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    Default Sky Line City

    OOC: It occured to me a while ago, "Hey, I've been in a lot of stuff on this board but I haven't actually made anything since the old PD." So, here we go.

    [Sky Line City]
    Geography Lesson:
    Before we get to the story, I need to lay out a geography lesson. In this RP, we will only concern ourselves with the single continent we reside on, not worrying about whatever else is out there. Let us say that we have no outside communications and that the continent is seperate from any other land masses. As for imagining the shape of it, I assume picture something like North America. The only existing civilization is a gigantic metropolis-like city that extends along the eastern seaboard. Surrounding this civilization is a slight layer of forestlife. Further inland exists nothing. A landscape that belongs to beasts and evil that the human race was unable to conquer. We'll expand more into that further into the RP.

    Humans have fancied themselves as the dominant species of their inhabited planet for quite some time now. Gathering together into societies and furthering their technologies to make up for theirhort-comings as creatures, they have managed to establish a kind of dominance that they may indeed be proud of. There really has been no sizable opposition to this dominance save their own internal struggles caused by foul relations, opposing beliefs, or whatever the case may be. Aside from changes in the case of ideals, such as what the normals are in public, what actions are adopted as everyday happenings, and things like entertainment and working environments, there have been no major changes to the human race in the recent times. There wasn't anything until now, at least.

    In our present day, variations are beginning to occur. Members of our species who may be moving on from our level to one above us. The background behind them is hazy at best, and it is not known how long they have been existing for, but they are indeed there. Creatures who possess a skeleton somewhat similar to the human frame, but have acquired qualities far beyond the human reach. What makes these occurences even more strange is that these acquired qualities have no correlations to one another. The changes visible in one suspect are quite often completely alien from the changes visible in another. They possess strange traits, abilities, sometimes appeances, and attitudes. When first noticed, they were thought to be experiments, possibly breaking grounds in genetic engineering. But then they started appearing more frequently, along with the laboratorys denying having any part in their existence.

    And so the human race came to their own conclusion as a collective whole. Evolution. This was a breed of creature that was all that they are and much more. Their ever-increasing numbers could mean that they would eventually possess the man-power to gather together into a formidable force. The human seat on the throne of dominance was being questioned. This would not be allowed. While word spread through their governments, the citizens decided to get a head start on what should be done. If these 'evolved' creatures were spotted, prejudicial violence would be their consequence. These acts became commonday practice, and soon none would rise from their hiding places. It was at about this time that the governments settled. Unsure of the response they would get, but convinced worse could happen if they delayed, the government of the people signed into effect a bill regarding these evolved beings. Its chief prospect? Eradication.

    Cleansing. A military force was surged through the entire civilization, purging the land as it marched of anything inhuman pretending to be human. Out of nowhere, this relatively non-violent extension of the human race was mowed down out of its prime. Once building in numbers, those numbers then became very few. Their emerging species did what it had done for decades before their discovery. They took to the depths of the metropolis once more, for it was all they could do. None of them could afford to escape from the city in hopes of chasing an old legend alone. But what if they could gather a small force together? Could they reach salvation?

    Here you are. You are Evolution. You have survived the main onslaught of the purge. The bill is now in a state where there are just patrols on constant watch and constant scanning of the entire metropolis. You have your own functions, and your own accords. Over the ages, words have gone around about an escape from the metropolis. A utopia of sorts, perhaps a location where your people could thrive. Though none can go alone, for it is located beyond the vast landscape that lies beyond the forest. Now is your opportunity. Figure out how to do so, and gather together as a group. Strike out into those lands. Embark on a quest to your empire.

    For making your profile, it should look something like this, mostly basic stuff:

    Name: duh
    Age: This number can vary. It should be in the medium to slightly younger years, as the more fit and younger of the generation are probably the ones that survived. I'll accept odd ages here if it is relevant to your character.
    Gender: duh
    Appearance: Description or Picture, I don't care as long as we get the idea either way
    Personality: Don't need a huge amount of info here, again, as long as we get the idea and it shows literacy.
    History: The major, war-like purge occured roughly 3 years ago. Somewhere in your history you must include how you reacted when it occured. Besides that, just make this creative.

    Seperate from the normal profile is your evolution list, which I will explain in a moment:

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx
    - xxxxxxxx

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - xxxxxxxx

    This is the most important section and what I will focus on harshly. The magnitude of your powers is up to you. You may be a slightly quiet creature, and therefore have more subtle abilities that don't scream powertrip. Accordingly, your weaknesses do not need to be to an extreme. If your qualities bestow a grand-scale of destructive power to yourself, then your weaknesses must be of a grand-scale as well. In other words, just make it so that the scales are balanced. If you don't, I'm a moderator, and I'll take the liberty of doing it for you.

    Along with what you select, I will grant you an additional strength and weakness based on how I perceive your profile. Don't worry, I won't murder what you've created with it. Now, to the Neutralizer. Think of it as your poison. Based upon your character overall, establish something material that would go against what he is. If exposed to that material, then their powers would decrease. Forced to come in contact with it, their powers would be neutralized.

    Go for it and make your profiles. It's a little confusing, so I'll gladly help people who need it. And yes, I purposely made the history aside from the purge extremely vague, so take it as you will and give us your own spin as we travel through the RP. Of course, I'll add things in as well as time travels on.
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    Name: Haiiro Naiyou
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Haiiro is obviously very quiet. She is very innocent in the sense that she does not understand what is happening and has never been introduced to the real way the world works. "Why did the man shoot mommy?" or "Why is daddy moving?" Haiiro keeps very few actually close and personal because it is very hard to actually connect with her. She can be very clueless.

    History: Haiiro was born in a time that was not as brutal. Her parents were somewhat evolved, with very small powers. They were surprised by her abilities. Before the city even started to crack down, her mother was killed by city officials for her 'differences'. Because of this Haiiro's father abandoned her, in fear of being killed because of her or being discovered, he saw something bad coming soon and got out of dodge before things got worse. They were just slightly able to escape without being found out, with their limited "powers".

    A young boy, only known as "Rockstar" found her and took care of her, making sure she wasn't harmed as the soldiers came in to exterminate.

    What he found out was very interesting though, she seemed unable to speak. She was mute, with no way of talking whatsoever. After they became good friends over the course of the next four years, he found out that she had the ability to talk telepathically, but just a little bit.

    Over the course of time, they slowly discovered her abilities. She could actually enter the psyche of others, if only for brief stints of time, but it was still effective at avoiding guards. Along with her telepathy she also had limited amounts of levitation abilities.

    She really was a prize catch for escaping the law. With her, the two were able to create a small resistance group that lasted quite some time. Though everyone left or was killed, Haiiko and Rockstar remained close and created a bond. He was that father and mother she never really had.

    - Able to telepathically speak for a short amount of time.
    - Can control someone's actions for a 2-3 second span of time
    - Very very very limited telepathy (could pick up a leaf and move it a foot)
    - Can easily tell when someone is near, if s/he is close to them emotionally, may be able to track them down
    - Fuck with someone's brain massively, with extreme concentration/meditation
    Xion's Addition: If given a catalyst, you can project your powers over an area equivalent to the energy you put in.

    - Any use of powers hinders she to an extent that matches what she did
    - Mute
    - Powers can cause memory loss/jumps
    - Talking can cause her to have some serious headaches, and that could lead to an accidental non-preferable use of their other powers
    - Basically, no firm hold over any of her powers, very immature with her powers, unknowing
    Xion's Additon: Your mental compass is linked to your physical stamina. In other words, the more drained your body is of strength, the less you can tap into your mental abilities.

    Any form of a frequency, whether it's a radio, white noise, a phone, television, 9 out of 10 times will induce Haiiro into a zombie like state. Unable to talk, move or react for a certain small amount of time. Very helpful during headaches, to prevent any loss of control.

    Note: Rockstar is now 17

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    Posthold. Will be done soon.

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    Name: Dante Kato
    Age: Born of shadow, time has somewhat of an insignificant effect on him. He has been in existence for 24 years.
    Gender: Male


    Sinister. Twisted. Malevolent. This monster deflected discrimination by striking fear into its heart. While the human's xenophobia ravaged through the metropolis, for motives unknown, the monster allied with the race as alienated as he. There were those who took shelter, trying to ride out the storm. They were either unable, unwilling, or still in their innocence, and uncapable of supporting themselves. There were those who attempted to flee, many of who also rank in those who died during these dark days. A select few brave souls who valued themselves warriors stood, resisted and fell. Kato did what his breed signified. He was a monster.

    While the armed forces carried out the purge, Dante swooped down upon Sky Line City and, in a single chilling evening, seized their sense of safety from their minds. A historically striking speech delievered from a hacked line into a broadcasting station, and a wave matching his sinister outlook followed. This voice would be credited with a crime the following hour: Armed Robbery, Double Homicide. That was the beginning. Until the purge dissolved into a constant watch, a trail of evil blew through the city. A sense of impending chaos around the corner. A shadow always lurking behind you.

    Anything attributed to this monster was determined by his calling card. A theatrically-drawn smiley face left at the scene. In their own bountifully-supplied velvet ink. Those claiming to have been around a scene of this have remarked a shadow moving amongst shadows, a sadistic grin, and a paralyzingly sinister laughter. There was never any official arrest, though the government claims to have detained the murderer once, although complications led to his release. Whatever this case may be, this monster was never seized from the society he tormented. A demon who had reaped the lifes of, documentedly, horrid counts, possibly thousands, and as his claims protest, possibly well into that range.

    Once the purge turned to constant patrol, the furious scale of his assaults diminished. For a period of two years, as had been documented in serial killers of the past, the monster had gone dormant. Upon departure, the shadow had no evidence for anyone to link him with. And that brings us to our present day. Seven months ago the beast resurfaced. More precise with his targets, and more public in his presence. A game has developed among himself and the authorities, with himself painting a trail throughout the city, and leading them along the way. His own race is divided. Some view him as an avenger to their tragedy and sorrow. Some label him an outcast and denounce his actions as that of a deranged beast. No one knows anything of his motives in the least. Whether he is despised by the government, feared by the public, admired or rejected by his people, one thing is for sure...

    He does it all with a smile.

    =============Criminal Profile============
    File #: T-1000
    Case #: SF-77-7
    Serial Code: 2-323.ex

    Full Name: Identity Unknown
    Alias: Press have labeled figure "Joker" "The Claws of Greed"
    All Bodily Measurements N/A. Ethnicity is Freak.
    Residence unknown, believed to be in central metropolis region.

    Classification: Unorthodox Serial Killer
    Previous Known Occupations: Career Criminal, Puppet Actor.

    Medical File: N/A
    Distinguishing Marks: Composed of a shadow. Elongated and jointed claws are a trademark, likely extending from one or both hands. Appears as a sillouette aside from a singular glowing eye and an iconic wide smile. Appears to be cloaked in a sort of trenchcoat.

    Criminal Charges: Defacing of Public Property x10365. Armed Robbery x52. Breaching National Security x3. Property Damage +$14,500,000,000. Evading Arrest x82. Murder 1 x12777.
    Threat Level: Do not approach. At any sight of this criminal, contact the authorities immediately. Armed, unrestrained, and known to leave no one alive.
    Publisher's Notes: There seems to be no motive behind his killings. A non-erratic pattern, a rather calmly yet vigorously executed act that leaves no evidence, same as the last. This case subject does not appear to be psychotic, there is too much precision decision-making and timed control. A lack of identifiable illness may be the most troubling part. This subject doesn't kill because it has a vendetta against those who wronged it, doesn't appear to have pre-existing mental trauma leading to murder as a relieving outlet. This monster kills because it feels like it, because it's enjoyable, and because it can.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - Shadow Manipulation [Body can expand throughout any available shadow, concentrate darkness into energy, disorient vision of creatures, etc.]
    - High resistence to physical contact. When in a shadow form, physicality will phase through him, and when in a hardened form, a physical assault will be minimally successful.
    - Being made of shadow, as long as their is some form of shadow to sustain himself from, he needs no material nourishment to survive.

    [Peeks' Addition: You are able to take over people with your nonphysical prowess, taking over their mind, body, and existence for a time.]

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - High sensitivity to elemental and magical forces, especially those of the ice and light spectrums. Being a non-binding entity, anything of a frigid temperature will slow down the movement of his composition, while light has the possibility of creating actual wounds.
    - Requires that there be some sort of darkness or shadow to feed off of. Should he be denied of this for an extended period of time, his body will start to unbind itself.
    [Peeks' Addition: Though you are able to control bodies for a given time, if that person has a strong willpower, or perhaps stumbles across a dark terrain, you will be overcome and perhaps captured given the certain circumstances. Even though you may control the body, the shadow factor still applies.]

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - Absolute darkness, with no light to cast a shadow OR Absolute light, with nothing to cancel light to create a shadow
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    Name: Leon Jordan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male


    Leon is an energetic person but doesn’t seem like it because he is quiet most of the time. He thinks in a different way then others and trouble always seems to follow him. Leon is smart for his age and likes to challenge himself a lot. He can analyze a situation quickly and easily think of a why out of it. That why Leon sometimes does bad things just to see if he can get away doing it. Leon is often seen talking to him self but that’s just him thinking aloud. He can be a bit arrogant sometimes has he thinks he smarter then most people.


    Leon life was hard as a child growing up. At the age of nine, both of his parents died leaving him to provide for himself. Life in the city was hard for Leon he didn’t have anything in his name. He lived in a small old cabin that he found near the outskirts of the city. Over the years of living by himself, Leon learned over time how things worked in the city. He knew not to trust anyone for very long cause just like him they were fighting for survival. Food wasn’t a problem for Leon as he learned how to fish and hunt from his father. Leon often would have to hide or fight to keep his food, as others would try to take it for their own benefit. Knowing the streets and layout of the city was another key part of survival for Leon. Soldiers would patrol the areas daily making it important for Leon to keep a low profile. One of the many reasons why Leon survived the purge because of his street smarts. After the purge most of Leon enemies were killed and life because somewhat easy. Danger still lurked everywhere but Leon was still on his guard.

    - Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or minerals.(Example able to create small Earthquakes and small earth pillars.)
    - Natural Camouflage (Able to blend in with Nature like enviroments.)
    - Earth Rader (Can sense the motions of everything that moves in 3-mile radios.)
    - Plant manipulation (Can help speed up the growth of plants and control or animate plant life.)
    Xion's Addition: You have the ability to move through nature-made structures that have not been touched by the hands of man.

    -Puts a major strain on his body
    -Numbs his body unable to move (Numbs his body for however long he uses the Camouflage.)
    -Snow decrease his control over the Earth
    -Ice delays his attacks for 15 seconds and weakens body.
    Xion's Addition: As you are incredibly in tune with nature, your powers work more ideally in a nature-made setting. Materials for your powers are scarce in the metropolis, as much of the structures and laid out foundations are resultants of man's hands.

    If Allen body is, expose to water over a long period of time. He will be unable to use his Abilities and body slowly weakens.

    *Both Made by Ph3nom*

    With These Hands, I Can Take Life. With Our Body We Can Make Life. Doesn’t That Make Us Godly.

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    Name: Rayne Ionhart
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male


    "It has been so long, yet things remain the same. The blood filled world is still in havoc. I am this close not to giving a shit.

    I've been walking through these streets of chaos, branded a man worth nothing more than dirt, and spat at by my line for being a blood traitor. Did I ask for it? I'll let you think about that.

    It has been three goddamn years. The thing that was the purge tore down any value I had for humanity. The devil has risen and by god will I side with him if it means ending this peril. This is my story.

    I watched the cloudy skies fill with darkness, I felt like everything beginning to fade. I don't know why but it just decided to. The authorities had gone fuck mad and decided to 'purge' this place of all those who were not normal. My family, the Ionhart, had been an abnormal one in accordance to how the government labels it. However, we being the nobility of the cause, managed to hide away our deeds by being traitorous to our 'kind'. That's how it all unfolds, I'm sorry to say.

    I've been raised a good child. A child taught to follow society's laws. Personally, those are stupid. But hey, I was raised to be an obedient dog, eh? And I guess it had been encrypted in my mind. But somehow I feel like I don't deserve to be discriminated against. My family contributes to all your biddings, Sky Line, yet if you only knew about our connection with those you label as 'not normal', what will it be? A turn of face? You need us.

    Last time I heard, my dear friend Avianna fell unto your grasp. I knew about it too, that's what sucks about it. I couldn't do anything. Noble pride? Hah. What a load of crap. I will never forget what she told me though. 'Do you know why it rains? It's just the dear angels up in heaven crying tears of joy. That's what I like to think.' I will avenge her for what you have done.

    My cousin Camael? You've killed her mother. You're to blame. That sweet angel whom I'm guilty of not spending time with is in such peril right now.

    You always like to treat us as dirt. Even though you haven't done that to me thanks to the lies we've fed you, it's time to change."

    Progressive Traits
    [ Light Manipulation ]
    Using photonic prowess and the general techniques of the Ionhart clan, Rayne has the capability to manipulate and generate light in a myriad of forms, his most favorite one being able to focus it all on one point creating his self-renowned "Soul sword".

    Xion's Addition:
    [ Telekinesis ]
    With a certain amount of telekinetic ability at Rayne's disposal, Rayne could further manipulate light or even objects that act as catalysts to further enhance his power.

    Degressive Traits
    [ Light Dependent ]
    Rayne's family do not eat as normal people do, their bodies' cells contain chloroplasts that change light energy into nutrients, thus they are dependent to it like vampires are to blood. Without it, then they won't be able to live, as they cannot digest other foods.

