Well, here's my full team:

Grotle: lvl 27

•Razor Leaf
•Cut (HM)

Zubat: lvl 17

•Pluck (TM)
•Roost (TM)
•Steel Wing (TM, for those rock types)
•Wing attack

I'm trying to teach him some Poison type moves. He
dosn't seem to be learning any, but I'll keep trying.
Still in training.

Buizel: lvl 21

•Aqua Jet
•Water gun

Once I get surf, I'll teach it to him straight away! I think I'll get rid
of Water gun for it.

Luxio: lvl 19


I may need somthing better than Bite to take out Rock and Ground type Pokéon...

Hapinny: lvl 19

•Fire Blast (TM )
•Sweet Kiss
•Copy Cat

She's still in training.

Kriketune: lvl 20

•False swipe
•Fury cutter
•Leech life

I'm using the exp.share, on Zubat ATM, and ATM I'm a bit happy with my team. Got any beter suggestions?