alright, im thinking alot about making a team with a couple of the eeveelutions, but i need some help on the attacks/ ev training. all criticism will be accepted so please, feel free.

As of right now, im EV training my Leafeon to have Grasswhistle, Leaf Blade, Synthesis, and Swords Dance. i might trade grasswhtistle for Return to balance out the attacks and buffs.
hes Brave natured and im giving him 252 in attack 252 in defense and 6 in speed.

I would very much like to know some information on how to get a vaproeon to be the best baton passer possible, so if somone could fill me on that, I'd really appreciate it.
or if not a baton passer, maybe a special sweeper

Umbreon im thinking of making into the wall of the group.

Jolteon will most definetly be a special sweeper
Charge beam
Thunder Wave
(criticism please)

PLusle is also a good baton passer i was thinking on getting due to his nastyplot/baton pass moves all obtained by leveling

i dont rlly know much about glaceon but if anyone knows a good start with him, please tell.