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Thread: Pokemon: Fire Red playthrough

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    Default Pokemon: Fire Red playthrough

    Well i just finally got a GBA with pokemon fire red. paid $45.00 in all, so i dont think it was to bad of a deal. anyways that isnt the point of this post. i was just wondering if this is the right place to post updates throughout my journey on fire red. also i would like to get advice from other members on what pokemon works for what gym, any stuff that i might miss you know stuff like that. well thank you i think im going to get started. first off who should i pick as my starting pokemon? im thinking squirtle but i might want to pick up charmander because there is not a lot of good fire type pokemon. well i will leave it here, tell me if you think this is a stupid idea or if you dont mind what pokemon should i get??

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    lol thats true nice how did you do that

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