Heavensfall: Armageddon Rumble
The Beginning

It is the end of September, 1999. The city of Spielburg is restless. School has started back for two months now. Homecoming is looming ahead, and the Fall Dance in particular is only a week away. A massive meteor shower will be occuring then, with major meteorological societies planning to observe the event. Everyone who is anyone is planning parties for the time. It seems like this will be a local holiday for all practical purposes. Indeed it will truly be a Holy Day, after a fashion. The people of Spielburg have no idea what lies in store for them.

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It was Friday evening. School had just ended for the week. The football team had a game, not that Jack went to many. He'd go to the Homecoming game of course, that was expected of anyone with a social life at Spielburg High. That was still nearly a month away though. Now it was time to find something to do. Cruise the streets? Maybe, but not without a posse. Go see a movie? He'd seen everything except maybe American Beauty or the 6th Sense. The first he wouldn't see on principal, the second he didn;t want to watch without a date. OOh there was a thought, pick up chicks. But where? And that brought up an even more pressing matter. He STILL didn't have a date for the Fall Dance. He was Jack Jones! He was Everyman, the most popular non prep, non jock, non nerd, stereotypeless senior in school. And no date. Now he had a mission.

Sliding into his trans-am, Jack cranked her up and turned on the radio, flipping through the channels. Cher... no, Freak on a Leash...eh not so much, Tom Jones? Interesting but... not now, OOh, Will Smith... Wild Wild West. That would do it. He pulled out of the student lot and began driving. First stop, Sander's. It was an old style drive in fast food joint. It was a popular enough place, so maybe someone would show up. Besides he never ate the cafeteria food, blech. And that meant hunger was rapidly descending.

Jack pulled into a booth at Sander's and looked around.