be for we had to be on stage. I was feeling a little nevus since I wasn’t sure what were going to do. Obviously most of my attacks wouldn’t be able to do much damage to a dragon type so our best bet would have to be to avoid losing too many points.

    The match began with Bagon using Zenheadbutt. I managed to counter the attack with an Iron Tail before jumping over him and using a quick attack. The Bagon swiftly but back up and struck me with a Dagon Claw. I flew half way across the stage my managed to land on my feet. Thinking quickly Sparky commanded me to use double team before Bagon could land a flamethrower on me. The clock was ticking and both of our points were remaining mostly even. I turned the double team into an agility and created an electrical shock that shoot randomly at the Bagon as I circled him. He eventually let loose a well place Flamethrower which sent me crashing onto the edge of the stage. I shook off the attack and proceeded to
    Keep moving so he couldn’t land another attack.

    He then attempted another Zenheadbutt but I managed to stop it with my Protect. Having used the attack I was able to run the clock down a little more. We were a head so all I had to do was not lose any more points, other wise lower theirs. By now both of our points were a little less than half and there was still fifty seconds on the clock. Then the coordinator commanded Bagon to use Draco Meteor.

    As the attack came at me I used a Flash before digging my way under ground to avoid the attack. Once under ground I made my way to Bagon. Before Bagon could shake off the Flash I erupted out of the ground sending him into the air and used a Thunderbolt on him as he took off. On the way back down I flung an Iron tail at him and which he some how managed to catch, preventing my last attack and slamming me to the ground. With only ten seconds on the clock we both shot our final attacks.
    His flamethrower met my thunderbolt with an explosive result just as the clock reached zero. As the smoke cleared it became obvious who had one.

    We had just a few points more than Bagon did so we managed to win, but just barely. I was exhausted so I rested in Sparky’s arms as he picked me up from the stage. The announcer, who happened to be a different Nurse Joy gave us our ribbon and the crowd cheered.

    After the contest we headed back to the Poke Center with Claira, who seemed slightly impressed by our victory. Sparky was happy to have been on the coordinators side of the who event and even though It was a lot of hard work I was happy to have actually been the one in the contest. It felt like the chance of a life time, and we managed to pull off the win in our first contest. Now It was my turn for me to get left with Nurse Joy as Sparky went over to have some late lunch.

    Later that night we headed off to our room to get some sleep. It had been a long and tiresome day for the both of us and even though Blaze didn’t have to battle this time he wasn’t appose to having some time out side of the Pokeball to get some sleep. Sparky made sure the door was locked before turning back into a Pikachu. We all yawned before the three of us jumped onto the bed and curled up for the night.
    ‘Plan Switch a Rue’ was a complete success.
    My birthday 2/ 6/ 09

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