So, after a few, requests I finally decided to write an article on Pokemon Platinum. Here's the breakdown (I must say, it sounds a lot cooler than Daimond or Pearl):

-Pokemon Platinum is scheduled to be released on Septemer 17 to all of Japan. The dates for anywhere else have yet to be announced.

-Giratina will be appearing on the cover, being the third of the dragon trio. (Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia)

-There will, of course, be a special promo DS kit:

(Left: Cover for Pokemon Platinum, Right: Promo DS with original color "Platinum White")

-The GTS will have some new changes to it, including the introduction of the "Global Terminal". This allows you to also trade with your your friends over Wi-fi. (The way that this is different from just regular trading over Wi-Fi has yet to be announced).

-A new item called the "Battle Recorder" is introduced, which (of course) records battles, which you can then send to anyone in the world.

-The story is slightly different from that of the others. Shinnoh's gotten colder, and a mysterious void has appeared at the top of Mt. Coronet, which takes you to the Ruined World, Giratina's original domain. In this world, Giratina takes on his Origin Forme:

-Due to Shinnoh's colder climate, the main characters have taken on a more covering clothing style to keep themselves warm. Even the Poketechs have a new design:

I'll put up more info as I get around to it.