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Thread: Presidents

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    No, I'm pretty convinced Scarlett Johansen will be the Marilyn Monroe to Obama's JFK

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    Lincoln. I was in Civil War history this past year... and found out what an amazing president he was. I don't feel like going into detail right now.
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    other than FDR, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and JIMMY CARTER, what other Presidents could actually be considered good? Truman I guess. Washington didn't really do anything. Jefferson I don't really like for one because states rights faggots always talk about him, and also despite being such a CONSTITUTIONALIST he purchased land on behalf of the government and authorized perhaps America's first covert operation. Eisenhower wasn't really all that bad - I mean America fucked up a LOT of shit during his administration thanks to the CIA, but that was really the CIA working behind him and fucking up stuff on their own, as opposed to JFK who was fucking up stuff right with the CIA in perfect cohesion(JFK was good domestically though, but to make up for the international shit he fucked up he would have to have done a lot more in regards to civil rights). I don't really hold any Slavery Era Presidents in very high esteem.
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