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Thread: Entwined with gifts of not?

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    Default Entwined with gifts of not?

    So, everyone in this thread should post what they got for christmas. Lemme start it all off...

    I got the new Dwayne Wade 1.3's (shoes), all black with red stiching, so it does look like a nice shoes. I would personally wear them while going out somewhere fancy, and I will never, ever, wear them while playing any sports. Then, I got three pairs of jeans, a long sleeve white t-shirt, and another white t-shirt that I'm wearing right now that sais "I can only please one person a day. Today isn't your day. Tomorow's not looking good either."

    Then I got a football, that I already played with because I'm an idiot and it's all muddy because I'm an idiot as previously mentioned. Then I'm getting another pair opf shoes, this time all white air force one's. (nike) My parents also ordered the whole book series of the Chronicles of Narnia and the horrid book Eragon.


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