    - Xion's Addition:
    [ Telekinetic Flaw ]
    Whenever you tap into telekinesis, your element of photosynthesis is shut down to compensate. So, should telekinesis be active, your life strain is vulnerable, as you are no longer continuously sustaining your life force. As a result, Rayne may reach to the point of death if he does not quantify his usage of such.

    [ Pitch black darkness ]
    Without any light source to feed Rayne, he cannot function nor will he able to live. Thus, this is the very fear that circulates within Rayne that he would wish not to meet with.


    Name: Avianna Lockhart
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female


    Blind since birth, Avianna has learned to cope with her situation by tuning into her five remaining senses - that was however until she discovered her hidden power. She was able to release sparks of energy in the form of minute shards which can either pierce through matter or simply swerve around it. Using that, she was able to deduce rough images of the object she releases her sparks to, and thus was able to perceive a sort of 'second sight'.

    Avianna is petite, calm, docile, and easily frightened. When afraid, she can reach the point of breaking down and breaking into pools of tears, the pang of fear induced in her may result in a psychological breakdown which Avianna is easily prone to thanks to discrimination due to her physical disability.

    The Lockharts were truly mere speckles of dust in the social ladder of the city, and thus were not even thought of twice; as a result, Avianna has had little friends due to her silent demeanor and cold shoulder. However, she's very philosophical and would spend her time thinking over everything for hours on end. She delves into the deepest pits of her psyche to try and tune her newfound power and learn more about the past.

    Her only true friend was a man named Rayne Ionhart, of the famed Ionhart clan. They used to talk endlessly on life and on current situations, they were like a perfect couple waltzing around in perfect unison. Avianna enjoyed his company.

    Now something has happened in the city, the purge had been going on, and she had been blacklisted as those supposed to be put silent. Avianna has resisted all forms of encapturement with her 'anger surges'. Her life has been a living hell for three years now. However, to keep her spirits high, she always asks the very question to people who might frighten her or just generally anyone at all, "Do you know why it rains?"

    To which she would calmly reply, "It's just the dear angels up in heaven crying tears of joy. That's what I like to think."

    Progressive Trait-
    - Elemental Sparks (These work as Avianna's sight, and can be fine tuned to the point where they may act as fatal shards. Like a swan, Avianna may sway her body to direct her sparks known to her as "Feathers of Heaven".) This is mostly a defensive power.

    Degressive Trait-
    - Being blind (even though Avianna has the capability of being able to 'see' with her 'second sight', it still directly affects her stamina and mental prowess, if she is disturbed too much, she might lose focus and thus not being able to see.


    - Fear (Avianna is easily afraid as she fears society due to it being discriminatory towards her physical disability. And as a result, if struck with any sort of violence too much to handle, Avianna breaks down.)

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    Name: Clementine Harrier (Clem or Clemy for short)

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Young skinny girl, a little tall for her age. Aqua eyes with wavy chestnut brown hair, skin naturally on the pale side. She smiles a lot, and tends to walk with a skip when she's in a good mood. Always wearing a big pair of silver boots that despite their look are very practical for running and being on your feet twenty four seven. Other then that, her clothes vary but she's mostly in tank tops and shorts. She has a fanny pack that carries her necessities that can also convert to a small back-pack. She has a long monkey like tail (same color as her hair) that acts as a third arm; however she tends to wrap it around her waist and hide it under her clothes most of the time. She’s rather physically fit but not strong, her best defense is her speed. She’s fast and can run for long periods of time without tiring.

    Personality: She has a short temper, but never gets uncontrollably angry or dangerous. Quick to judge and a bit rash, she has a tendency to overestimate her abilities which can make her a little annoying at the best of times. She always has to give her opinion and it’s always different from everyone else's. On the odd occasion that she agrees with someone it's normally an indication that she trusts them.

    Aside from her stubborn nature she can be rather charming and she's sharp for her age. Somewhere in there she's got brains and she'll use them if she has too. She doesn’t like to be pressured to do things but even while complaining she almost always does what she's asked. She doesn’t mind getting dirty and used to pain but she still tries to avoid scrapes and bruises never the less.

    History: Clementine's an only child and spent her childhood years growing up without a constant mother figure, or any consistency for that matter. Her mother died giving birth to her so she never knew her enough to grieve for her although she sometimes wonders what life would have been like if she had lived.

    Her father was a military man so work called him away often, but he always made sure to have a strong relationship with Clementine. Even with his wife dead and then discovering her to be a "freak" he never abandoned his family and did his best to protect her. She has a great respect for her father, and even her mother and doesn't tolerate it very well when people speak ill of them. To keep society from finding out about her, they moved often and switched day-care services before people could get suspicious.

    She was used to the routine of her life and thrived on the change; she never kept friends but had friends enough in the places she stayed to have good social skills. It was at 8 years old that her world began to shake: the purge was at large. Her father being in the military was one of the many men used to kill the "freaks" plaguing Sky Line City. He was against it, but couldn't leave without people getting suspicious. He couldn't bear to risk his daughter’s life even if it broke all moral codes. Besides, as long as he was the one pulling the trigger no one would kill his daughter.

    Clementine got through the purge easily with her fathers position, even though he wasn't high ranking or even wealthy he knew exactly what to do to keep her safe. She never really knew the fear of the times being sheltered from it, but it still took an emotional toll on her knowing what her father had to become. Her father didn't make a total murderer of himself either; although ordered to destroy there were several occasions where he was able to save other evolved humans like his daughter.

    It wasn't until near the end of the purge that Clementine’s life took a turn for the very worst. On one particular occasion, her father was sent with his squadron to a known but weak resistance group. It was a normal job he had preformed countless times before, and circumstance willing, he might have even be able to smuggle some to safety. However just a senselessly as the hundreds of evolved humans had been killed, he was fatally wounded by the leader of the group and later bleed to his death.

    Clementine was filled with rage, anger and hurt all at once. Her father was her family, and she couldn't understand after all the good he had done even in a bad place why he out of all the evil men on his squadron died. She began to hate all "freaks" blaming them for what happened and despising her abilities that made her one of them.

    With no other family to turn to, and without her father’s status to keep her safe, she was stuck on the streets. She hasn’t been their long and is still in reasonably good shape. She’s grieved for her father so no longer cries uncontrollably over his death, but still holds that hate and grudge towards “freaks”. Her only companion now is a stray coyote that she simply refers to as Dog or Mutt. Dog is fairly resourceful like most coyotes are but is far tamer and lacks that vicious killer instinct; Clementine suspects that he is only half coyote.

    Because she hasn’t been on the streets long she has yet to be phased by all its horrors. She doesn’t steal to survive (not wanting to risk capture and the inevitable death that follows) so she gets most of her necessities from the woods; be it a rabbit Dog has caught, a fish she has caught, or the fruits from wild trees. The only thing she dare steals is bottles of aspirin or other pain-killers. She is never without, and carries up to four bottles at any given time.

    Evolutions List:

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - She can manipulate matter; meaning she can bend, fold, break and build any object. She can even turn it into something completely different, like plastic to metal or rock to glass. It has its limitations however; it has to be solid matter so liquids or gases don’t work. She can’t manipulate living things or turn anything inanimate into something living. This means she cannot make food either. Whatever she manipulates will generally stay the way she’s changed it; but sometimes things she’s manipulated will turn into dust after random periods of time.
    - Although she can’t manipulate living things, one thing she can do is manipulate her own flesh. She can literally change parts of her appearance: Even do such outlandish things as grow third arms, give herself wings, or change her hair color. She really tries to avoid doing this to herself, the only flesh she’s manipulated permenatly is her monkey-tail.
    - Xion's Addition: You have a given knowledge on how to construct items out of the matter that you have manipulated. Since you have been able to manipulate an item, you know it inside and out, therefore being able to construct whatever you would need out of it, pending the structure of course.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - Anytime she uses her matter manipulating ability, depending on the degree and difficulty, it always gives her a headache (Which is why she carries around so much aspirin). It can be a nagging pain or a massive migraine that keeps her from even moving for days
    - It is extremely painful to manipulate her own flesh. It will literally feel like some one ripped her head off. After doing so she is weak, in pain, and vulnerable. Normally, this means she can’t use whatever ability she just gave to herself for hours to come. Same goes for getting rid of these attachments. (Again, why she carries so much aspirin)
    - Oddly, even if she can manipulate her own flesh, she can’t heal her own wounds. Any cut gash or bruise that she gets actually takes much longer to heal then the average person; so she has a few scars, and almost always has some injury on her even if she got it months ago.
    - Xion's Addition: Your ability to manipulate matter is a one-way road. You can manipulate your matter in whatever way you wish, but once you change it into something else, you lack the ability to return it to its original form.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - Very severe, below freezing temperatures. Her abilities almost seem to work like some sort of elastic, and the cold makes things “un-pliable” in a sense. Not only does the cold stop her from using her abilities, but she just generally hates being cold and it can stop for from using common sense.

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    You have caught my attention, sir Xion. I will need some time to create a decent sign up, but I am in.

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    Name: Officially:Bryan Plutarch but now he only goes by Captain Plutonium

    Age: 28 allthough technically he hasn't been born yet.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The Captain has wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a perfect winning smile. He is realtively well built, right around 5'11 and weighing in at 163 lbs. He normally wears a blue suit with yellow highlights. A blue vest, gloves tinged in yellow with matching boots and blue pants. He wears a bright yellow aviator's scarf and goggles. At his side is a holster in which is an object that looks for all the world like a blow dryer. He is almost never without a backpack with a strange assortment of odds and ends.

    Personality: The Captain believes he is an honest to God superhero. He is fairly out of touch with reality, seeing most things in black and white. He can be charming when he tries but comes off as a 2 dimensional pulp hero. There are good guys and there are bad guys in his mind and very little in between. Now that he's entered this time period he's a staunch believer that the government that purges out all Evolved peoples is a dastardly and corrupt organization that must fall. He'll be favorably inclined to believe that other evolved are super heroes just like him. He is currently searching for a suitable sidekick and or superteam to join.

    History: Bryan comes from a time in an alternate future where the purge was complete. History painted the Evolved as vile Deviants who used their powers to crush the weaker humans. In time humanity rose up and destroyed the Deviants in a titanic battle that took years to rebuild the world. He was raised by loving parents and grew up to became an actor. He played the part of Captain Plutonium, daring inventor, until one day something happened. His evolution kicked in and when he realized that he was one of the dreaded Deviants his mind snapped. He fully believed that he was Captain Plutonium, inventing adventurer and that his powers were simply an understanding of the Ether and his ability to harness it through technology. He actually came to find some of the dreaded Deviants and battled them. In the end he was cast back in time while battling a particuarly ancient and vile creature that dwelt in shadow. He realizes he is in a different world but doesn't know the full extent. He battles the humans patrols but has also tangled with a few Evolved that he felt were evil, instantly identifying them as the Evil Deviants.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - Able to projects blasts of "Ether", really just bright blasts of force, from the Ethereal Wave Emitter he constructed.
    - Can Control Machines and build devices even without sufficient knowledge of how they work.
    - With time and through the process of the Genetic Recombinator he can transmute one form of inorganic matter to another.
    - Xion's Addition: A natural aura is present around your being that would protect you from any malicious machinery in your general vicinity. A master of machinery wouldn't be complete without resistance to it as well.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - Insane. He believes the world is fundamentally different than how it really is and will be vehemently opposed to any attempt to alter his perception.
    - Has to build anything a deviced to actually use any of his powers.
    - Always acts in a "Heroic" fashion, while he isn't opposed to killing his evolution forces him to work to save hostages, to try and pull an enemy up if they are dangling off a cliff and he always believes a plea for surrender.
    - Xion's Addition: Seeing yourself as a superhero, would you be complete without a nemesis? Despite your acts of charity and your good will, there is a desire in you to always have that one iconic figure with which to do justice-inducing battle with.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - Electromagnetic Pulses completely shut down his devices which are the extension of his Evolution.

    (lI know this is unconventional but lemme know if it'll work))

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    Name: Sergei S. Bryukhonenko 2nd, desc J. Faust

    Age: Appearance-wise, 27. Physical Age-wise, 5. Intelligence-wise, googolplex.

    Gender: Male


    "Bring a stick to a fist fight, a knife to a stick fight, a gun to a knife fight, a tank to a gun fight, don't go to tank fights."

    That’s Sergei’s philosophy, and it’s not just regarding his war ideals. It’s basically how he leads his life- To constantly be three steps ahead of others. This is all only theory though. Having been only alive for 5 years, and having hidden away from humanity in all those five years, Sergei has technically never met another human being except for Faust, and Faust does not count as a human being. His human relation skills are very clumsy, though he knows the definition of a ‘friend’, he cannot actually grasp the possibility of having one. Communication with Sergei is not a problem though- He is a very articulate and well-read man.

    Sergei is sort of neutral to everything. He was created without malice, with the only intention of his creation being whether it was possible in the first place. Hence he does not really have any purpose in life except to continue living. He has not lived long enough and been sufficiently exposed to the world to have acquired friends and enemies, and hence it is very difficult to get a grasp on his personality. Who can define the personality of a computer? That’s all Sergei is at the moment. Until he emerges and actually meets other humans, then we shall see.


    Hell, that’s a long title for the name of a dude who technically doesn’t exist. The full length has its origins dipped in two languages: German and Russian. He is Sergei Sergeyevich Bryukhonenko the Second, descendant of Doctor Johann Georg Faustus. Or, as his daddy Faust plain calls him: Sergei. Yes, Faust. Sergei is the son of a dead man.

    The Legend of Faust is one any well endowed professor could recite. Faustus, latin for ‘fortunate’, was anything but. As quote of the German Faust-Book, appeared fifty years after his death, when an anonymous Lutheran author complied a collection of legends about him, which Johann Spiess published in Frankfurt, Germany in 1587. Mephistopheles, whose name means ‘He who is not a lover of light’ makes his first literary appearance in this volume. ‘Historia of Dr. Johann Faust, the notorious magician and necromancer…how he pledged himself to the devil for a certain time, what strange adventures he saw meanwhile, brought about and pursued, until he finally received his well-deserved wages. Naturally, being written by a Lutheran author, the contents being subject to bias and controversy, but is generally the most widely accepted version of the tale. The only way to find flaws is to ask the man in subject himself. And that is the entire purpose of this. For one to truly understand Sergei the Second, one must know his parent, and his creator.

    Next, to the one Sergei was named after, the original Sergei S. Bryukhonenko. From the 1920's through the 1950's, the Soviet scientist was known as a respected researcher for his influential insights into blood transfusion. Not content with his previous achievements, Bryukhonenko wanted to push his work to the very limits of possibility. His macabre research focused on the possibility of sustaining life through artificial means. His lab was home to all manner of bizarre experiments and occurrences. His staff quickly became accustomed to the sight of disembodied heads and desiccated animal corpses.

    Not content with his early success with his autojector, Bryukhonenko got to work on a new project; one that would take a far more unsettling turn. Determined to learn all he could from his autojector, he began experimenting on dogs. In true revolutionary fashion, Bryukhonenko's early experiments focused on liberating canine organs and appendages from the oppressive shackles of their privileged bourgeois bodies. His scientists managed to keep a heart beating and a lung functioning independent from their bodies. They could keep a severed head conscious for short periods and could even bring a dog “back” from the dead.

    And finally, though undocumented, though unrecorded… Bryukhonenko progressed to humans. He started at the local graveyard in Russia. His medical expertise came in handy- He reassembled decayed bodies, and proceeded to bring the fully functional corpses back to life. And perhaps it was then when sightings of ghouls and zombies were rampant. Most of Bryuhonenko’s subjects met grisly ends: They were alive, but in appearances Bryuhonenko was no beautician. Caught by the government officials, confused in their sudden entrance back to the world of the living, they were swiftly put to death as the mutants they were.

    And soon Bryukhonenko heard of another man who thought to bring back the dead, one who lived a thousand lifetimes apart. Johann Faust, in Germany…and lived from years 1480 to 1539. The man who specialised in necromancy, who called forth spirits of the dead for this students during lectures, who made Helen of Troy his mistress. Bryukhonenko was currently living in year 1943. And he wanted to meet this man.

    By this time, Brykhonenko’s work was far advanced over that of current times. Travelling to Germany, he collected Faust’s earthly remains, where his students had buried him after the grisly death. The body, as quoted, was ‘in the yard behind his house. It lay upon horse dung, with its limbs torn to pieces and its head turned from front to back.’ Brykhonenko collected Faust’s brains, ‘sticking to one wall of his study’, the eyes, ‘in one corner’, and finally the teeth, ‘in the other corner.’ And in this fashion, Brykhonenko reassembled Faust, and the winner of the prestigious Lenin Prize brought Doctor Faust back to life.

    Whether Brykhonenko rescued Faust from the Devil is a question of debate, neither was he interested in finding the answer to it. What he was interested in though, was Faust’s knowledge, gained through the selling of his soul. And together, the two shared. One endowed with a gift from the omniscient, the other with the knowledge of modern technology and pure intelligence, pure experimentation.

    Together, they hid and they worked. Experiment: To create the world’s first man made human. Or rather, Numan. Humans were simply too a fragile end product to consider wasting their time on it. Soon, Brykhonenko, susceptible to the very human process of aging, died in 1960, but Faust lived on. And continued experimenting. As the twenty-first century rolled around, only one with alchemical knowledge, or indeed belief in alchemy, remained.

