alright let us discuss this popular talking point

people who use this say that human nature is inherently selfish/competitive(which is not entirely true ... western culture is because living conditions in europe were a lot more harsh than they were in a tropical island or something. there are plenty of cooperative cultures but anyway) and therefore they will seek money. but money is not some kind of completely separate entity that human nature seeks in and of itself. its psychologically represents something. it represents social standing and the ability to obtain a mate. human nature seeks social standing and the ability to mate - money is just, in our current culture, which represents this. it could theoretically be represented by anything.

so, say we are in a socialist society. some scientist discovers the CURE FOR DEATH. in a capitalist country he could sell this for a shitload of money, which will give him social standing and a better chance of finding a desirable mate. but if it were in a socialist country he wouldn't get any money - but in a socialist culture, which would value cooperation and good deeds, the respect he gains could give him social standing and boost his chance of finding a desirable mate just as much as money could. it accomplishes the same thing, people will still want to do meritorious things due to the competitive and selfish side of human nature, but for something different than money, but which psychologically works in pretty much the same way. the only difference is, to get this kind of social respect which works in the same way as money, you would actually have to do something which benefits society, rather than, in a capitalist culture, being able to get money by doing shit like accounting tricks to fool investors into putting their money into a shitty company, embezzling money, and enslaving third world countries for profit. good thing right?