I live alone and am something that no other could ever be
To be a Pokemon Guardian...great, well that's my destiny
I've been to every town in regions three
All the Pokemon in the world know and respect me

They all know my name, both first and last
To Pokemon I am family but to the Trainers and humans I'm the outcast
I can't see why they never have fun
But then again...I'm number one

You think you'll win
But soon you'll see
You may be tough
But you can't be me

There's a feeling deep within, always been there it guides me
In my heart and in my soul
For other Trainers defeating me is the ultimate goal

Any move...attack you choose
Yeah, you think you can win but you'll soon loose
I'm the one and only Trainer that regards Pokemon as family
My only real job is maintaining harmony

Legendaries are my friends and we all get along
So drop on by and battle me...there ain't no reason to lie...you're gone
It all comes down to the way we train
And no one does it exactly the same