    The breakthrough was 5 years ago. Sergei came to life, and was the first experiment to live beyond three weeks. Faust had succeeded, and he had an eternity to continue succeeding, living in this immortality alongside the now-christened Sergei, after his savior and partner. Sergei was created fully adult and fully intelligent, and would remain fully adult until his body was destroyed. The stages in life of the young and the elderly was nothing, neither was the sands of time a threat. His life simply depended upon how long his body lasted. 2 years after Sergei’s creation, the war started, and Faust learnt of other beings. Other advanced beings. Having been unknown and undocumented their entire lives, it was too easy to remain uncaught by the government. Technically, the two of them did not exist- One a living corpse, and the other a man unborn. Faust had escaped detection for three centuries, and he would be able to continue that lifestyle with ease. Sergei though, was set to make his impact on the world. He currently still resides in hiding, attempting to make contact with other ‘Evolutionists’ such as him. And even if the government’s officials come to the little family’s non-existent doorstep, both Faust and Sergei would be more than a match for them, just as they were more than a match for anything human in the entire freaking world. And perhaps…one day, if Faust is bored…he may just bring Sergei Senior back to life.

    And that is Sergei’s tale. A being not existing of more than 5 years, his history is that of his parents and tale of creation. Fully intelligent of both ‘parents’ work in medical, necromantic and alchemic knowledge, he is one well-endowed dude for a five year old kid.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:

    - The most obvious and intended would be knowledge. Remembering the fact that Faust sold his soul for ultimate knowledge, this has been passed on to Sergei.

    - Necromancy. Sergei was the very product of this skill, one cannot deny that an experience first-hand makes a master. He knows what it’s like to be dead, he knows what it’s like to be alive, and he knows what it like to bring to life.

    -As a subdivision to Necromancy, a purely Western element, Sergei is also in the process of mastering the usage of jiang shi, in other words, the chinese version of control of the dead. While Necromancy is the control of skeletons and specialises in the control of bone, jiang shi are corpses of flesh, controlled by talismans. They are called 'hopping corpses' from their movement, and the invention of this skill is chinese in origin. They have entirely different weaknesses and methods of defeat compared to skeletons in Necromancy, and hence allows versatility in usage against opponents, enabling him to switch from one to the other.

    - Alchemy. An ancient knowledge almost all have either despised or disbelieved. Yet, this was only because all who have succeeded in alchemy have been killed. It was the modern Purge all over again in the past. Ordinary humans had held the genocide of their far knowledgeable superiors, and the ancient art was lost. Only until one endowed in necromancy could revive the dead, of course…

    -Pain resistance. Faust and Sergei Senior did not create their perfect Numan only for it to be limited by something as human as pain. Sergei’s pain nerves had been excluded in his creation. He has the excellent 5 senses, especially touch, but pain is something unknown to him.

    - Medical expertise. Technically a minor positive trait, something every good doctor possessed. But Sergei’s had a twist. Being practically numb to pain, Sergei is able to heal himself on the spot. If he had a slash wound, he could stitch himself up right on the battlefield and be up fighting again 5 minutes later. If he had a broken bone, he would not wait for it to heal; he would simply rip out the bone and replace it with another, easily stolen from any nearby body or grave.

    -Built for intelligence, Sergei is able to memorize, imitate, learn and understand every fighting technique used against him, including its strengths and flaws.

    -Xion's Addition: As Sergei is advanced in many areas of the human senses, even beyond the normal evolution being, he can pick up various frequencies, waves, and energy sources that most beings would miss.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:

    - Knowledge is very well all good, but too much of a good thing can be bad. Knowledge does not equate to wit, and the fatal flaw in this treasure was that it contradicted itself. Every solution had its flaws, and being fully aware of all of them, Sergei simply breaks down when he is asked to give decisions on the spot. Shifting through so much knowledge is too much for one brain to take, and occasionally his body just freezes- Stops in mid-action no matter what he’s doing. This is because of information overload, and since his brain controls all his bodily functions such as speech and movement, an overload would simply mean that all bodily functions stops until he is able to reassemble his thoughts. Of course, this being a very dangerous trait that he might be incapable of movement in the thick of a battle. It usually occurs in times of stress, and sometimes when Sergei is surprised or shocked, when the brain tries to process too quickly and fails.

    - Using necromancy and alchemy evokes memories of what it’s like to be never alive. At times when he uses these ancient arts, it depends greatly on his mental state. Should he be unable to control his creations mentally, the experiments would backfire greatly. Corpses he summon would go wild, and at times he will be the victim. Hence his power has every possibility of turning against its creator, to do that, one must simply disable his mind. These memories were never meant to be known and remembered. They are the secrets of the dead, and the dead try to keep it that way. The simplest solution to turn Sergei to one of themselves.

    - Physical attacks. As can be derived from his positive traits, Sergei attacks mainly indirectly. He is the ‘brain’ that plans everything, but is vulnerable in itself. Both Bryukhonenko and Faust were scientists- They worked in labs and regarding magic. Neither required much physical exertion. It is best summarized by the phrase ‘He knows how to fight, but he cannot fight.’ Once one gets past all his corpses, all his magic, all this traps, gets face to face with him close quarters, Sergei is virtually helpless. Though he may heal himself after sustaining injury, continued attacks in which he cannot fend for would bring about his doom. One only has to destroy his body to destroy him, and his body is the physical limitation to all the knowledge in the world. Of course, being alive for only five years has also resulted in an under-developed control of his physical body. Though he can walk and talk just fine, he isn’t used to his body yet and hence is weak in actual fist fighting.

    - Faust. Yes, his creator is a degressive trait to Sergei. Being of course the cautious one, Faust put into Sergei’s mindset that it was absolutely crucial to protect his creator. It is a law that Sergei must obey, that no matter what he’s doing at the time, Faust’s safety is the number one priority on his list. Should it be required that Sergei sacrifice himself to save Faust, Sergei had to do it. After all, Faust could always create another ‘Sergei’ if he wanted. Hence, if one were to take control of Faust, Sergei would be unable to resist. And if Faust were somehow killed while Sergei lived, it is almost certain that Sergei would be driven to the point of madness from being unable to do his duty.

    -However, he is only able to learn this after he has lost the match. During the course of the match, all of Sergei's concentration powers are required for effective maximization- He cannot analyze and battle at the same time. If he wins the match, he will deem it too insignificant to know. Therefore, the only actual way for him to increase his knowledge is to lose. Of course, the greater skills he wants to learn, the more badly injured he will be. Unable to adapt to conditions fast, it is very dangerous if his opponent is going for the kill. Basic rules of equivalent exchange is simply that the more powerful skills he wants to learn, the more injured he must get during the course of battle first.

    -Xion's Addition: Sergei is of the living dead. His powers of controlling the dead already trouble him by reminding him of life that he does not have. So what would unlevel him more than the embodiment of natural life, the one thing he can never attain? The innocence and pure energy of life encased inside children, this is your weakness.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:

    Holy objects. In this age of science, it may seem peculiar that Sergei would be affected by a force deemed scientifically ‘non-existent’. Faust sold his soul to Mephistopheles, the Devil’s servant, and pledged to ‘deny Christian belief and become the enemy of all who are Christian.’ From hence, all borne by Faust and all created by Faust would bear the same curse. Jutus Faust, Johann’s Faust son, had met his end being pierced by a holy stake. Similarly, Sergei is prey to anything holy, including church sites and blessed ashes. Coming into contact with a holy object would cancel out all his powers, knowledge and ability, and make his body weak from regret and despair. If Sergei were to be exposed to such holy objects for an extended period of time, Sergei would simply go mad- The destruction of the mind. And finally, his cursed body would disintegrate.

    I LOVE the history. I think it's about the most well developed history I've ever written. Plus it's true research!

    Interesting trivia: Sergei won't know how to act around a woman. He's never been around one before! XD

    EDIT: Added another progressive/degressive trait

    EDIT: More additions! I swear Sergei is my most well-developed charrie yet- I can't seem to stop expanding him. [Hyper] Please read the link and watch the short clip. I swear their hopping is the CUTEST THING EVER.

    Jiang Shi
    Video <3

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    Finally, I finished my profile! This is the longest signup I ever created (6 1/2 WordPerfect pages long! ) and quite frankly, my favorite character yet. The signup delves into psychology quite deeply, especially abnormal psych. (The character is a MPD Psychopath with a touch of Narcissism.) For extra fun and complexity, I tied in several resemblances with villains and dictators throughout history, included many real life poisons and diseases, built him like a mutant terrorist leader and had him as the hidden leader of a destructive cult.

    What do they all have to do with each other? Read below and find out...

    I am created Shiva, death, the destroyer of worlds.

    Name: His original name was John Dannels. However, as the genocide progressed, the intense traumas caused a buried subconscious personality to come out. This personality rapidly took over, calling itself Shiva after the Hindu god of destruction. Shiva is now the name that this person calls himself and responds to.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Shiva looks like a somewhat altered version of his original counterpart. His normally red hair is dyed white, his body’s color has become lighter over the years, his eyes have deadened, the body hair eradicated by electrolysis. Shiva’s appearance is a defilement of his previous form. Sure, he still has the same bulky, muscular body, the blunted, squarish face, the deep blue eyes, durable build and flowing hair, but his looks are slightly, yet irreversibly changed beyond recognition. The Toten-Runes on his hands and feet, deathly white robes, the blood skull amulet and smoky blue shark eyes make clear this simple fact - He is Shiva, mutant lord of destruction.

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely....

    Two personalities, one body. The good child, always loving and caring, innocent and sweet, and the destructive, hateful psychopath always struggling to break free. The playful, honest kid and the manipulative, selfish man always buried beneath the surface. The lively, warm John and the dead, cold Shiva. Both exist like light and darkness, good and evil, matter and antimatter, polar opposites doomed to destroy each other in perpetual warfare.

    Yet the balance has shifted. Though extremely traumatic experiences, John’s mind was drained to the point where no resistance existed any longer for Shiva. The dark personality, always there with a subtle hand, rose up at 13 and took control of John’s mind, driving the original personality deep into the depths of his subconscious and seizing control of his body and mind.

    Personality 1 - Shiva: It is said that no person is truly, throughly, irrevocably evil. That there’s always good and a possibility of redemption or rehabilitation. Yet this would be proven wrong. Shiva, like so many other prominent psychopaths, is totally and irreversibly wicked, pure evil without possibility of change.

    Shiva, in many aspects, shares the typical traits of his fellow antisocial kind. Cold amorality, cool detachment, manipulative instinct, icy cunning and unnatural cruelty, all are Shiva. Deceptive, shrewd, exploitative, selfish, and parasitic, Shiva relates to others only to exploit their potential talents and knowledge. Calculating, controlling, friendless, fearless, unfeeling and deceitful, Shiva will quite literally do anything he can do to survive and prosper. Naturally charismatic and adaptable, Shiva can easily bend other people to his own ends.

    Yet for his disorders, Shiva has quite a unique personality, completely apart from any psychological conditions. Immensely destructive and vengeful, even by psychopath standards, Shiva fights an all consuming vendetta against the people who tried to take his life away. Long-sighted and aggressive, Shiva has an excellent grasp on strategy and offensive planning. Extremely logical and analytical, Shiva can easily tear apart a piece of information and analyze it’s individual parts. Naturally theatrical and impressionable, Shiva uses this talent and personality to break the morale of his enemies. Immensely strong-willed, his talents exploit his willpower to support himself and fell any opponents.

    Shiva, however, for all his strength and power, still is burdened by his own weaknesses. So greatly emphasizing destruction and alteration, Shiva is virtually incapable of building anything or making something new. He can only devastate and mutate - Anything created or innovated has to come from someone else. Shiva is in a state of everlasting warfare; whatever it’s against John, the government, nature or other people - Shiva has a constant and nearly insatiable desire to destroy. Because of this, he can’t divert most of his energy to other pursuits. Bound by the antisocial lack of empathy, conscience or fear, Shiva can sometimes make very foolish decisions.

    Put simply, Shiva is the selfish destroyer that believes in getting what he wants, when he wants. If anyone gets in his way, Shiva sees them as obstacles to be obliterated, nothing more. He is truly evil.

    Personality 2 - John: John’s personality is much simpler then his antisocial counterpart. Being imprisoned for four years, lacking complex development and nearly unexposed to conflict before Shiva, John still is very much like a preteen child. What we do know is that John is playful, curious, creative, warm, friendly and energetic - Your classic vivacious, innocent child. Quite forceful, impulsive, hyper, but always sweet and considerate, his personality is a near perfect preservation of the days before Shiva took over. His personality and the stasis suppressed most of the effects that such a trauma would have, but an occasional sense of insecurity, timidity, even minor paranoia can be shown to reveal itself in this otherwise pure-hearted boy. He’s fully aware of Shiva’s presence, but remains in a kind of mental stasis until certain events temporarily dispel it. In that window of time, he’s able to hold back Shiva and express his own personality through his own body.

    Ingenuity and Adaption - they are the building blocks of the human race. It was how they evolved from apes to the dominant species on this planet. It is what made them Homo Sapiens, it is why Cro-Magnon defeated the Neanderthals, it is the seed of civilization and the backbone of technology.

    But we, mutants, are not Homo Superior without reason. We don’t just use the aforementioned qualities - We ARE Ingenuity and Adaption! We don’t just wield power - We ARE power! And just like how the Neanderthals fell to the Cro-Magnon, so shall the Homo Sapiens fall to us, incarnations of power itself. So shall these petulant inferiors, bugs who dare interfere with my destiny, fall before my superior might.

    I am simply here to claim my birthright.
    - Journal of the Destroyer, December 29, 2004.

    (Will be referred to as John or Shiva, depending on the person’s moment in time.) John, in complete contrast to the later genocide and the awakening alternate personality, was born and lived very peacefully. He grew up with his fellow kids, prospered in school, enjoyed the playground, indulged himself in many activities... He was uncorrupted, untouched by the harshness of life, a child still innocent and serene. He lived well, enjoyed theater and dance, was always pure of heart and really like a little angel. For all intents and purposes, he was John, the always smiling, innocent child.

    Yet John would still feel a subtle influence from Shiva, even from a young age. Sure, he had no desire to kill, exploit or harm - But odd traits would flash into existence for a second or two before vanishing again. A sudden apathy towards a falling child, a few manipulative words, an unintended cruel remark. A flash of cold detachment, instinctive cunning, calculating action. Shiva was certainly present, though greatly suppressed.

    Yet even with Shiva’s occasional influence - The alternate personality wasn’t even called Shiva yet, just a semi-dormant nameless force at this point - John lived a calm life for the first 14 years. Very sheltered and protected, John was a child without clue of brutality, the innocent fawn of long ago that never feared humans, the undomesticated horse that ran free, the flying eagle not yet grounded.

    All this would change when the purging happened. The beach line pulled back - Water retreated into the ocean, the citizens grew troubled at the rise of mutation, unease grew as hostility bred itself in their fears and suspicions. John and his family were naive enough to believe everything was alright, their lack of vision hiding information of an upcoming disaster. The tsunami came, humanity degenerated, and suddenly almost everyone was a feral animal trying to get their own piece of the kill.

    The family tried to hide - But a Judas cousin betrayed them to the government with the promise of political power. The proverbial Gestapo came - 30 men and women armed to the teeth and sent to kill the entire family. John watched from the shadows as his family was cut down before his eyes. One fell after another as the soldiers and snipers took their lives, each one falling after the other in a desperate, obviously lost battle.

    It was then when Shiva rose. He came to John with a promise, a promise of power to the helpless child. A promise to drive these evil men away and awaken his family. John accepted the Devil’s Bargain and in doing so, unknowingly unleashed the greatest evil his country was ever to face....

    The destroyer rose. The sleeping giant was awakened. He walked out of the shadows, the soldiers turned their guns on him - And with a gaze of cold fury, the inferiors became subatomic dust. The snipers fell next, then the house and the family’s bodies, then the reinforcements and panicking citizens... Shiva savored his freedom as he vaporized anything and everything in sight, cried to the heavens in savage victory as he destroyed the blocks around him, roared in defiance as the storm consumed his hated enemies, those who have held him back for too long.

    The city would be spared from fatigue and regaining of logic - however, the demonstration of destructive power drew other disgruntled mutants into his fold. Powerful and charismatic, many fellow mutants flocked around him, seeing Shiva as a focus under which to unite and channel their darkest emotions. Drawing upon their anger, their desire for justice and revenge, the need for direction and power, the instinct to survive and dominate, Shiva had leadership thrust upon him. They chose Shiva as their master, the man that would bring them all their deepest desires, and gladly he took up the proverbial throne.

    And so Shiva’s group steadily grew for the next 14 months, the monsters that were drew to him seized by a sense of focus and ambition as they readied themselves for the conquest to come. The Architect came, a genius mutant and master of creation, invention and organization, seduced by promises of command, knowledge, power, and freedom. Under generous conditions, he compensated for Shiva’s primary weakness, using his talents to shape the group into a far more formidable force. (Full description at the end of this signup.) 12 months after his arrival, Shiva’s organization was shaped into a mighty construct of latent destruction, the collective now coordinated and ready to carry out their mission of conquest.

    Then all hell broke loose. Countless acts of terrorism rose, mass homicides broke out, the city degenerated into primordial chaos and death as Hades - Shiva’s group - broke loose in a wave of wanton destruction. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, Hades fought fire with fire, hate with hate, genocide with genocide. Backed up by Shiva’s superb sense of strategy and the Architect’s organization, the government could not mount an effective resistance as tens of thousands of mutant hating citizens were killed in a wave of reflected hatred.

    Shiva himself continued to develop his powers, driven by an insatiable desire for chaos and destruction. He sought to be feared and respected. He sought raw power and the sense of exhilaration from wielding it. He desired total control and ultimate strength. After all, he arrogantly justified to himself, he was Homo Superior. He was entitled to whatever he desired, and anyone who sought to interfere was just another obstacle to be destroyed.

