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Thread: Questions about Pearl/Diamond

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    Default Questions about Pearl/Diamond

    Hi, I've been gaming since pokemon yellow first came out, but i never got anywhere past Ruby version, and i was looking into getting Diamond/pearl for DS and the new wii game. I just had a couple of questions that i was hoping maybe somone could help answer.

    1) I saw some videos with people using pokemon from yellow/crystal/ruby era pokemon games....can they be caught in P/D? or is it a trade into the P/D type of thing? cuz that would be awesome if i could trade some of my old pokemon and keep them in my team.

    2) How does the Wi-Fi work on the DS ? can I literally fight anyone around the world?..or in my country if anything?

    Thank You, Any information is greatly appreciated


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    I'm not sure how much help I will be... and I'm sure that the walkthrough either on the main site or another one could explain it better but...

    off hand; you can capture over 100 of the Pokemon already in the D/P game but some can only be obtained through trading or by transferring them (not trading) from one of the advance games using the duel slots. BE WARNED that once a Pokemon is transferred from the advance game to D/P it cannot be returned. Transferring is done at the pal Park. Six Pokemon must be transferred at a time... and the game must be complete to a certain point for it to even be an option...

    the Wi-fi requires you to be with in range of a wireless internet connection. (details on this can be found on Nintendo's Main web site some where)
    You need to exchange Friend Codes with some one (which can be done on the internet) in order to battle trade or chat with them. you may "literally fight anyone around the world" so long as you have their FC and they have yours... and your both on at the same time...

    In order to get your FC you need to get the Pal Pad first, in the down stairs portion of one of the Poke Centers (I for get which) and go online (which you do by going to the Global Trade Station in the game (GTS) ) remember that for it to work you have to be with in range of wireless Internet and the Wifi settings at the start menu is (that says new game, Continue, etc, Wi-Fi...) is set up to use the wireless inter net connection...

    I hope this helps some but I quite sure that this would be explained better by the walkthrough either on the main site or
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    Oh alright, thanks a ton man, I've been skimming through the walkthrough and i have found a lot of useful information, so thank you very much.

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