Groudon Lord of Earth and Fire, we submit to thee
Grind our bones to feed the land
Return our flesh to the dust
Claim us unto the fourth generation...

Kyogre Master of the Oceans and Seas, we prostrate before thee
Fill our lungs with salt and water
Absorb the very blood from our veins
Drown our children and their children and theirs

Rayquaza King of Sky and the Heavens above, we pray to thee
Consume our Souls
Drink our Spirits
Rain down the Heavens and open the Eye of Anger

Lords of Earth, Ocean and Sky, Masters of Creation...
We have been wronged, and so we offer our selves to thee.
We offer our blood, our flesh, our children and our souls.
Awaken to accept our sacrifice and bring ruin to the world that has wronged us.

-From the Tome of the Sky, the Libris Oceanis, and the Continental Codex