    And so Shiva grew for the next few years. He obtained and altered chemical and biological weapons from the city, forest and laboratories, his own affinity for these toxins being used to terrorize the inferior humans. He took control of certain opponents, infecting their minds like a virus and sending the proverbial infected into varying places within the opponent government. He continued to vaporize and terrorize, savoring the destruction of this city. Many people tried to catch and eradicate him and Hades, but with his powerful danger instinct, he was always a step ahead. Yet with all this destruction, he kept the feelings of fealty, respect, even love and fear alike among his group.

    Now year three has arrived. Rumors have begun to spread in the mutant underground of plans for a mass exodus. A paradise of a destination, an area untouched by humans, into lands considered inhospitable. The time has come for Shiva to expand his arms, take in all the leaving mutants, take control and make an empire. It is time for Shiva to rise up and take what is his birthright. Of course, he has a final plan of terror for the city before he leaves his cradle forever....

    Other: Hades is a small group of 150 discontent mutants, a somewhat decentralized group scattered at many points around the city and coordinated by a small handful of telepaths. There are 12 separate groups of 12, 4 telepaths, The Architect (A mutant responsible for building and maintaining Hades) and the leader Shiva. Each group is headed by a leader answerable only to Shiva, is independent of the other groups and unless commanded by their leader, Shiva as well. Hades is considered a cult - The leader is set up as a quasi-divine figure of absolute authority, subtle brainwashing is constant, the group has many reinforcing rituals, the collective is all important, etc. (Think Nazi Germany structure, where the individual fuhrers were considered unquestionable leaders of their groups, answerable only to a higher fuhrer or Adolf Hitler.)

    Evolution List:

    Progressive Traits:
    *Disintegration - Shiva’s signature ability. Shiva can concentrate his will on any piece of matter or energy and destroy it on the subatomic level. (Think of Dark Phoenix’s disintegration blasts from X3 and you have a good idea of what this ability is like.) This was Shiva’s first discovered ability, his strongest and most frequently used and what he is most well known for. As long as the object is in his line of sight and not fortified specifically against such an attack, Shiva can vaporize it.

    *Aura of Chaos - Shiva emits a constant aura of pure chaos energy that affects the minds of anyone near him. This aura can be controlled to a degree, retracting to 1 cm or expanding up to 500 feet radius. It’s effects depend on the personality - Fleeing, berzerking, fainting, insanity, panic, stunning and paralysis are the most common possible symptoms of anyone affected. Because of the aura’s chaotic nature, it affects everyone in it’s radius indiscriminately.

    *Toxic Affinity - Shiva instinctively understands poisons and diseases and can alter them by force of will. By extension, turning this ability inside to change pathogens and poisons into non-threatening forms gives him an immunity to all toxins. He has a vast variety of altered, enhanced diseases - For example, cold temperature Cholera, rapid Rabies or infectious Anthrax. A few of Hades’s members had experience with travel in other countries, one was in the American CDC, and with their experience they brought back exotic pathogens like AIDS, Ebola (Zaire strain), Marburg, Lassa, Hanta, and Plague (Bubonic, Pneumonic and Septicemic).

    When not working on diseases, Shiva has also obtained and enhanced a wide variety of poisons. Mustard Gas, Poison Ivy, Arsenic, Mercury, Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide, for example. Xyklon B from Auschwitz, neurotoxins from the Golden Poison Frog and Blowfish, necrotoxins from Bothrops and Rattlesnakes, and septicemic toxins from the Komodo Dragon are all on his list of poisonous death. Toxins produced from necrotic tissues, Botulinium Toxin from Botulism cultures and even enhanced forms of Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac have also contributed to his toxic arsenal of terror.

    *Mind Control - Can focus his will on other people to influence their actions and thoughts. In synergy with his manipulative personality and natural charisma, the result is very powerful indeed. Shiva uses this ability to easily command his followers and other groups of people, break an opponent’s morale, engineer an opponent’s mind and send them in as spies, turn enemies against each other, or get information without torture.

    *Survival Instinct - Has a very powerful sixth sense for dangerous people, places, objects or situations. Shiva has a limited form of clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition that acts below his conscious mind, constantly scanning his surroundings for potential threats. When a threat is detected, the information is immediately flashed to the conscious mind. The ability is limited in that it can give a random amount of knowledge, from total insight to vague instinct.

    *Xion's Addition: Temperature. When temperature is in flux, both directions could aid you. Extreme heat would allow your powers to surge through the indicated zone at an even greater speed than normal. Extreme cold would allow your powers to creep through the target area, increasing both fear and damage, as they would float in the same area for a longer period of time.

    Degressive Traits:
    *Cannot directly create or innovate - Shiva can only destroy and mutate. Shiva’s signature weakness, he literally is incapable of building an object or creating something new. He can use only existing objects and knowledge. This is not the result of brain damage or physical disability. Shiva’s personality literally cannot understand the process of building or invention - It knows that these qualities exists, that he’s lacking in them, but doesn’t understand how to tap into these talents. This mental disability is a byproduct of imprisoning John, who was able to seal parts of Shiva before being completely buried.

    *Has many of the limitations of a psychopath - Incapable of connecting with people, no empathy or conscience, lack of fear and almost emotionless. Shiva can only relate to people through manipulation or exploitation. Also bound by the restrictions of MPD to a lesser extent: John is capable of occasionally suppressing or distracting Shiva and sabotaging his actions.

    *Shiva’s powers, while immensely strong, also tax his body and mind heavily. Each use of these abilities consumes large quantities of nutrients, calories and water, equivalent to using up an hour’s rest for each use. Shiva is ravenously hungry and thirsty because of this, requiring about 10 times the normal nutrient, calory and water intake to maintain normal functions. He tires quickly, and it’s not unheard of for Shiva to spend 12-16 hours in sleep on a stressful day, with about 12 hours of sleep being his average time. If Shiva uses these abilities after his resources are depleted, he is forced to consume body fat and muscle to replace the lost nutrients.

    *Shiva must use his power at least once every hour while awake. If he keeps it in, the destructive energy is directed inwards, causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage. If this continues without being solved, Shiva will self destruct, releasing all his energy in a massive implosive explosion. (Think of a star collapsing on itself and then going supernova.)

    *Xion's Addition: Temperature. When temperature is in flux to an extreme degree, things would either disintegrate faster or slower, depending on which direction. Faster would hinder you as your powers may extend beyond the zone that you intended. Slower would hinder you as this may provide movement time to someone who is adept with the cold to evade your powers and strike.

    Shiva is pure negativity, pure evil. How do you destroy something? By using it’s polarity. The same basic cosmic law works here as well. Shiva, jaded, hateful, and cold, never understood the simple virtue or value of warmth, love and innocence, qualities that John had in prolific abundance. He is the very opposite, pure corruption, and so to even be exposed to such qualities would trigger immediate suppression and isolation. If he is exposed to a strong enough dose all at once, his mind will not be able to stop it all.

    Once inside, they will conflict with Shiva’s personality, causing massive conversion disorder symptoms as the internal battle is expressed in physical form. Depending on the amount of positive emotions and thoughts that overwhelm Shiva, it can be simple pain, slight tremoring or tight vocal cords from a minor surge, going up to vomiting, distorted senses, and confusion to even extreme symptoms like paralysis, blindness and seizures. If strong enough, Shiva’s mind basically shuts down and goes into hibernation, causing a temporary coma. These symptoms, of course, all impede his abilities to varying extents, with the level of hindrance depending on their type and power.

    Government Profile:

    File #: D-5128
    Case #: HL-66-6
    Serial Code: 99909990


    Full Name: John William Dannels
    Close Family: Delmar Dannels (Father, Deceased), Amanie Dannels (Mother, Deceased), Xena Dannels (Sister, Deceased), Alexandra Dannels (Sister, Deceased).
    Alias: Shiva (Primary), The Destroyer, Hades
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: (At 13) 5'6", current height estimated at 5'10" to 6'0"
    Weight: (At 13) 148 pounds (96% bulky muscle), current weight is estimated at 200 - 225 lbs.
    Mutant #: Mutant 06660

    Power Level: Estimated Class IX - Immense Strength. (But really, guys, if he’s so strong, how come he hasn’t destroyed us all yet? Maybe he looks stronger then he really is?) Powers are focused on destruction and disruption. Subatomic disruption blast (My fancy way of saying disintegration, sorry folks!) is a known ability. Shiva (Get over it, guys - He’s not John anymore!) seems well practiced with this power and seems able to use it up to his current eyesight range in any direction. Kirlian cameras have found a constant disrupting aura around him. People in it seem to go insane, faint, or become immobile. Some ESP is suspected. Seems great with diseases and poisons. Natural charisma and organization ability. He seems able to take over minds... Who knows? Maybe one of his “servants” has read this by now.

    Are there weaknesses? Shiva seems determined to hide his Achilles’s Heel, but we have suspicions. I’m not talking about voodoo, wicca or white magic - We tried those and he laughed before vaporizing those poor soldiers. Minute facial analysis of Shiva has revealed what appears to be an occasional but chronic internal conflict. He seems to be at constant war with himself. The source is, at this time, unknown. But we are trying to find out what he’s battling - Maybe it can help us stop him?

    Details are sketchy, but we think that exposing him to positive emotions may have a harmful effect on him. He seems to hesitate for a moment when exposed to these feelings. We have detected tiny tremors and flashes of pain when exposed to these, along with a strengthening of internal conflict. Maybe if we give a much stronger dose, we can weaken Shiva enough for that one moment of vulnerability. I don’t know about you, but I think this theory of mine might actually work....

    Threat Level: Level 10 - Catastrophic Threat. All humans are recommended to stay at least 1,000 feet away from John, maximum safety recommended at one mile. If you see him, GET AWAY FAST! Call the military immediately and give all known information on the subject’s movements and actions. No conscience or mercy towards non-mutants, will most likely kill you if seen. Known biochemical terrorist, suspected supplies of many diseases and poisons. Suspected leader of a violent & radical cult, main objective seems to be revenge and conquest. Ability to cause extreme cerebral anomalies confirmed. Unusually intelligent, seems very intuitive, suspected psychic sense. DO NOT APPROACH WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AND A FULLY EQUIPPED AND PREPARED ARMY.

    Known Natural Abilities: Genius level intellect (At 12, his IQ was 162. It is suspected to have risen since the purge.), brilliant strategist (Team captain in several sports, known master in strategy games, semifinalist in city Chess league at 13), charisma (Extremely popular at school, often lead other kids, display great social perceptiveness and manipulation skills.), theatrics (Was in theater, naturally made a strong impression on other students and teachers). Advanced biological and chemical engineering skills.

    Classification: Terrorist Mastermind, Leader of an unknown group. (Suspected cult like society)

    Known Occupations: Grammar school student (Washington School)

    Medical File:

    (The file seems to be written in many different parts, with different handwritings throughout the report on obviously aging medium yellow paper.)

    Patient is abnormally healthy. Immense resistance to all known pathogens and poisons. Recovered without vaccine from Rabies when ten, no adverse effects. Exposed to Pneumonic Anthrax on Farmfield 0023, Quadrant 4,1,2,2, at eleven, full negation of pathogen in 340 minutes. Was caught in an industrial accident at twelve, retrieved from a toxic cloud, materials classified - Hospitalized for asphyxiation and second degree burns, no signs of secondary infection or gas poisoning. Confirmed massive amounts of antibodies in system, covertly exposed to Pneumonic Plague, Ebola (Zaire and Sudan forms), HIV, Marburg, Cholera, Typhoid, Polio, Botulism, E. Coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Avian Influenza, Spanish Influenza and SARS. All diseases completely resisted without symptoms. Antibodies have been covertly extracted by Homeland Security for biodefense. (Details classified)

    Mutation highly suspected. TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.

    Distinguishing Marks: Dead looking eyes (Psychologist’s note: Dead eyes, known also as Shark Eyes, are often seen on psychopathic and sociopathic people. Handle with extreme caution.), large fork-like black runes on his hands (Historist’s note: Confirmed Toten-Rune, rune of death), pale skin, absence of body hair. (Electrolysis marks confirmed)

    Terrorism Record: TBA

    6/27/08 - Added a part of the government record for Shiva. Thanks for the idea Zion, I decided to expand on it...

    OOC: By the way, are you ever going to start? Am I going to wait forever? I'm not immortal, you know... Please get a move on, already!
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    Dear God am I pleased with all of you. Every single one of you is accepted, and I assume that the two who have not finished their profiles will do so shortly. I am now in the process of granting you all the extra progressive and degressive traits that I mentioned in the opening post. With my magical moderator powers, they will be added to the bottom of your lists. Look there for them. I should have them all done by the time you people see this post, but if I don't, they will be soon, I'm just having trouble thinking of yours.

    Anyone else who wants to jump in may. You have until we leave the city to join. I won't accept anyone after that, exceptions = none. Once I give you all who have profiles your extras, we'll see when we can get this started.
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    I apologize for my sign up taking so long...I certainly hope I haven't disappointed you too much Xion.

    Name: Emizelda Keito

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Emizelda is a very proud female and when provoked can be devastatingly angry, lashing out at everyone and everything with little to no warning, and her temper is rather short making her even more dangerous. Others often mistake her for hostile, spiteful, and angry but the truth is she is a boisterous, humorous, and fun loving person. She generally likes to help others in need, but because of the extreme prejudice that 'normal' people have against her 'kind', she has been forced to change her attitude and the way she acts to defend herself.

    History: Emizelda was the first of her family to be born with the Evolutionary gene and abilities, although the only differences that first alerted her parents, doctors, and others that she was special was her long, whip-like tail and her unusually rough skin. Her mother was part of the military, that unbeknownst at the time was going to be converted into the extermination section, and therefore spent little time with her first daughter due to her hectic work schedule. Her father was a stay at home parent, and took care of all her needs, so naturally he was the first to realize just what kind of powers his daughter truly possessed.

    One day, as he was playing outside with her, he noticed that she seemed more active and playful. Dismissing it as nothing, he continued to watch her play on her own, when she suddenly screamed and threw something at him. What looked like a ping pong sized ball of flame landed a few feet in front of him and disappeared, completely startling and confusing him. Realizing that Emizelda was crying, he ran to her and found that her hands appeared to be burned, though not severely. He treated her burns, not mentioning the episode to his wife, and decided to carefully monitor her to see if anything similar would happen again...and to his relief and disappointment, nothing did for a long period of time.

    Three years later Emizelda's mother gave birth to another child, a little boy, whom her father decided to name Khatsen. Unlike his sister, he was born normal, although after a few weeks his parents noticed he had unusual eye color - bright orange. Around the same time Emizelda's mother began to become detached from her daughter, paying her less and less attention, and ignoring her more and more. Emizelda had also started school, and was often teased due to her tail and the appearance of her skin, which had began to change and some areas began to take on a scaled look. Her father was the only one that comforted her, but since he also had to take care of her brother, his time was split unevenly with most of it spent on Khatsen. Emizelda was often left on her own; time which she spent outdoors, teaching herself how to tap in and develop her abilities. What she didn't realize was that the more she developed ability-wise, the more she was developing her weakness as well, and her father began to notice she'd get weaker whenever she was brought indoors. When she expressed to her father that she was afraid to go inside because it felt like she was going to die, her father became worried and finally asked her to show him what she could do. Her father was amazed when she summoned a small dragon in her hands, but it changed to alarm when Emizelda fell to her knees afterwards, figuring that it had something to do with what she had shown him. He told her that she was to be careful when using her gifts, because she might one day push herself too far.

    As she grew older, her father built her a small room attached to the house where she could be in constant contact with the earth and hone her abilities in quiet peace. Her mother always openly showed her disapproval of her daughter using and developing her abilities, and at the age of 13 had her contained to the basement of their house in an effort to both hide and prevent her from using her powers in public. Her brother, who favored their mother more than their father, helped his mother whenever she asked him to. For five years she was treated poorly by her mother, her father helpless and her brother always by his mother's side, until the Great Purge occurred.

    Her father had gotten word that the government had finally decided to 'free' the civilization of the threat the evolutionary gene pool, and he feared for his daughter's life. As he broke into the basement to free his daughter, Khatsen, who was armed with a weapon his mother had provided to him, stepped in to stop him. It was then he realized that his wife had brainwashed their son to believe that Emizelda was evil and a monster, because his wife was part of extermination squad. He pleaded with his son to see the truth and eventually got through to him, and together the two worked together to free her. As the three fled to her sanctuary, Emizelda was able to draw enough energy from the earth to flee to safety, and told her father and brother her goodbyes. Before she could escape a small unit surrounded them, with Emizelda's mother at the front. Her mother explained to them that it was best for the entire civilization that her life end, and that she would have them spare her father and Khatsen. Emizelda pleaded with her mother, but to no avail, and was left with one option; use her ability to draw on others heat to defend them. As she began to form her shield, her father reminded her that she couldn't hold it of too long because he or Khatsen couldn't survive long in the heat, but she couldn't raise it quick enough and her mother fired her gun. Her shot was aimed for Emizelda, but her father lept in the line of fire and took the hit, dieing within minutes in front of her. As she continued to draw on the soldiers heat, her mother's included, they gradually began to get weaker and weaker as did her shield. Puzzled but still scared, she drew more heat to power her shield, which caused all but her mother to collapse. As her shield flickered and failed, her mother accusingly told her it was her fault that her family died before raising her weapon and shooting and killing her brother as well. Her mother then fell to the ground, hypothermia claiming her body quickly, leaving Emizelda the only one standing. She knew that if anyone came across her it would look suspicious, and she immediately fled into hiding.

