i say fuck everyone who tries to go all 'its all opinions!' is a political etc debate. that shit might work with television or music or whatever but i actually take political opinions seriously because they drastically effect how people live. im not going to say 'well you're entitled to your opinion' to someone saying that gay marriage will destroy the "western family" because that kind of thinking is detrimental to society. i won't 'agree to disagree' with someone who says that poor inner-city blacks are poor because of personal responsibility rather than our racist culture, because that is an injustice i can't tolerate. im not saying my opinion can't be changed, because my opinion changes all the time when new information or compelling arguments are presented(im sure some old posts in this forum can clearly demonstrate that), but there are opinions out there that are just plain wrong(like thinking ronald reagan was a good president) and can't just be written off as 'OPINIONS!' if you actually care about shit.

this is in regards to debates so yes it belongs in the debate forum