Jack shrugged. His crew had been lax as of lately. Normally he hung around Mick, Steve and Tomo. Mick had gotten heavily into lacrosse for some reason and was practicing nine times out of ten. Jack hadn't even known the high school HAD a lacrosse team. Steve had finally gotten Emily, one of the not as hot (in Jack's opinion) cheerleaders to go out with him after three years of trying and they were doing their best Beth and Mark impersonations ALL the time now. And Tomo... poor Tomo. He' gotten deep into his "native culture" The truth is he was only half Japanese, and his father and grandfather (the Japanese half) had never even BEEn to Japan. He was busy reading and collecting every bit of faux japanese crap he could get ahold of. Jack didn't have the heart to tell them that about fifteen underclass nerdy types could own him in ANY discussion about the land of the rising sun, not too mention people like Michael, who had probably memorized the Japanese encyclopedia for fun, or Zack who had actually BEEN to Japan. And so, for the past week and a half Jack had been flying solo. And so he finally came to the conclusion that watching a cute girl model clothes could definately not be the WORSE thing he could be doing right now.

"That would be absolutely serendipitious!" He said grinning and taking a big sip of the coke.