    Three years have passed since she witnessed her entire family's death before her eyes, and she has done all she can to develop her powers even further, keeping herself constantly on the move on the fringes of the city. She has been pursued many times, but has always manged to elude the government by fleeing deeper inland. Word has reached her ear of a city where she would be accepted, away from the eyes of the 'normals' of the city, and she has set out to find where the movement has made it's base...and to find those who she may call her new family.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - Can tap into the heat of the earth to give her strength, even as far down as the earth's core.
    - The ability to combine her's or other's body heat and the heat from the earth itself into physical forms to use as attacks or to defend, her favorite being a dragon.
    - Because of her ability to manipulate heat, her skin has developed from the soft, vulnerable, usual skin seen on humans, to a tough, semi-stiff, leathery hide that isn't affected as much by physical attacks.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - She requires absolute concentration in order to gain any real energy from the earth, resulting in only being able to obtain a small, almost insignificant boost in a chaotic situation.
    - Because she cannot sense how much heat she is using while attacking or defending, she is often left in a weakened state when drawing on her own heat, and has killed others while drawing on their heat. She also has an adverse effect on the area of the earth she draws on, killing off its ability to grow or support any kind of life for decades.
    - Objects with a surface temperature of less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit will cause severe burns if they come into contact with her skin.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - Because her body is mainly sustained by the natural heat of the earth and she needs to be in contact with it at all times, complete containment with no access to the outside world will weaken her drastically, eventually causing her to die if she doesn't escape (i.e. being caught or stuck in a room with no windows).

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    Name: Futch Jivoid
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Grow and raise by himself build his personality into an autonomous guy. Futch prefer to walk away from peoples and crowds. His high awareness helped him to notice his surroundings by hearing footsteps, winds and sometimes heart pulse. Dull and indifferent, Futch live his own life without wanting anything from anyone.

    History: Adopted by another evolved being, Futch was used to know this ‘new breed’ pretty well. Protected by his grandfather’s lies and deception, he was prevented to know deeper about himself. Futch never saw normal humans or even noticed their existence. Futch’s curiosity led him escape from his own family mansion and was shocked when found out the outer world was far too dangerous for him. Futch wandered through place to place, bringing only a small crystal based pendant until he met another evolution being. Futch learned about the evolution and the people who were against ‘his kinds’.

    Years after, Futch met a guy named Magne and live together with him. Both were satisfied with different reasons. Futch trusted Magne get along fine without any suspiciousness. Magne, in the other hand slowly using his ability to Futch, sapping Futch’s childhood memories and used them for his own prosperity by turning them into gold, diamonds and other precious minerals, leaving Futch’s mind alone with nothing but his name and the crystal pendant.

    Progressive Traits:
    - Mirror and glass magnetism. One of Futch’s traits is a simple magnetism that only attracts mirrors and glasses without affecting other materials. This magnetism may put a scale of millimeters or even micro.
    - Turn any normal glass in his sight into magnetic glass.
    - Turn objects into glasses in a very limited range.
    - Futch‘s evolution allow him to hear sharper than normal humans due to cover his descended eyesight.

    Degressive Traits:
    - Easily dehydrated. Futch’s power feed on liquids and bloods from the master’s body.
    - Whenever Futch summon a magnetic glass, Futch’s eyesight will shrink to the minimum until the magnets disappear. He can normally saw object 5 meters around him, but farther than that limit, he saw nothing but a pitch black room.

    - Futch count on his ear to move, walk and act more than his eyes. He can hear through noises and others but his love to music weakened his sense whenever tones and notes slip through his ears.

    I edited my profile

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    Name: Tyrone Walker

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: His appearance is ghost like in a few easy to spot ways. His ability's turn his eyes into an unnatural black, so to prevent being seen he wears sunglasses and never takes them off unless alone or sleeping. He has acquired purple streaks in his velvet red hair. His natural body isn't very tall and has long legs and lanky arms. He wears a dark blue shirt and brown cargo pants.

    Personality: He believes in many things and freedom is at the top of the list. He would do anything to be free so he does all he can to help the revolution that was and is inevitable. He has many problems induced from stress that cause a more traumatic toll on him from use of his powers. He likes to smile so he can always stay as positive as possible. He personally thinks the war is a waste and that people should accept others but knows it will never come to pass.
    He doesn't like the blood shed the war brings so he tries his best to stop it. He believes in helping everyone he can so he would most likely take a bullet for a stranger. The war changed these views however now he would quickly take care of the enemies military force if it meant ending the war. He would take a bullet for anyone that is considered 'banished from daily society' and help them anyway he could. He prefers a thinking role instead of active but will do either.

    History: He was born in a peaceful time, when the land wasn't threatened by wars. He discovered his powers at the age of 10 when some older kids bullied him. He became highly curious of his powers and practiced developing them all he could. He stopped using his powers when he accidentally tapped into his overshadowing ability and accidentally killed his parents. He was in the hospital for days recovering the energy he lost, he nearly died. He was inherited the underground space where his house was made to shelter above during one of the lands previous wars.
    When he was 12 word of the war started and people started roaming the streets to kill those with powers. Fearing he would be found in his shelter he fled to the safest place he could, being found by another person like him, a family member even. Believed to be the soul survivor of his family line he discovered the uncle he inherited the powered gene from. Him and his uncle were well hid in a house thought abandoned long ago where he learned how to use his powers in a safe, understanding environment.
    Progressive traits:
    -Ghost like ability's such as overshadowing and phasing through walls.

    Negative traits:
    - The ability's he use depending on how or what he uses it on depends on how long he must rest after using each ability.
    - Silicon based sludge, can stabilize his form thus, unable to use his powers.
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    Name: Doctor Johann Georg Faustus

    Age: Appearance-wise, 25. Physical Age-wise, 300. Actual age, deceased

    Gender: Male


    Faust is kind. He has learnt much from his years spent in Hell- yes, greed and wealth does not pay. He wants to help others. The only problem is that he goes about it in the wrong way.

    The torture in Hell has altered his mind. No longer the lustful man whom mastered Helen of Troy, Faust actually tries to being happiness to others whist remaining in hiding himself. Still, his ideal of ‘happiness’ is twisted- one must bear in mind that Faust, in all his eternity, will never be a Christian nor god-abiding man. He seeks to make people happy, that’s all. If a girl got beaten by her father for mischief, and stood crying, weeping and wishing revenge upon her kin, Faust would go and kill the man. Never revealing that he is the murderer, the benefactor, of course. He loves to do his good Samaritan deeds anonymously- the thought of the smile on the girl’s face afterwards is all he needs as a motivation and thanks. Nevermind to him that the girl would sorrow later for her moment of rashness, or weep at the loss of her father-figure, no, Faust does not think of that. Of course, to him being dead is not a loss at all. He communicates just as well with the grave-dwellers just as those who breathe. He could be called a silent grim angel, the embodiment of the warning ‘Be careful what you wish for- You just might get it.’ Faust grants these wishes. It makes him happy. Very happy.

    The man likes to smile and does it often. It has no relevance to malevolence at all- He is just happy. Happy about what? The blessings everyone has. He is an optimistic person, and forever will find that every person has fortune in the greatest despair. Needn’t to mention again is the tiny fact that his idea of what is ‘fortunate’ differs from an average human being. He is actually yes, quite a gentle man. He likes to joke, though it is not intentionally that they come out ominous rather than humorous. He loves being with his partner Sergei, and though as creator bears a great respect, he does not flaunt the authority. Sergei is a friend to him, not a minion or an underling. Indeed, despite his programmed instinct in Sergei to fall to his defense, Faust would just as willingly do the same for Sergei. Return to Hell, that is. Not die. Dying is never a problem.


    Well, we all know what bad ol’ Faust did in the past, so let’s just summarize it in a single sentence. Faust desired the riches and knowledge in the world, made a pact with Mephistopheles to get it, and finally got dragged into Hell when the time was up. What’s important is what he did afterwards.

    When Bryukhonenko revived Faust, his main intent was for Faust’s brain, or more specifically, his knowledge. However, the brain records two things: Knowledge and memories. With one must come the other. Faust came back to the world of the living fully aware of the existence of Heaven and Hell, fully aware of secrets what no living creature ought to be privy to. It caused a mental twist, not to the point of derailment but until Faust was not entirely in touch with reality. It could be claimed that Faust was insane while fully being aware that he was insane, thus being able to control the insanity (and in doing that overruled the very definition of insanity that ‘Persistent mental disorder or derangement’ that one is unaware of it.’) A paradox yes, but let’s not dwell on that. This has mostly affected his personality- Nothing more.

    After Bryukhonenko’s death, Sergei came to life. Faust, who had been alone for an average of two centuries with nothing but research to accompany him, had a companion again. The two were very close friends, much more in the context of a brotherhood rather than a creator-subject relationship. When Sergei expressed his desire to get in contact with others similar to his kind, Faust in turn had begun to consider the possibility of re-establishing contact with humankind, despite him being outdated for more than three centuries. Through quiet surveillance, he learnt modern habits, kept up with modern affairs…even got really good manipulating a computer! As Faust explains to the tech-dummy Sergei, ‘Computers are just like the dead corpses we love. They’re dead but they have feelings. And one day they will become alive, better and stronger than before.’ It has since been a secondary desire in his life to bring a computer to life. Comparing it to a ‘new version of necromancy’, he is set to invent and master this new art. Of course, this is aside his first obligation to forever dedicate his life to create another Numan more perfect than the last.

    Now that Sergei is actually venturing out to the open, Faust himself has considered coming clean- Perhaps setting up a clinic or so in the neighborhood. Perhaps he would be able to help the sick and suffering ease their way into death, about the kindest act imaginable. With ample corpses around and the pair surrounded by such wondrous decay, what a bliss it would be.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Since Faust is not a product of evolution, I have replaced the progressive and degressive traits with this section instead. This is merely confirming his existing abilities- It shall not be detrimental to the plotline.

    Faust rocks at:


    [He is considering actually taking an exam for official documentation of his skills in the latter two areas- Indeed, he would pass any test in those two subjects with flying colours regardless of which university. The only factor holding him back that he is not recorded under the Ministry as a legal person; Any investigation would reveal his cover, which he had assumed for three centuries. At the moment, he makes do with forged documents done by himself.]

    Faust sucks at:

    -Detecting sarcasm
    -Physical exertion
    -Discerning between false and reality


    -Though both are necromancers, unlike Sergei, Faust does not commander his corpses- He works alongside them, no matter in battle or research, for him and them are one.

    -Sergei's more of an active killer, that is, he kills physically. Usually it's by commandeering corpses to do his bidding, or using alchemy and magic to bring about the inevitable truth. However, Faust prefers the less vicious, gentler method. He could be acknowledged as a passive killer. He likes killing by drugs and such. Usually on a medical basis. His favourite drug is morphine.

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    Name: Tom but he goes by his nickname Todd

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Todd is rather free spirited, playful, and carefree minded most of the time but he can be serious if he has to be. He tends to use unconventional ways to accomplish his goals while having fun in the process. He is often curious and likes to know about everything. He usually learns from the mistakes he makes as well as the mistakes others have made, not wanting to be doomed to repeat failure. As long as he’s not board or under pressure he will usually think serious things through, often paying close attention to detail. He is a rather loyal friend and is willing to help others in need but does not like it when others try to take advantage of him. He does not take thievery lightly and if given the chance he will return anything that was stolen or lost; although he has no problem with taking only what is needed to survive, so long as it doesn‘t put another’s survival at risk. He feels down when others wont believe him, trust him, help him, or they’re mad at him for some reason.
    He doesn’t see himself as superior or even inferior to the non-powered human race. He views everyone as equals regardless of appearance or abilities. As far as he’s concerned all sentient beings deserver the same rights and privileges, and should be treated equally.
    When he gets the chance he likes to draw, write stories, and play games.

    History: Todd lived most of his life without knowing the full extent of the hash cruelty and discrimination towards the ‘Power gifted’ humans. He attended a public school and never seemed to notice too much difference between normal kids who were teased and though who were gifted with powers. Since his powers never showed themselves until he was almost thirteen he seemed to be a normal human. From time to time he would help defend some of the power gifted kids at his school who were being treated unfairly as well as normal humans. In class he asked many questions that were on the border line of having little to no relevance to the subjects.

    Much of the homework he turned in was drawn all over and he would often come up with strange stories to have fun when doing his assignments in and out of class. One story he came up with nearly got him in trouble as it ended up being nearly six pages for a math assignment. None of the answered were wrong but they were woven into the story and hard to find. When the teacher asked him about it Tom asked if he liked the story. The story was indeed good but had annoyed the teacher greatly as well as his question being answered with another question. Tom seeing the look on his teacher’s face lead him to ask if there was something wrong with his story. The teacher shook his head but made him promises not to turn non English assignments in a story form. Tom said that that was no fun but soon found other ways to make the boring subjects fun by either treating it as a game or drawing the answers rather than writing them or occasionally coming up with a different way of doing them. Surprisingly his scores were no different than an above average student.

    During recess he would use his imagination to pretend he was an animal or occasionally someone else. He also played many games with other kids such as soccer, basketball, and tag. Every now and then he would walk up behind someone and ask them something after standing behind them for at least a minute, surprising them as they usually didn’t know he was there.

    At home he messed with things he was curious about, sometimes taking them apart to figure out how they worked. He spent many hours watching cartoons on TV and enjoying life as well as nature. His parents lived in the city but they owned a cabin just out side of the city which they stayed at during the summer.

    It was during the summer that his abilities began to show them self. Todd was playing out side when he scraped his knee as he tripped over a rock and the next day he found that his wound had healed over night. About a week later he found a gray fox hiding under the storage shed several yards away from the cabin.
    The fox ran off but got scraped on the a barbwire fence leaving behind a little bit of blood and fur.
    Todd picked off the little bit of fur which had blood on it from the fence and began to imagine what it would be like to be a fox; as he did so his body changed into a fox in a split second.

    It took him a few moments after the change to realize that he had actually became a fox. He ran around for a few minutes enjoying his new shape but after about five minutes or so he suddenly became very tired and hungry even though he had just eaten. He rested for a while outside, not wanting to let his parents know because the chances were that they wouldn’t let him use his new found ability, which would ruin his fun. As the sun went down he simply imagined himself changing back and in no time he was himself again and noticed that his clothes had changed with him. He quickly went inside raided the fridge and wet to bed even though it wasn’t that late.

    Later that month he found that his abilities required energy to work and that in order to change into another creature he needed to have a sample of their ‘DNA.’ Once he had change into a creature once he no longer needed to be holding a DNA sample to change back into them. He also learned that he could store energy in small amounts which he could use to power his abilities without having the side effects of becoming tired and hungry. He named the side effect of using his ability without properly storing the necessary energy the Backlash.

    One day he got sick from playing outside in the cold with out a jacket and found that he couldn’t store any prepared energy and his healing over night had stopped. Further more it took four times as much energy to shape shift than normal which had used up almost half of the energy he had stored with one simple change. Changing back into himself used about as much as it normally took to change into something else. He wasn’t really feeling very sick at the time but he felt terrified at the thought of what would have happened if he had really been feeing sick. After a few days he got better and was able to store his prepared energy again as well as heal over night or if he wanted he could use the energy he had stored to quickly heal small cuts. Larger cuts still took several hours to heal if not twenty-four hours.

    Several month had passed since he had found out that he was gifted with such fun powers but he never thought of him self any better or worse than he did before he knew about them. For the most part he continued to live out his life about the same as he always did but of course he had a new way play and mess around during recess as well as other new opportunities to express himself. He was careful not to let anyone know about his abilities so no one would be able to tell him to stop his fun.

    One time he turned into the class parrot after collecting a few of it’s feathers and flew around out side making everyone think that he had escaped from his cage. After awhile he changed back behind a garbage can and carried on like he had been looking for the bird as well and said he found it inside it’s cage. Everyone were suspicious of how he had found him already in the cage but then assumed that it must have been a different bird. They dropped their suspensions and no one ever found out that he had been the bird.

    Several months before his birthday the bill ordering the execution of all the human who were ‘gifted’ with power went into effect. He was walking around with his parents in the crowded streets when several armed men and women began shooting and beating people who were known to have powers. Everyone scattered in the confusion as a battle broke loose and Todd became separated from his parents. He ran into an alley and quickly changed into a parrot to escape the madness. When it was all over he was unable to find his parents and his home in the city had been burned to the ground along with a few other homes that had been near by. Confused he flew off to the only other place he knew, the cabin in the forest. He waited for his parents to come but they never did. As far as he knew his parents didn’t have any abilities so he never gave up hope that they were safe and they couldn’t come to the cabin for some reason.

    Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and although he never gave up hope that they were still alive but he accepted the fact that he might not see them again for a very long time. Despite the fact that he might not see his parents for a long time he was able to live quite happily.
    He had n problem surviving on his own since he didn’t have to eat as much if he stayed in the shape of a small animal. The food that was stored in the cabin would last him a lot longer than if he was to eat it as a human. Most of the time he stayed in the form of a parrot, fox or of a dog. He didn’t have too many options at the time since he needed to have a sample of DNA to add more shapes to his ability.

    For the first two years he stayed close to the cabin and rarely ever went into the city. He soon grew board of living alone so after the second year he ventured off into the city, exploring as an animal more often than as a human. Although he had to be careful not to say anything when he was in the shape of an animal he was much safer since no one ever thought that he was actually one of the humans who had powers. Spending time as several different animals in the city allowed him to go almost anywhere with out having to worry about too many dangers. He was free to do as he pleased and no one could tell him what he could and could not do. He could sleep on the roof tops as a bird so he didn’t really need to have a permanent home any more

    During the few times he walked the streets as a human he felt a little out of place. Having lived as other creatures for most of the last few years made him feel that he didn’t have much reason to look human. In his human shape he was limited to the rules set by others and couldn’t do much. He had no money so he didn’t have much reason to go into stores. The only reason he had to go into a store was so he could pull a peace of fur out of the coats so he could add the DNA to his abilities. He even volunteered to help out at animal shelters so he could be near a wider range of DNA. Helping at the animal shelter to gain DNA wasn’t the only reason he did it though, he enjoyed helping others when ever he could.

