Nintendo DSi

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Today, Nintendo introduced their newest DS, the Nintendo DSi. It's basically a Nintendo DS Lite with several exciting new features. Compared to the Nintendo DS Lite, it is smaller in every dimension, weighs less, has larger screens, and has better speakers. It features two built-in 0.3 megapixel cameras, one on the bottom-right corner of the cover facing out and one on the hinge facing in, where the microphone is located on the DS Lite.

What's even more cool about this new handheld system is that it'll also act as a music player. All its media content will be stored on an SD memory card. It even comes with a web browser! Finally, you'll be able to download software directly through an online Nintendo store. The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st this year at a price of 18,900 yen (or about $180), and will be released outside of Japan in 2009.