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Thread: i got to many pokemon cards

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    Default i got to many pokemon cards

    i got a frigin 1000 pokemon cards from when i was younger do they sell good on ebay?cus ill buy a few new stuff for my computer and i want to get the most money from those cards how much is like one regular 3-4 year old pokemon card? later ill send you guys a pic

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    I was wondering the same thing. I saw a Charizard EX on e-bay for $200 and people were bidding for it. So probably if it's a really good card people will buy it. I keep all my favorite cards though.

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    hmm i think ill make quite a bit of money from those cards but if anyone els reads this what are common regular pokemon cards from 3 or 4 years ago like for example a 3 year old misty's tentacool

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    you have 1000 cards?!, well i have 1578 cards ,and i don't plan on selling any of them, they'er way too valuble,and yes i count my cards.

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