    Once in a while he would follow several people around that seemed nice but were feeling sad. While he never went into their homes he kept watch over them from a safe distance. Once he came across someone who was going to jump off a building to run from their troubles but managed to change their mind. He had been following this person as a parrot and placed a small rose on the ground in front of her before she could reach the edge of the building. As she picked up the rose Todd told her ‘Don’t be sad, Don’t be sad’ in a parrot like voice. After saying the few words to her she changed her mind, said ‘thank you,’ and went back inside the tall building with the flower. Happy with what he did he continued to go around trying to keep everyone’s spirits up.

    A few months after his sixteenth birthday, about there years after the bill against the power ‘gifted’ humans went into effect, he over heard some talk of a place beyond the forest where the power gifted could live in peace and safety. Although Todd considered his life style safe enough he knew he had been merely lucky for the last few years. He hadn’t been sick for a little over three years but he knew it was only a matter of time. If he became seriously sick he would have little chance of recovery with out seeing a doctor and if he were to be examined by a doctor his abilities might be found out in the tests.
    Knowing that if there was such a place where he could be safe then he had to at least find out more. He began to ease drop on many conversation in hopes of find out more of the possible utopia beyond the forest.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:

    - Shape Shifter: He can change his appearance to look like any living creature and even take on the appearance of others. His molecules can rearrange themselves according to any sample of DNA. He only needs to change once using the DNA in order to change back into the creature at any time he may choose.

    He can temporarily copy/take on other’s abilities so long as he maintains their appearance.

    He is able to temporarily mix the DNA he has used, to create a combination or variation of any creature(s) he chooses.

    (Note, that any wounds that he gets in one shape carry over to his next shape. It also takes less energy to return to his original shape than it does to change into a different one.)

    -Prepared Energy: It takes energy use any of his abilities but he must prepare the energy before it can be used, other wise any use of his shape shifting or copy abilities will cause a backlash. The Prepared energy comes from the nourishment his body takes in through eating and sleeping. Energy he stores as prepared energy cannot be used to feed his body or recover from exhaustion. Storing too much energy at once can leave him tired and hunger, even if he just slept or ate.

    In order to store prepared energy he must be sleeping or eating and needs to mentally will the energy to be prepared at an intended percentage, determined before hand. He may use his emotions to draw additional energy but will result in a delayed backlash.
    Prepared energy can be used to avoid a backlash, so long as enough Prepared energy has been stored.

    Prepared energy can be stored in limited quantities for long periods of time, although any amount may be stored for a forty-eight hour period. The maximum amount of Prepared energy that he can store for a long period of time is roughly enough energy to shape shift into something less than or equal to his size ten time.
    Prepared energy is not visible to human eyes as it is on a molecular level. Although prepared energy can not be seen it can be discharged as electricity but doing so burns up the energy he has stored fairly quickly. He can sense how much Prepared Energy he has stored.

    - Copy Cat: He can make duplicates of him self for a maximum of three total, counting the original. The energy required to duplicate is a third of his energy and the copies have a maximum life span of fifteen minutes. When the life span of on of his copies ends it (which is usually around the time the energy that was used to create it becomes less than the minimum amount necessary to hold the shape) vanishes as an electrical discharge similar to static, as it reverts back into energy. The remaining energy may return to him if he is within fifteen yards of his copy(s) as well as any memories the copy may have.
    Copies are considerably weak and lack the strength to hold a shape if hit hard enough.

    A copy has the option of using shape shifting but will use the same energy that holds the copy’s shape thus shortening it’s already short life span.

    - Special Recovery: His body can heal even the most severe of wounds with in a twenty-four hour period, that is if he can survive long enough for it to work. This ability does not necessarily require prepared energy but requires some form of energy to work. The energy that this ability uses can be of any form, be it electricity, Prepared Energy, thermal energy, or the life energy of all living things but he must be in direct contact with the source of energy, if it is not Prepared Energy. Additionally while he sleeps his body can heal it self using the energy he gains through sleeping. His Special Recovery cannot draw energy that would cause a backlash, because it would cancel it’s self out nor can it be used to cure sickness since this ability will not work if he is sick.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:

    - Size matters: While It does not take any additional energy to maintain the shape/appearance of a creature less than or equal to his size, anything bigger than him will continuously draw energy from him in order to maintain the shape.

    - Packaged deal: The abilities he copies come with the digressive traits associated with it’s use, in addition to the backlash approximately equal to the strength of the copied ability used. The effects of the digressive traits inherited from the copied abilities last as long as the appearance of the one the abilities were copied is maintained. Also, so long as he maintains the appearance of another he becomes vulnerable to their weakness, including any of their ‘Neutralizes’

    - Recovery Warning: The use of his Special Recovery makes him tired and weak. Should he have a near fatal wound that he survives long enough to recover from, it will put him into a sleep induced coma that may takes up to a week to come out of; leaving him unable to defend himself in that time.

    - The Backlash: His the most digressive, and possibly the most dangerous side effect associated to the improper or unwise, use of his abilities. It will happen every time he use an ability that requires more energy than he has Prepared. The backlash causes physical pain on his body as well as causing his basic senses to drop approximately equal to the amount of energy he over drew on.

    In the event that no energy was prepared, energy is take out of his body at once, burning stored fat tissue first before eating away at muscle and skin tissue as well as other non vital organs. If too much energy is used it may even prove to be fatal. It takes between five to fifteen minutes for the effects of the backlash to be felt.
    A delayed Backlash will be felt about an hour after the use of emotional energy, in which case the effects of the backlash is double.
    When he is sick the backlash is felt immediately upon the use of any of his abilities.

    Note: His body can supply roughly enough energy to shape shift into something less than or equal to his size two or three times with out seriously hurting him.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:

    - Sickness: While his immunity is that of a normal human’s, when he becomes sick he is unable to prepare the energy needed to safely use his abilities. Although any prepared energy he has already stored can still be used, it drains at a rated dependent on how sick he is. If he continues to be sick his prepared energy will eventually become depleted thus leaving him with the backlash, should he continue to use his abilities. Additionally if he uses an ability it requiring four times as much energy than normal. Becoming seriously ill will render his abilities a danger to his life should he use them. If he is sick for an extended period of time his shape shifting ability may become locked to him thus trapping him in the shape he was in until he is no longer sick, if the shape he was in was smaller than him. Also his Special Recovery cannot be used so long as he is sick, even if it’s a common cold.
    Note: Certain viruses do not affect his abilities so long as the virus does not cause him to be in a sickly state.

    ((Edited appearance))
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    ooc: What a bad ass name for a city, I wonder who thought of it..


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    OOC: Xion forgot to add credit, Azn came through on our brainstorm for a title with Sky Line and we all loved it, naturually

    Also, Xion, I've learned not to trust anything you say ever ever! Ever!

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    You may have gotten a hint of this. If you read my signup, you may well have saw this coming. Yep, it's The Architect, Shiva's right hand man and the mastermind of Hades. This is my first time making a second character for a RPG, so let's hope this goes well....

    Knowledge is power....

    Name: The Architect. His original name was Ivan Klossovsky, born of two Russian scientists through the late Cold War. However, a suspicious incident three years ago caused permanent amnesia, which caused him to forget his original name. He wandered nameless for a few months before being recruited by Shiva, who gave him the name he calls himself by today.
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The Architect carries the appearance of his upbringing quite well. Tall and thin, with a short, low maintenance dark brown haircut, pale but still piercing almond eyes and the clean, metallic grey and silver suit, it wouldn’t be hard to guess him a scientist. Yet you can tell that he’s not the stereotypical nerdy researcher that prefers the confines of a lab - The healthy hair, the tanned skin, occasional sunburn mark and his black sunglasses betray a love for the outdoors in this man.

    His favorite outfits are simple and efficient clothes, often sticking to one color and easy to clean. He prefers metallic shades over anything else, with the favorite being the aforementioned grey and silver suit. Other features include his oval face, a small nose, high cheekbones and long fingers.

    We all have good and bad inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on.
    The Architect is what you would call your get-to-the-point, no nonsense guy. Extremely direct, realistic, honest, and sometimes blunt or abrasive, all these qualities quickly come to mind when talking about him. Incisive and biting alike, cunning and sometimes ruthless, critical and precise, skeptical and logical, cool and calm, The Architect in many respects upholds his pre-amnesic heritage.

    Yet with the onset of his amnesia and his mutation, another side to him has started developing as well. In the last few years, he has developed a more sensitive, softer, warmer, and generally compassionate side as well. (The reason for this transformation is in his history.) Over the last few years, The Architect has become more emotional, tactful, and basically more humane - Though compared to his original personality, this developing side would be considered less refined, recessive. This is still a part of his personality, not a split part like Shiva, though it can be said that the two sides conflict sometimes.

    Yet both his left and right brained sides can agree on some qualities. The Architect has always been creative, even as Ivan, always inquisitive and innovative. Very energetic (Yet concealed and refined under his calm exterior), filled still with a kind of young wonder, constantly wandering and exploring, it can be said that The Architect still maintains a childlike restlessness and curiosity. A sense of independence and supreme confidence has taken hold, an instinct for organization and creation runs through both sides, the need for a challenge and the desire to build mark both sides of his mind.

    Unlike Shiva, The Architect is not pure evil. Nor does he take pleasure in killing other humans or planning Shiva’s attacks. He cares greatly for other mutants and wants the best for them - But to him, humans are simply a virus that must be eliminated to ensure mutant prosperity. Us or them, me or you, survival or death: This is the basic philosophy he follows. Unlike Shiva, The Architect has some good in him and is certainly redeemable, yet with the combined brainwashing and human attitudes towards mutants, such an action certainly won’t be easy.

    Basically, a multilayered man with the best intentions but sometimes the worst actions.

    When an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything. Will it be used for the greater good, or will it be used for personal or destructive ends?

    (Will be referred to as Ivan or The Architect, depending on the moment in time.) Ivan Klossovsky, before the rise of The Architect - future criminal mastermind, quasi-omniscient man, mutant seer and the only constantly unconscious, non-comatose man - was the son of two scientists in decaying Soviet Russia, 1988.

    Yet this was not just any baby. No, this was a child of a deeply concealed Soviet project, one of a small group of the last experimented children in Communist Russia. The objective? Put simply, Ubermenschen. Supermen, Homo Superior, Children of Evolution, call it whatever you desire - The point is, a secret, well-funded group of Soviet scientists, over 70% of them previous Nazis, many of them under Lebensborn through Hitler’s rule, sought to make the first augmented human. They sought to bring humanity to a new age - Whatever leader they were inspired by, their objective was one and the same.

    It was under these conditions that Ivan Klossovsky was born into this world. June 16, 1988, in a secluded lab, near the delta of the Angara River, where the mountain waters flowed into south Lake Baikal inside the Siberian Plateau, Ivan was born. A secret laboratory/communal village was set here, kept alive by the Baikal’s freshwater supply and nuclear power, by the many animals living on the Plateau and it’s minerals, and above all it’s easily concealed position, it was the perfect place to raise a pack of supermen.

    Normally, these children would be given out to the world at about 1 year in age, to be adopted and raised by normal Russian families. But with the growing chaos in Russia, with Gorbachev dismantling everything the Soviets believed in and the growing unrest among the population, they decided that it really would be best to raise the children themselves.

    The first ten years in Russia were relatively uneventful. We all know of the Soviet Collapse in 1991, the seizing of power by Boris Yeltsin, the rising crime rate and poor economy that remained and flourished both before and after it’s fall - But really, a self-sufficient lab like this one honestly couldn’t care. They raised their children to the best of their considerable ability, physically, mentally and emotionally, grooming them for the future rebirth of the Soviet Union as it should have been - True Communism before it’s corruption.

    He grew well, of course, and his powers began to show - He maintained his ambidexterity, was able to think on both hemispheres simultaneously, had the ability to solve problems quickly and displayed some predictive ability. But his abilities could not be expressed to their full potential here. As the children grew, they decided to transfer them to a nearly unknown continent, where their powers can be expressed much more freely. Did they know they were walking into a trap? Of course not - They only sought the future prosperity of their children.

    This was how Ivan and about 200 other enhanced humans came to Sky Line City, humans covertly given to different families for independent living. Many of them kept in touch with each other, Ivan included, through close proximity, telephones, and a telepathic system.

    They lived peacefully for a few years. Ivan continued to develop his powers. Yet we all know the tolerance of mankind for things both powerful and unknown - That they would attempt genocide was only a matter of time. Thanks to telepathic warning, most of his friends and their family successfully hid and survived, but Ivan’s own family was one of those that took the alert a little too late....

    The hunters came, killed the family, of course - Yet Ivan’s talents were desired by the government. Knowing about his abilities, planning to brainwash him, they hit him with an (Unintentionally) massive tranquilizing dose and tried to take him back to a secret lab.

    That’s where Shiva stepped in. It was about two weeks after Shiva rampaged around Sky Line City when he was also hunting down Ivan for his own use. He found the hunters, rapidly disposed of them, and took Ivan back to his lair. Wiping away the poison in Ivan, it was found that the overdose caused considerable brain damage, effectively wiping away his consciousness - yet with some hypnosis, Shiva was able to activate and control his subconscious mind.

    (It would never be known by anyone, except the culprit, that the tranquilizer in the darts was altered by Shiva to create this particular effect on Ivan. Knowing his abilities quite well by investigation, Shiva created the circumstances needed to fully awake Ivan’s powers and ensure absolute loyalty to him. Naturally, he also indirectly informed the government of Ivan’s whereabouts and powers, creating the particular circumstances needed to recruit him.)

    It was at this point where Ivan died and The Architect was born. The personality regained control of his body, this time through his subconscious, and with this new affinity his powers came out in full. Reborn under Shiva’s wing, seeing him as a combination father figure, friend, ally, and focus for his desires of revenge, creation and protection, he quickly became part of Shiva’s cult.

    This desire was channeled into forming Hades, creating virtually everything about the cult, from the structure, type of authority, communications, even lists of the best people to recruit. Shiva may be the official leader, but The Architect was and is the real power backing Hades, the man who gave it the shape that allowed the cult to reach such high levels of potency - And he exploited this to the best of his ability. Seeing Hades as a tool to achieve his desires, much like his master, yet caring for the group like a son, he spent his next few years maturing it, further refining the structure to reach even higher levels of achievement.

    These few years were tied in with Shiva’s own evolutionary progress. The Architect would plan all of Hades’s major actions over the next three years, constantly protected and concealed under Shiva’s shadow. (Only Shiva and the rest of Hades’s members knew about The Architect - Who even then was in disguise - Protecting his identity from all the people who would try to kill him.) He would predict upcoming events both inside and outside Hades, keeping himself, Shiva and the group one step ahead. He would see everything around him, constantly probing for further information, new allies and potential threats. In many respects, the members of Hades painted him with legend, believing him the omniscient and omnipresent Architect, greatest ally of the believed omnipotent Shiva. Like his master and every hero and villain throughout history, he became half man, half symbol.

    Three years later, The Architect has grown with Shiva and Hades into one of the most powerful mutants in Sky Line City. In the last few months, many visions and rumors of a mutant paradise has reached his ears - Naturally, he has started drawing up plans for the exodus to come and for the future prosperity of his fellow kind. He knows that for his master, it means an empire which he can rule over with a subtle, deceptive and selfish hand - But The Architect’s motives are far more altruistic. He sincerely cares for other mutants, and knows that once he’s finished with the dirty work of eliminating opposition for his kind, he can dedicate himself to what he truly desires - Benevolent rule and prosperity for all mutantkind.

    Evolution List:

    Progressive Traits:

    *Quantum Computation - The Architect’s immensely strong affinity to his subconscious mind (Created by a combination of Shiva’s poison and mutation) has given him many supernatural abilities. Among these is the ability to consciously tap into the full calculating abilities of his subconscious at will. The Architect, tapping into the deepest parts of his mind, is capable of calculating anything he has adequate information about at literally infinite speed. His mind is literally an organic quantum supercomputer.

    *Whole Hemisphere Thought - Most people can consciously use only the left or right hemisphere at the same time. Yet The Architect’s mutation allows him to bypass this limitation, giving him the ability to use both hemispheres simultaneously, both together and independent of each other. He literally can solve a math problem and paint at the same time, make both numerical and spacial calculations in the same moment, analyze an object from both logic and emotion in the same instant of calculation, etc. A side effect of this ability is his ambidexterity and the ability to synchronize many different body movements at the same time.

    *Clairvoyance - The Architect’s strong connection to his subconscious mind has not only boosted the speed and capacity of his brain. It also awakened certain psychic abilities - These existed in a semi-dormant state ever since he was an infant, yet with the mutation, these powers rose up as well. The Architect has a very strong sixth sense - Unlike his master however, it’s far stronger, more focused, and greatly trained. Able to use the full gamut of the five senses in psychic form, in both his current location and any projected area, The Architect is also a very powerful seer, able to acutely sense virtually everything around him.
    Note: Unlike Shiva’s Survival Instinct, The Architect’s psychic powers are not focused specifically on sensing danger and reacting to it. Because of this, his personality and his weaknesses, he can be caught off guard and surprised by sudden events.

    *Precognition - What seer is complete without the capacity for foresight and prophesy? The Architect is no exception to this - Along with his Clairvoyance, his mutation has also awakened the ability for prediction. He is capable of a great degree of detailed foresight, both short and long range, and like his Clairvoyance, this ability is highly trained and focused. Able to be called upon at any time, sometimes acting spontaneously, this ability can give vast amounts of possible future information on anything The Architect knows about.

