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Thread: Picromon - A Pokemon Picross Fan Project

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    Default Picromon - A Pokemon Picross Fan Project

    Here's an interesting fan project I want to share with you all:

    PicromonCalling puzzle fans and Pokemon pixel artists! Members of the puzzle site Wii Picross have banded together to turn all 493 Pokemon into picross puzzles. This ambitious project started by Exodecai from Brooklyn, NY, is looking for a lot more people to come and try their hand at designing.

    Find out more in this WP forums post.

    Picross is a popular logic puzzle game that uses number clues to reveal a picture solution on a grid. You don't need any particular art skills or knowledge of the game to join in, just a love of Pokemon and the ability to make simple black and white pixel art using the Wii Picross designer screen. is a free site that you can play from the Wii Internet Channel or any PC browser. It has over 4500 puzzles and the internet's most rapidly growing community of players and designers.

    Can they make it? Not without your help. There are currently 77 Pokemon puzzles in the 'Picrodex' including some duplicates so there's still a long way to go!

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    You're such an asian.

    No one wants to think of LOGIC when they play. That's what YOU guys are for. Shesh.

    Rest in peace pap-pap.

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