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Thread: Pokemon Platinum?!

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    Question Pokemon Platinum?!

    Hi, pokedream, I want to ask you something which is really important, are you going to make a platinum page? I mean the english version, I know it will be difficult but can you make a walkthrough for it as soon as the version is released? I hope also to make the whole walkthrough beautiful and designed, as in Diamond and Pearl the walkthrough of the game before the elite4 was nice but after it wasn't, I hope you reply.
    Note:This thread for the owner of the site and anyone who is with me in my suggestion or can do things wit this site.
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    After Platinum is released in English, I certainly will get a walkthrough up as soon as I can. That's my routine every time a game comes out.

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    Hm, but could you somehow add images of this game on the website for now. Or make a coming soon page?

    Would this be good enough?

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