we wish u a marill xmas
we wish u a marill xmas
we wish you a marill xmas
and a hoppop new year

Deck the Halls
Heres your chance to sing along now
we love pokemon and so do you
raise your voice in yuletide song now
all the tunes are old the words are new

Jingle Bells

Rapidashing through the snow
with a horsea on aur sleigh
slowpoke and slowbro laughing all the way
bellsprout starts to sing
so does magnamitte
then seaking willl start to ring the jingle bells tonight
o pokeballs pokeballs throw them all the way
you may catch the pokemon u want on christmas day

Good King Wencelas
Nidoking was falling down
on his trainer stephen
first they won and then they lost
so the match was even
nidoking return e said
i can win this duel
so he called for all to hear
i choose tentacruel

Joy to the World
Nurse Joy is a girl
she sure is fun
but i like jenny too!

rock it ash!
here we go a caroling
here we go a battling
team rocket once again
just like we have battled since
i cn't remember when
but whatever they do
i'll rely on pikachu
and we'll rock them and shock them and sit them on their rear
and we/ll blast them off into the atmosphere

O christmas tree

O caterpie o caterpie
will u become my butterfree
o caterpie is very odd
first you must be a metapod
o caterpie o caterpie
i hope you'll be my butterfree

12 days of xmas

on the 12th day of xmas a trainer sent to me
12 bulbasauring
11 lapras leaping
10 tentacrueling
9 tails a wagging
8 mugs of mankeys
7 squirtles squirting
6 diglets digging
5 goldeens
4 charizards
3 magnamite
2 electabuzz
and a farfetch'd with gr8 agility

you guys should find these on youtube under pokemon songs they r sooo funny and are sung by the pokemon cast pleez tell me how u like them!!