    *Body Control - The Architect, through self-hypnosis, can gain conscious control of any part of his body. Boosting or slowing his metabolism, diverting nutrients and oxygen, speeding up his muscles, even moving and manipulating parts that were never meant to be consciously controlled, The Architect can do all that. This also extends to brain functions, such as altering his brainwaves, boosting or suppressing parts of his brain, negating pain, or altering the quantities of hormones and cells in himself.

    Degressive Traits:

    *The Architect’s five physical senses have sharply deteriorated since his mutation fully came alive and the amnesia took hold. He is blind, deaf and numb, incapable of smell or taste - These have been sacrificed in The Architect’s total dedication to his sixth sense. Only his ability to speak remains, and only because he’s incapable of telepathy - All his other senses have atrophied from abandonment. While his ESP powers are able to compensate for all his lost senses when used, there are times when his mind needs a rest from exerting these abilities, there are people who can cloak themselves from supernatural sight, there are ways of disrupting psychic powers. In such situations, The Architect has no ability for external perception and is left nearly helpless.

    *The Architect, due primarily to the focus that his instantaneous thought processes require and the detachment from the real world that comes with his constant REM state, is often unaware of what’s going on outside of his mind and body. He’s often spaced out, inattentive, obscure - Think of your absent-minded professor. This creates several tangible side effects, all detrimental: Slow reflexes, slow reaction time, absence of a sense of priority, lack of all kinds of stress, sometimes an unawareness of the events around him. In many ways, The Architect is too calm.

    *The singular focus on the power of the mind, impressive as it is, does not come without a significant cost. In this case, he paid for his emphasis with his body - Sure, he kept the muscles reasonably well toned with self-hypnosis, he has no substantial physical damage from neglect, but no one could doubt that The Architect is quite physically frail. Very low endurance - He could barely run a block before resting, nor can he do any kind of moderate or major physical exertion without risking physical damage. His muscles, though not atrophied, have the approximate strength of an average 10 year old boy with little exercise.

    *His permanent amnesia, ironically a byproduct of the state required to use his greatest strengths, is also one of his weaknesses. (Full retrograde amnesia, significant anterograde amnesia) The Architect can’t remember anything about his past before he became fully subconscious. This is not simply suppressed memory or short circuited memory links - No, the memories of his past were literally eradicated from his brain, obliterated and erased beyond repair or recall. The basic survival programming inherent to all humans and the skills he learned before and after the event is the only knowledge that The Architect permanently retains. Memories that occurred after the event are often hazy and lack large portions of details, but are to a degree recallable. However, his memory span for most events after the amnesia is about 1 hour.

    The Architect is in a constant REM state - This, after all, is what gives him access to all his mental powers. This state is maintained by a constant low frequency brainwave, at about 3hz (Low Theta, high Delta), causing a dreamlike state. Therefore, anything that disrupts brainwave activity, particularly objects or events that speed up brainwaves can bring him out of this state and make him unable to use his powers. Potential examples include stimulant drugs, strong emotional shock, or concentrated Alpha or Beta brainwaves (8hz and above).
    People admire and respect their superiors, are repulsed and disgusted by their inferiors, and connect to their equals.

    The extreme highs and lows in life get a strong reaction - Yet it the averages in life that most people connect to.

    The class system is nothing more then different groups of people grouping with their fellow equals and feeling the sense of separation from their superiors and inferiors.

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    OOC: THe Cap's view of everything is skewed, don't worry if things I say don't seem to make sense at first. And this is just a tentative post while we wait for the actual rp to start. I need to excercise a bit, ge the old RPing muscles working.

    IC: Captain Plutonium dashed down the darkened streets, puddles splashed as he charged through them, heedless of the danger of getting wet and dirty boots. In this section of the great urbanplex the lights flickered and sparks danced from cut wires that hung down fromt he steel ceiling of pipes, wires and low budget lighting. The area was a foul ubran jungle and the Captain would have to navigate it swiftly or be forced to turn and fight. He had just liberated the electron pulse cables from one of the Imperialists Sonic Wave Disruptors and now he was being pursued by their corrupt forces. Behind him, the heavy footsteps of a patrol of the black clad, faceless soldiers struggled to catch up to him. But the hero had needed the wires for his latest heroic project, the cables were the only way he could conduct the particular waves of Ether needed to power the creation. And when he finished it, the world would become that much safer.

    Unfortunately, Plutonium turned a corner and ended up faces a heavy steel fence. It shot up into the low roof of pipes and metal, closing off his escape route, jerking his Ether Wave Oscilator from the holster, the Captain turned to face his pursuers. There were four of them, all black fabric, body armor and jackboots. They were a normal patrol, not one of the vile council's Death Seeker teams, and they were only armed with conventional weapons. Plutonium wasn't truly worried.

    "Put your hands on your head and lie on the ground," The nearest of the soldiers commanded, his voice tinny through the shiny helmet that obscured all facial features and made him less of a person and more of a tool. His comrades raised their rifles, preparing for anything unexpected. They were trained to deal with this common sort of law breaker, and had taken down many a perp who had tried to rip off the city and deprive honest citizens of the resources gladly provided by their benevolent handlers.

    At least that's how the soldiers thought. The citizen's weren't truly well cared for, their handlers were not benevolent, Captain Plutonium was not a common law breaker, and they were definately not prepared for everything. He flashed a smile, dazzling, even in the poor lighting of this ghetto district and flipped a switch on his belt. Suddenly small panels opened up on the shoulders of his belt and the alleyway was flooded with incredibly intense light. Even with their protective helms, the soldiers were blinded by the flash and the Captain raised his Oscilator, blasting the leader to the ground with concussive Etheric force. As the began to recover, Plutonium leapt forward, delivered a harsh flying kick that connected on the next Imperial Lackey with a resounding crack. He dropped into a roll, coming up behind the soldiers and broke into a run, down a different set of corridors.

    It took a moment for the three soldiers left standing to recover but they quickly set out in hot pursuit. As they caught sight of the Captain, they opened fire. Bullets whizzed by, one slicing deep into his left arm, with a grimace he turned up the dial on the Oscilator, adjusting it's setting and widening the beam. He turned and fired, a blast of the blue white Etheric force slamming out and crashing into the soldiers. Two fell, rendered unconcious by the blast but the final soldier was also the most tenacious, he kept running, unhooking a grenade from his belt. He wouldn't let this one get away.

    Captain Plutonium saw only once chance to survive the blast, he turned to another of the large fences and blasted it open, diving through even as the Ether began to melt away the last edges of the whole. Behind him the fragmentation grenade exploded, lighting up the dark alleyway. It was almost precisely then that he realized exactly what the fences were for. The Urbanplex was many stories high and this was not the bottom, he had leapt into a sort of shaft that plummeted down into a glowing green ooze below. With no purchase beneath him, and already moving by his own volition, the Captain began to fall.

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    Name: Janelle Zarin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is like a lone wolf and is usually not trusting in others, even from her own kind. Even though untrusting, she is highly curious which tends to get her into trouble.
    History: I sensed them coming, in an army so large, staying too long could be fatal. I was sitting out in the open by our den with my aunt Amanda, she knew I was sensing something. But I left telling her too late, in a few minutes they had come into full view. Amanda hastily shooed me back into the den, but she stayed outside. I watched her through my mind, she was just sitting there. The army had now come into full range and she stood up and walked over to them. This highly puzzled me until I heard what she was thinking "If they take me, they wont know about Janelle, it must be done." I snapped out of telepathy and started running back to save her, when I got to the edge of the den, there I saw them slaughter her with their weapons. "Theres another one of them," I heard one say, but before they could even get near I teleported away, thus draining my energy but keeping me safe for a short while.

    Progressive Traits:
    - Teleporting: Able to teleport away
    - Mind telepathy: Can read others thoughts
    - Sight Telepathy: Can see any place within one kilometre squared
    - Switch: Able to switch bodies with other beings
    - Silent screech: Projects a high pitched screech which deafens and blinds others temporarily

    Degressive Traits:
    - Telport loss: loses an emense amount of energy from teleporting
    - Amnesia: switching can cause scarred mental properties leading to amnesia
    - Enslavery: playing of the possesed flute by someone else can make her a mindless slave

    - Blue moon:
    Night of the blue moon all psychic abilities are cancelled out.
    Paired with: Miss Ninetales, xXEmo_WolfieXx, Kittsuera, The Editor, Link
    Me and my pairs, we are awesomeness in our right and left minds, and we are better than you too :lol:

    No one said I couldn't do this xD
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    Name: Deirdre Bolden-Shelley Bedlam [Wendy’s Name Origins: Deirdre is of Celtic and Gaelic origin, meaning ‘broken-hearted’. In can also mean ‘fear’, or ‘raging woman’. In Celtic legend, Deirdre was the most beautiful woman in Ireland, but died of a broken heart. Bolden is after legendary jazz musician of the very early 20th century in New Orleans, famed for his improvisational skills which would long be admired and modeled as well as being a forefather of jazz itself, Buddy Bolden. He began his musical career when her mother became fully detached from reality after her husband and daughter were taken by Yellow Fever at the time. She lost all interest in everything around her. Talented like no other, his mother’s condition drove him to alcohol and insanity and in 1907, while playing in a marching band, Buddy abruptly screamed in terror and began frothing at the mouth. Crowds were shocked at the sight, and he was admitted into a state mental hospital, where there he was doomed to wallow in for decades until his eventual death. He never played again. Bolden was diagnosed with ‘dementia praecox’, synonymous with schizophrenia now, but interesting enough, psychiatrists have stated that perhaps without his condition, he may not have been able to create and form the jazz that we have today and much of his improvisational talent came from his schizophrenia. This reflects on Deirdre in an aspect of not only family, but the unusual way such corrupting maladies of the mind can be so twisted in an almost advantageous way. Shelley is named after author of the original 1818 novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, who was only 19 years old when she wrote this. She once reflected saying, “How I, then a young girl, came to think of, and to dilate upon, so very hideous an idea?” Bedlam is after the Bethlem Royal Hospital, situated in London, the oldest asylum of the world. The word has since been coined as a scene of confusion and calamity.]

    Age: Her body reflects on the condition of about a 76 year old as of now, yet she has only lived for 21.

    Gender: Female


    In her first form, Deirdre takes on the form of a relatively ordinary woman. Expressionless and unanimated. Like a painting. A single visage painted onto her face. Yes, like a pristine painting. Her spirit trapped within a motionless statue. And while she could try so desperately to show even the slightest sign of emotion, it would do nothing. Even if she was ecstatic, even if she was falling apart, no matter what she thought or felt she would always look ‘fine’. It was beautiful in a way. Inhuman, illusion, I suppose that’s what we yearn for. What we cannot reach.

    The only obvious symptom of Evolution on her body is Deirdre’s coarse, marble skin. At touch, you can feel the chilling ethereal texture to her. Truly a sculpture in herself. Deirdre’s touch of stone makes her extremely sensitive and protective of others being around her and touching her.

    Otherwise, she is another stranger in the mass, just another soul in the congregation. Smile as dead as a cadaver. Lips as cold as clay. Expression is a rarity in this day. Deirdre has beautifully draping black hair, hands so preened and cosseted as a bird of Jove, yet without life she is nothing. She dresses with reservation, humble and unassuming. All that ever corrupted this delicate visage was the wild, medusa mess of her hair and the insane glare in her eyes. They were always so open; open as the gaping jaws of the shadows that so fantastically danced. So ample with horror and chaos. An antic flame enclosed in crystalline lenses.

    Sure, she could see, perfectly, but it was the mind that could so manipulate and mutate the world to her. Her eyes were only tools, slaves to the right hand of the mind. Our entire bodies lay at the feet of the omnipotent mind.

    Deirdre’s first form is a shell. An empty, hollow shell. Never able to express, to feel, to live. Her soul, though, encased and veiled by the theatre drapes.

    However, if she is crossed into her second form, her visage is entirely and utterly mutated into an unrecognizable state. Her body even doubling in size from her icy form, what she is made from is no longer marble or mere stone, but diamond. The strength she gained from this was incomprehensible. Eyes widen with bloodlust, nostrils flare, fists clench and each step a resounding tread. With this, she is granted the power of over a dozen men. Deirdre has no control over this body, yet she watches each and every move making it only more painful. Apart from appearance and power, her two states are not much different. The same heart, the same soul, still trapped in a mere body she could not control. All this power and yet she did not power it herself.

    Deirdre’s second form is like a machine. But it is more alive than a machine. It is like a feral, untamed beast. Cold and calculating, heartless, but so passionate and living. Alive.

    In this, Deirdre stepped into another realm. Another dungeon. Another labyrinth in which she lived in with fear. Fear of what? It wasn’t death, it wasn’t suffering, more than anything what she feared most was herself; to be powerless.

    Personality/History: At daemon, homini quum struit aliquid malum, pervertit illi primitus mentem suam.
    The devil when he purports any evil against man, first perverts his mind.

    Madness. Deirdre’s life is lived out of only fear, desolation and insanity. Afflicted with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, Deirdre always held impassionate and distant relationships with others. She constantly saw and heard things, from all around her, that did not exist and flew into wild rages or euphoria arbitrarily. Life was not to be lived, but endured and struggled through. To simply wait out the end. Yet, the Creator would not let it be so. She is Evolution.

    There was nowhere safe for her. Not in her body, not in her mind, where else could she go?

    Just as the Lord is said to have brought upon us the Heavens and the Earth, and next he gave light, which came the Day and the Night;
    He bestowed us with land and sea, and it was so;
    Fruits, seed, green; living creatures to roam the empty land, and came forth birds, fish, mammals and insects,
    And he saw it was good. “Let us make man in our image…the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” It was good.

    So she wondered, why is it, then, that such Lord would allow the beast that she is to grace this Earth? Where is the Lord? What God would sanction that?

    Deirdre hated what she was. Who she was. What she has done and what she can do. Such immense hate for one’s self haunted her – she could kill, she could kill someone with her bare hands and she couldn’t do a single damn thing about it. All she could do was watch them die before her eyes. All those of her victims she would memorize to their apparel, to their pitch and dynamic of screech, to their horrified gazes and lingering gapes. Sometimes she would invent names for them, to make them seem more human than just a frail doll within her grasp.

    I suppose she did this to torment herself further. This pain, this guilt, she brought this upon herself and would not let her get off without feeling that same torturous pain. It was ... a punishment of sorts. Deirdre didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to be purified, she wanted to suffer.

    It’s inexplicable, these acts out of emotion man and Evolution are capable of. Guilt, terror, jealousy, greed, malice, but more than anything, love. A lot could not be explained about Deidre. And while may others of her kind – these deformed and manipulated beings we call Evolution – seemed to become less human with their powers, Deirdre, in a way, became more human. So much heart and humanity, and yet she could not express it.

    You could say she thought with her heart, with her soul, with her spirit and essence. Not with her mind. She was impulsive, unfathomable, enigmatic, erratic and irrational. She didn’t require logic, reason, sense, all we really need is heart. We live in a world, now, where passion is a rarity – callousness thrives and breeds, heartlessness devouring. As time goes on, we lose the very thing that makes us human.

    Mental illness was not unknown to her. Deirdre comes from a long line of blood carrying the condition, dating back to the 19th century where her ancestors’, a poor, uneducated peasant family of Spain, inbreeding came about various neurological disorders with time. Deirdre was born into a family of her mother, afflicted with schizophrenia and minor Down syndrome, and her father, without any major conditions apart from the tiniest bit of asthma. What her father was not aware of, however, was that Deirdre’s mother was Evolution. One of the first stages of it, and she looked just like a normal person really. After Deirdre was born, because of her psychoneurotic state, this child heightened her obsessiveness which drove her to constant violence, screaming and crying – directed to Deirdre’s father. Eventually, he was driven away to leave her with Deirdre in her care.

    Deirdre was born, and forced to live with her dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia throughout her wasteful, useless, insignificant life. Raised by her mother, many times she had been shaken and beaten as a young baby. Her skin and bones soft, her spirits malleable, powerless and weak as a being coming into a strange world. Even today she bears scars with not resentment or sorrow. Unusual dents in her skull, wounds and disfigurements all over her body from those years ago. As she grew, and her Evolution developed and progressed, these mutilations were to be embedded in her for years to come.

    Her mother had no powers as Evolution bear today, as one of the primary stages of it. But the true successions lived within Deirdre with immense pique - Evolution had, in a way, took a disease, a demeaning and patronising disease, and somehow could make the better of it. Since Deirdre’s very birth, she seemed powerless at showing emotion. Her evident features took time to develop in her body. At age four, Deirdre’s skin hardened to almost stone and lost its warmth. With it, her childhood scars entrenched themselves upon her emerging constant reminders of memories she wanted to repress.
    Through life, Deirdre always held this bleak outlook on life and the world. She had more than once considered suicide, but she was just too much of a reprehensible coward to do that.

    Deirdre, since then, had been extremely protective of herself and sensitive to others around her. Her skin meant she constantly dreaded the touch of another. She would hold herself, arms cradling, as her eyes followed distrustingly those who went by. Deirdre never had very much company. Even from her young age, she was isolated with only her mind. It was the equivalent of being locked away with this terrifying figure, a torturous and venomous tyrant.

    Very little did she have contact with anyone. Deirdre never looked back on her childhood with hatred or spite, but with a surreal fashion of wistfulness and somber. She was a rather absentminded person.

