Hello, everyone at PokéDream Forums. I would like to comment on Pokémon Dream and PokéDream Forums.

First, Pokémon Dream. I see Pokémon Dream has improved; the amount of information has become larger. However, the previous arrangement of icons is neater and at least there were pictures to go with them. I don't mean to be rude, but the current arrangement of the icons is quite dull.

Although, as I said before, the content of Pokémon Dream has undoubtedly increased, there is still room for improvement. I do not see the information that Serebii.net has. The information in PokéDream Forums is not even half of that compared to Serebii.net.

Second, and last but not least, PokéDream Forums. I am not impressed with the members of PokéDream Forums as discipline is clearly lacking in this forum. Compare PokéDream Forums with PokéCharms Forums. The members abide by the rules, the moderators punish the wrongdoers, besides many other things. The members swear reasonably, most of them don't SPAM, and the moderators don't abuse their high status and position of their jobs.

The information in Pokémon Dream is very limited, so people wanting to find information about Pokémon will not find much. Therefore, I hope to see more content the next time. There are very few people who follow the rules, so I hope to see more. That is the improvement I would like to see from Pokémon Dream, PokéDream Forums and its members soon. Thank you.