I thoght this one up on my own so im really proud of it!

Yesterday Today And Soon is jut about you! haha But this time you are pokemon!

The seting: In kanto with only the first 150 pokemon.

The plot: A group of pokemon group together to save the world. They start out in pallet town. We are travling to find a new a mysterious pokemon all the way in cynibar island because only that poemon can stop a meteor thats coming to the earth and will kill all living people and pokemon. But there is a something else. As they try to fnd the pokemon, they learn about the world and (my brother helped me with this part!) about there "Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow! pretty cool dnt you think!

Charaecters: I yold you guys, any pokemon from the 150.

I hope you all will like it and will join.


Name: Gregory

Pokemon: Charmander

Personality: even though I'm a fire pokemon im nice and strong. i am level 13 and will work hard to fight better to save my freinds and the world. (i dont know much and anything from his Yesterday Now And Soon but thats what an rpg is all about!)


I have a red bandana all the time!

Lets rpg!