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Thread: PD as the Cast of the MArvel Universe

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    Default PD as the Cast of the MArvel Universe

    So, giving this some thought. Who would all the players here at PD be in the Marvel Universe. Somebodies gotta help me out on this one. Either post on this thread or send me your suggestions via PM.

    So Far we have:

    Keke Le Cat: Emma Frost
    Sasuke: Blackheart, Splooge of the Devil
    Lord94: Chameleon (Obvious reasons and he got seriously pwned by Aunt May)
    Bozistheboss is the JUGGERNAUGHT, BITCH! With his pimtastic allies, Mustard man and Pimpcaner! (aka Black Tom Cassidy)
    Nidogod: Nightcrawler
    Ripdos: Marrow
    Solly: Frogman
    Mario The Black Knight: Luke Cage
    God: Iron Fist
    Pink Kitty-2: Black Cat
    The Editor: Pete Wisdom
    Pichubro: Kitty Pride
    lac459: Green Goblin (The Phil Urich one)
    Nocturne: Amadeus Cho
    Eve: Jessica Jones
    Qoorl: Hawkeye
    Mewtwo: Uatu the Watcher
    Girafarig69: Hulkling (but only because Plastic Man is DC)
    ThunderzLegacy: Dusk (Cassie St. Commons, NOT Spiderman or the guy from the NEgative Zone)
    Xion: Moonknight
    Nanaki: Mach V/The Beetle
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