Once again, it's been a long time since I've pushed out an update for Pokemon Dream. However, that is changing (and I mean it this time); there are many exciting new features and enhancements to come. I plan on applying the many insights and skills I've gained this summer while interning at a company that makes insanely great products.

Recently, you may have noticed this new layout. I am currently in the process of adapting all pages to run smoothly with it. Along with the new layout comes some organizational changes. Most notably, if you look on the right menu bar, the Anime section is gone. It has joined its brother, the Trading Card Game section, under the renamed Medley category (which was previously called "General"). As you all probably know, it's been literally years since our anime and TCG content has been updated, and I think it makes sense now to throw them in the backstage. Don't get me wrong -- the Pokemon anime and TCG themselves are still very popular after all these years. Unfortunately, here at Pokemon Dream, we simply don't have enough resources to keep up with all that information.

However, taking this step allows us to focus on providing the content we're best at, and that's walkthroughs, game guides, and the PokeRep. When Pokemon Platinum comes out, you can be sure to find the best walkthrough at Pokemon Dream. The PokeRep will be kept up to date and amazing new features will be coming out for it over the next few months. And, of course, I'll be updating a lot more often. So, come back to Pokemon Dream often and check out the great stuff we'll have in store for you!