Does anyone else out there still play the TCG?

I recently stumbled upon a couple of my old decks. Can't find all my other cards, which is really disappointing. I hope I didn't give them away, that sounds like something I would do.

Anyway, thinking of buying some of the new D/P cards.

These are the two old decks I found:

Plant/Fire Deck

14 Trainers
21 Energy
25 Pokemon

9 plant
11 fire
6 Normal

14 Trainers
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Gust of Wind
2 Bills
1 Full Heal
1 Switch
1 Impostor Oak's Revenge
1 Poke Ball
3 potions
3 energy removals

10 Fire Pokemon
2 Charmander
1 Charmeleon
1 Ponyta
1 Brock's Vulpix
1 Blainde's Vulpix
2 Magmar
1 Blaine's Moltres
1 Entei (promo)

10 Plant Pokemon
3 Ekans
1 Dark Arbok
1 Koga's Grimer
1 Exeggcute
2 Tangela
1 Rocket's Scyther

6 Normal Pokemon
Jigglypuff (jungle)
2 Brock's Lickitung
2 Kangaskhan (jungle)
1 Spearow

Plant/Psychic deck

24 Energy
11 Trainers
25 Pokemon

12 psychic energy 12 plant energy

11 Trainers
1 Full Heal Energy
4 potions
1 Super potion
1 The Boss's Way
1 Misty's Duel
2 Gust of Winds
1 Switch

10 Plant Pokemon
2 Paras
1 Parasect
2 Exeggcute
1 Rocket's Scyther
3 Ekans
1 Dark Arbok

10 Psychic Pokemon
1 Sabrina's Abra
4 Rocket Abra
1 Dark Kadabra
2 Kadabra
1 Sabrina's Gastly
1 Sabrina's Mr. Mime

5 Normal
1 Kangaskhan (jungle)
2 Spearow
1 Fearow
1 Farfetch'd

Anyway, I'm open for criticism. What do you think of the low energy? I remember doing pretty well with the fire deck. Obviously it depends on the luck of the draw.

Basically I can only switch between these two decks, I have about 20 more cards but I can't find the others... I'm a sad panda about that too

I can't find my Charizard card! If I did anything stupid like give it away I'm going to be pissed.

Think I may head to Uber Geek Gear (a shop) later and pick up a sapphire deck just to get a treecko card. (even if it sucks, that is just an uber cute pokemon and I really need to get at least one gardevoir) I'll probably pick up a couple booster packs too.

I don't really want to get too many more because I am really becoming a minimalist. All the wanton materialism in America just doesn't do it for me any more. Go fig. *shrug*