    As reclusive and cloistered as she was, that never meant she was not a lonely person. In fact, she was a very forlorn woman, watching on with an admiring envy. She can remember one day, a horridly grey day, and herself sitting on the curb of a mossy street. How ugly a scene. She can recall the cobblestone touch of the ground, so much like her own. Decadence. She can remember looking up, and pondering to herself whether the rains followed her, ignoring the fact that the rest of the world felt the same frigid droplets. From time to time, it truly seemed as though the world laughed in her very face. So desperate and yearning to get out of the habitude metronome.
    But enough of that. Deirdre could see so vividly, as dull as it looked, the painted canvas – and there walked by a stranger in the street. She could not get a glance of his face, but what she could see was a fitting suit and grippingly firm hand. Oh, she was so struck at such nothingness. The unrelenting surge of common rain, only ambience to her musical spirit. Of course, she couldn’t show it, and only gawked like a common beggar as her eyes followed with intent. In one hand clutched a simple black umbrella, and in the other ... well, a woman. And when she recollects the moment as the pair passed before her, she murmurs with faintness and even a slight smile, “Mon Dieu... Qu’elle était belle.”
    Again, Deirdre was once more unable reveal her stricken emotions. As much as she could be slashed at, shattered, so very broken, that distant façade, unlike her soul, could not be penetrated. And yet, she held not a cold heart.

    Now, I know, you would they this is such an insignificant memory. What use would it be? Well, Deirdre held this to her with such defense and guard. This was perhaps one of the closest seconds she ever had to another. And although unrequited, unanswered, it was just as special and particular. It was not often that Deirdre would open herself up. Always in the fear of being hurt, or hurting others. She was always so restrained. At times you’d wonder whether she really did loathe this shell. What if it was herself that so desired and clasped this visage?

    This illustrates another facet of Deirdre. She has a rather good memory. That is, only of what truly matters to her. What takes her spellbound, these events that she holds dearly and only her. What she was doing 18 hours ago didn’t concern her – she only chose to remember what mattered. And they might just be the most unimportant and trivial things, but what should it matter if that is what she felt was treasured?

    As she grew, the evolutionary powers intensified and she soon discovered the very creature of havoc she could become. Now, if she recalls correctly, in which she certainly has, it was the 16th of the seventh month, now eight years ago. Deirdre can’t quite remember how it happened, and she definitely cannot explain why, but she can remember with conviction that acute, piercing and excruciating pain. Deirdre can’t remember what she was doing, but she remembers feeling angry. Very angry. Looking down at beaten hands, she felt herself change. Mutate. Indeed, she became very much this beast, creature of havoc. Then, moments after, she could see. She couldn’t move herself and she couldn’t do anything, but she could hear, see, smell, taste and feel as if it were her own body. It moved robotically at first, and then with the swift of the big cats. And Deirdre can remember feeling at that time, suffocated and chaffed.
    What she can remember best, though, is that moment that her mother was strangled in her feral claws. It was a petrifying memory. Now, she never felt very much for her mother, being so secluded, but seeing her die felt her heart jerk and wrench like never before. That was her first victim, and 16 others were to follow as she flew into this wild state.

    Have at you. Alright, what of the present? Deirdre, since the Purge, has been forced into the darkened corners of Sky Line City, wandering rather aimlessly and wallowing childishly through the days. Three years among the ashes. She met others of her kind, meandering, nothing seemed real. Despite her murderous deeds, Deirdre is relatively low on the priority list in comparison to the malice and bale which lives. The metropolis which so refused her, the light that so denied her, Deirdre simply would not be accepted into a society with such hatred – every society except for those of her own, that is.
    She is really quite easily manipulated and convinced. As word spread like deadly disease, talk of a Utopia where acceptance was abound, it captivated her, awestruck. She seeks these men, with, enfin, an aspiration and hope.

    And what she has always desired is power, to end this helplessness she so pains. To escape the torment she endures of the mind and to flee the fear that agonises her. Satirically enough, The Creator felt as though it’d be amusing to give her this immense and colossal strength. Not many know what a comedian he is. Yet, this only bore more burden to her shoulders, and she felt no safer. A heart, a soul, encased in a statue shell and tortured by a limbo mind.

    Much of Deirdre’s powers are still unknown. The complexity of the body, homo sapien is obsolete. Not everything, in fact very little of what makes up our world can be explained or reasoned with. So many devote themselves to learn of the world around us, but Deirdre simply lives it without needing to question. Life ... is so much simpler. So many infinitely ask ‘why’. And yet the answer is equally as infinite ‘I don’t know.’ Perhaps we weren’t meant to know. She can’t explain how she changes form, why, these things about her. Intricate and arcane.

    Perhaps, more than that, the complexity of the mind surpasses. The complexity of existing, of thinking and living and breathing and dreaming and believing.

    You could call Deirdre a complex being. Such a simpleminded woman, yet ... so profound.

    What I really try to stress throughout this, though, is the humanity Deirdre possesses. While she is this monster, this beast, this statue, she is very much more human than any other. She feels pain, hurt, jealousy, resentment, greed, glutton, this she experiences all too often. She is an embodiment of what we are – we are capable of kindness and warmth, as well as odium and, as one might say, evil. Deirdre is us, human and Evolution, in its purest and primal form.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:
    - Most obviously is her strength from her second form. Of course, she has no control over it, and no way to willingly transform at whatever time, but she is powerful beyond mind's eye nonetheless. It seemed to act as a defense and attack mechanism, which brought her out of many situations in the past, but because of this Deirdre holds herself away from others in fear of hurting even those most important to her.

    - Not only are her senses twisted and deformed, but they are heightened. Like the recreational drugs, her smell and touch and so on, are more sensitive and receptive than the average body.

    - Deirdre held memories for dear life. She could recall everything that ever mattered to her – and nothing that didn’t. Mentioned earlier, her memory served as something to allow her to live through each day. Memories are what make us who we stand as, our experiences and reminiscences something to hold to through life, from cradle to grave. It doesn’t seem as such of a truly beneficial trait really, but to Deirdre, it kept her temperance and fidelity.

    - Hardened stone-esque skin leaves Deirdre quite inpenetrable to physical pain. Mental, emotional, spiritual, on the other hand, is really quite a different matter altogether.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:
    - Deirdre is not an intelligent woman. Not wise, not taught, not refined or intelligent as many others. But let me assure you, she is more human than most characters ever could be. Emotion, sentiment, it’s all she has. She has only the company of her insanity and madness, solely her humanity. Her knowledge was not much beyond that of a ten year old – she could string understandable sentences, with pauses, although otherwise it seemed just as normal; and she could write perfectly well, albeit with a gap at each letter, awkwardly directing the pen around and across. Reading was a bit of a challenge but she’d get there. Mathematics she could only barely, and science she was capable of. All she really couldn’t comprehend in the slightest was social studies. Science of the world around her, of people, of history, of the workings and aspects of our society. Practicality, reality, life in its truth she simply denies.
    So I suppose there are two degressive traits there. Her limited intelligence, but not only that, but her humanity.

    - As much as Deirdre's powers might speak to the contrary, she is a weak woman. Weak in heart. And whilst her strength is so truly immense, she is broken so easily inside. She can be easily twisted and manipulated by others if they can make her heart dance, her soul move.

    - Each time she undergoes this transformation into her second form of Evolution, her body deteriorates in health although not visible in any other form from her truth. While she may look flawlessly healthy and youthful in her first form as a 21 year old, her body is aging at a speed of over 10 times whenever it makes such extremity transformations as she morphs into her second form. With this tremendous and sudden acute pressure on the body to completely alter its structure, it ages. Perhaps it’s a good representation of Deirdre’s own self. Frail, weak, feeble.

    - Deirdre is overcome with many symptoms of such psychoactive and psychedelic drugs as lysergic acid diethylamide [LSD], tetrahydrocannabinol, or the vivid effects of entheogen.
    Distortions affected her in all senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. She’d hear things that weren’t there, or saw things that just didn’t exist. Reality was detached for Deirdre. There was Deirdre’s world, and then there was life as it really was. She lives in a state detached from veracity.

    - Without any control over her wild beast-state, it renders it generally useless to do what she would command it to. She cannot control when she transforms, what she does, it's more of a burden than help.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:
    - Well, that’s just the thing. No one knows. Oh yes, she definitely possesses a neutralizer, it’s just unknown what exactly it is. It was very random at which she was reduced to her true self. Perhaps it was a thought, an emotion, or perhaps it was a substance. She never really knows what it was, but it terrified her so. When exposed to whatever it is, Deirdre is reduced to her true form – a crippled, defenseless aged woman. To be powerless and vulnerable, it horrifies her. All powers lost, all illusions revealed, as much as Deirdre fears herself as a statue, and as a vicious beast - this she fears the most.

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    Name: Camael Arella

    Age: 11

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Quiet. Quiet, serene, timid, ignorant. Camael used to be a showgirl, but she never really did like large crowds or audiences. Her flare mostly emerges in solitude, perhaps a sudden display of intelligence, or a random philosophical thought. But intelligence does not equate to knowledge, and thus, Camael is ignorant.

    She does not hate the death of her parents; in the future, she will learn to hate. She is still too pure. She admires her cousin Rayne- He is strong, passionate, and he has the confidence to get things done. While she, she is just a wimpy girl with large, soft azure eyes and with the look and beauty of a frightened rabbit. She gets sad at times though. Sad when Rayne is impatient with her, sad when Rayne scolds her, sad when she is frightened. And she gets scared. Scared when left alone in the dark, scared when she has to sleep and close her eyes in that imitation of death. Scared whenever they get attacked. Just plain scared.

    But she wants to be strong. And that is all there is to it.

    History: Camael Arella, cousin to Rayne Ionhart. The Arellas, another influencial family within Sky Line, were merged in the historical marriage of Azrael Arella and Rouge Ionhart, Rouge being the sister of Renee Ionhart, Rayne’s mother. A few years later, Camael entered the world.

    The lineage of Camael, and both families’ history, goes a long way back. First, the Arellas. They specialized in the magic trade. Their place was on the big stage, the lighted stage, the glittering stage of fame and fortune. The idea of a performer in society was the common perception that the performer belonged at the feet of those whom they entertained, worked for, and thus depended on for pay and survival. This was not the case for the Arellas. They had been known to leap off the stage after a performance and simply settling down at the VIP table, right next to those fancy chairmen, heads of the state, government officials and join them for a sip of wine. If it counted as anything, their magic extravaganzas (too grand to be simply classed as a ‘magic show’) hiked their popularity even more among the higher ups. Their names were on the guest list of every noble around.

    Naturally, what brought about their fame was intelligence and skill. Their performances were highly sought after, raved by critics as the ‘closest thing ever to real magic.’ Of course it wasn’t real magic! The Arellas were a family, a family with a secret and a smirk. They were a family of illusionists. A magic that created the likeness of magic, yet never suspected in its purity to be a power, a magic, of its own. Azrael had created illusions, illusions so real that people swore they could touch, feel them. And the eternal ‘vanishing trick’, so well known as a magician’s forte, was given an entirely new angle. At times, Rouge helped out, creating dancers of light and glitter that enthralled audiences all around the world.

    Camael had her duplicating trick. She was the ‘lovely assistant’, the brave dame that escaped the Box of Knives, that was impaled by a sword and emerged unscathed. Of course, it was her other halves. As long as none of the duplicates died, Camael was fine. Magazines worldwide reported rumours of her ‘twin’, a being known as Sariel, which contributed to the success of the vanishing tricks. Of course, the Arella family encouraged the rumour, and soon, the whole world saw evidence that the rumour was true. A paparazzi had stuck into the house, and taken a photo of Camael…playing with an image of herself. Headlines everyone screamed. The elusive Sariel had finally been given flesh as a real human! And the Arella family continued smirking.

    That was when Camael was 7 years old. A year later, the Great Purge came. The authorities had finally become suspicious of the Arellas’ trickery. And they came. And they killed.

    Showy and beautiful as it was, most of the Arellas’ talents were aimed to impress, not to defeat nor defend. One by one, the Arellas fell. And the only two not on the scene, and thus spared, were Rouge and Camael, who were on a trip to see her only cousin for the first time...22 year old Rayne.

    The little duo came back to a scene of carnage- the house had been set ablaze, and the bodies in the process of being burnt along with the property. Wise enough to remain undetected, Rouge grabbed Camael’s hand and fled right back to where they had came from- The mansion of the Ionharts. Rayne maintained a cold indifference to the pair the entire time they resided within his ancestral home. To the other Ionharts though, they were more than welcome. Sadly, Rouge was not in a good condition. Six months later, she died at the age of 32. Whether it was stress, disease or sadness no one would ever know, but now, Camael was alone. Alone, the lone Arella.

    It was some time later that Rayne decided to set off. His own personal mission, on his own personal question, fueled by his own personal desire and kept going by his own, personal hate. And he brought Camael along.

    Camael has mostly inherited traits from the Arella lineage rather than the Ionhart side. Though she strengthens in the presence of light just like her cousin, she still requires to consume food to keep alive- She does not live on light alone. Her powers are largely in the range of deception, with duplication and shape-shifting amongst them. When illusion and light meet, you get a mirage, you get a Camael.

    Progressive Traits [Positives Gained from Evolution]:

    -Most importantly, the usage of her powers does not require much energy. An overuse will not result in her exhaustion. She only has to be conscious to use her powers, regardless of energy level. She is also able to sustain these powers until she loses consciousness, hence her duplicates and own morphing is for an unlimited period of time.

    -Makes an unlimited number of duplicates any time, any place. Each duplicate is physical, not an illusion, neither are they a mirage. A duplicate has the exact body and brain as she does, hence they do not need the original Camael to give commands, acting as a ‘mothership’ figure. Since each has the exact same way of thinking, regulation is not required. Each duplicate already knows what the other will do, and hence it’s simply a more extreme version of multitasking. Camael can cancel out the existence of these duplicates as she wishes.

    -Shape-shifting. This power is based on her sense of sight. She can copy an object, person or animal’s appearance based on prior memory or while looking at it. Still, there may be flaws in appearance due to the oversight of miniscule details by the eyes. She can hold this shape for as long as she wishes, and when out of it, can recall it as long as she remembers its appearance. This ability may also be used in the exact opposite way- Not depending on sight but imagination. Camael may morph herself into any creature she dreams of, though the success rate of full duplication is dependent on the brain’s ability to focus of the image created.

    -Once she obtains the DNA of an object, animal or person (a single cell will do), she is able to replicate that person entirely, even regarding voice and the five senses. In other words, she 'becomes' them appearance-wise. She may not be able to replicate their actions entirely for she cannot read minds and thoughts.

    -Light, Life and Love. In the presence of light, she powers up. Her movements are faster, more fluid, her mind is quicker, her body is stronger, her soul is happier. Anything positive is enhanced in the presence of light. This concept also applies to ‘life’, where the same effects occur should she be in surroundings inhabited by lush life, perhaps a forest where plant life, animal life and human villagers live in harmony. It is also true for ‘love’, especially around positive feelings by others or when around friends.

    Degressive Traits [Negatives Attained from Evolution]:

    -Once a duplicate is killed, Camael dies. Hence, the higher the number of duplicates she creates, the more she puts herself at risk, for one only has to take hostage of a single duplicate to hold the girl’s life in their hands. However, this concept does not apply to injuries. Injuries inflicted on duplicates will not appear on Camael’s original body.

    -If Camael is hit by electricity while in another form through shape-shift, she will be trapped in that form for a certain amount of time. The higher the voltage of electricity, the longer she will be stuck in that body. This is because her shape-shifting works based on the concept of rearranging molecules within her body to obtain another form. Electricity is a factor that messes up the arrangement of molecules within her, especially electrons. Thus, she will be unable to morph back into her human body until her molecules are no longer disarranged. (Time varies from a few hours to weeks depending on the voltage. The longest period of time she has been trapped in another form is two months.)

    -When she replicates a living creature through DNA (No matter plant, animal or human), she will share the same fate as the original. For instance, if a human she is replicating suffers an asthma attack, she will too. If the animal she is replicating is shot by a gun, the wound will also appear on her body. If the original creature dies, she will have the same fate. In a way, it’s a twisted version of voodoo, with the ‘doll’ in question being a living subject. Hence, it is very important that Camael does not replicate an opponent in a fight. With every injury she inflicted reflected back onto herself, it would spell out both the words ‘redundant’, as well as her doom.

    -Darkness, Death and Despair. Inversely, in the presence of darkness (or rather, absence of light), Camael is weakened. Her reflexes are slower, she is more prone to panic, her defenses are down, and she simply cannot function effectively. Death follows the same pattern, with her weakening especially in war zones or medical institutes where Death occurs on a daily basis and is accepted as an everyday part of life. Despair works the same way, with her weakened in places of suffering, perhaps prisons, slums, dungeons and torture cells.

    Neutralizer [Cancellation to your Traits]:

    -Unconsciousness. As long as in a state of suspended animation, no matter may it be sleep, a coma, or death, Camael will be absolutely unable to use any powers. Hence, any duplicates she creates, any form she shape-shifts into, all these will vanish the moment she falls asleep, and she will be just an ordinary girl. Unconsciousness, for her, is not differentiated by separate terms such as ‘sleep’, ‘coma’ or ‘death’. For her, it progresses in stages. If she remains asleep for too long, her sleep will develop into a coma. Should she be unable to wake or be woken by friends while in a coma, the coma would eventually progress to death. Hence, she prefers sleeping in short 15-30min intervals, taking many naps a day rather than a prolonged sleep.

    XION. For god's sake, start the RP soon! I keep thinking up of new characters the longer I wait...hence this one. I'm waiting in anticipation, you know!

    By the way, the concept for this character was that I realised many of the degressive traits over here usually includes something along the lines of 'gets exhausted if he/she uses his/her powers for too long since powers is a major drain on energy etc etc.' So I wanted to create a character without this degressive trait. I hope I've done decently. Yes, the progressive traits are incredible, but I think I've made her weakness just as incredible.


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