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    Default Me And You

    I want to reach the top of the hill
    I want to become a pokémon master
    But here I am, halfways still
    Will you help me to get there faster?
    I'll put my trust in you
    And hope that my dream will come true
    Each day we'll battle together
    And I know that we'll only get better
    See, now we're not far from the top
    There's no more fear
    Cause nothing us can stop
    We're almost there
    You and I
    Standing on the top, me and my
    dearest pokémon and my best friend
    For now, and Forever

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    pokemon master raika's Avatar
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    yes yes

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    I honest to god mean it! Now where the hells my sammich?!? Eon Spirit's Avatar
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    Hoping intelligence sparks in some peoples minds...


    Great job, problem is, is that I can't wrap my head around how the tune would go...oh well, still great.
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    Nice… is it a song or a poem? Like Eon Spirit said, I can't see how the tune would go if it was a song… Still, a plus for creativity.

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