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Thread: Pokemon Car! I will buy this one. Look at the video

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    Default Pokemon Car! I will buy this one. Look at the video

    I love Pokemon, like you all
    So...this is our official car! Let's buy one! I am absolutely crazy about this car

    Best wishes

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    Ballin. I could imagine playing blaring rap music in it and getting 0.o's from everyone.
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    Show me ya moves!

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    Nice cars
    FUNNY CAT ... must watch
    Im going to huggle you,
    I can huggle you here,
    I can huggle you there,
    I can huggle you anywhere,
    I can huggle you outside,
    I can huggle you inside,
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    I can huggle you by a tower,
    you can say "Please, No huggles today!!!"
    but the truth is Im going to huggle you anyway.

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