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    Nintendo DSi

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    Today, Nintendo introduced their newest DS, the Nintendo DSi. It's basically a Nintendo DS Lite with several exciting new features. Compared to the Nintendo DS Lite, it is smaller in every dimension, weighs less, has larger screens, and has better speakers. It features two built-in 0.3 megapixel cameras, one on the bottom-right corner of the cover facing out and one on the hinge facing in, where the microphone is located on the DS Lite.

    What's even more cool about this new handheld system is that it'll also act as a music player. All its media content will be stored on an SD memory card. It even comes with a web browser! Finally, you'll be able to download software directly through an online Nintendo store. The Nintendo DSi will be released in Japan on November 1st this year at a price of 18,900 yen (or about $180), and will be released outside of Japan in 2009.

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    Holy shit.
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    Nintendo you have answered my prayers. Now about the earthbound on virtual console.....

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    What a disappointment. Here I was hoping that Nintendo would announce the DS's successor and instead we get the Lite 2.0 with a camera and MP3 player? Useless. I'm sticking with the Phat thanks.

    [Edit]: More lameness: The amount of time it'll take the DSi to launch in all territories is over a year, so at best we won't see a DS successor until late 2010 / early 2011 (for Japan anyway).

    [Edit2]: Additional lameness: The GBA slot on the DSi is missing. Ugh. It seems that Nintendo is making every conceivable effort to make this new DS less of a gaming machine and more of a retarded multimedia device like the PSP. UGH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikatwo View Post
    [Edit2]: Additional lameness: The GBA slot on the DSi is missing. Ugh.
    This is the number one reason why the DSi is useless in my eyes. Besides the fact that most people already have music players and handheld games won't benefit too much with better speakers and such, having a DSi means that you can't do Pal Park in the newest pokemon version and it just seems like a waste of money if you do not get the benefit of a massive library of playable games. :/

    I was hoping for an upgrade like being able to play regular Gameboy games on a DS. Oh welll...

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