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    Default Question about lvl up

    when will my zubat lvl up to the 3 evoultion?
    i cheked and its said that next evolutiob is at lvl 22 and the 3 one is -loyal
    what is that mean?

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    Loyal means it has to love you. It helps if you have the Happiness Counter if you're playing D/P.

    To make it loyal:
    -Gain levels (+?)
    -Give it items to hold (+1)
    -Massage it, or give it a haircut (depends on who's giving it)
    -Walk 256 steps (+1)
    -*Shell Bell* doubles the speed of it becoming loyal

    You should know that many other pokemon need loyalty too. Like Espeon and Umbreon, and Togetic and Lucario.
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    Loyal means that a Pokemon has to 'love' you before it can evolve into it's next form.To do this takes a while. All you have to do is keep on leveling it up without losing and give it items and treats like Rare Candy or stat enhancers (protein, iron, zinc, carbos etc). Another tip is to let it hold an item called a Soothe Bell which initiates friendship faster.

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