I've been trying to get this question answered all over the place; I've had a couple people tell me the answer is no, but not anything that feels like it is a definite no.

Firstly, I should probably start by saying that I want the three Gold/Silver/Crystal starter Pokemon in my Pearl game. I do have Emerald, but it just seems to be such a waste to have to finish the Hoenn-dex, get one of them, restart, finish the Hoenn-dex a second time, get the next one, restart, finish the Hoenn-dex a THIRD time, get the last one and be done with it.

And no, I don't have any other friends who play Pokemon anymore. Besides my boyfriend, whom I live with, and whom plays Emerald, I have no-one offline with whom I could possibly trade with.

Now, I want these Pokemon but I don't want to have to trade over a website because I have no experience with such things. I want to get them over the GTS in my Pearl game.

Is there any way I can add these three Pokemon to my "Seen" Pokedex list so that I can do this? Is it possible to battle over Wifi with someone who has these Pokemon and have them added to my "Seen" list that way?