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Thread: Ode to Froslass...

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    Default Ode to Froslass...

    I here a whisper,
    when I'm in the cold,
    I heard that whisper,
    in days of old.
    It sounded chilling with an
    icy breath. It said
    "Come to me, or go to death."

    I here that voice wherever I

    When I wake up from my
    slumber, on a cold icy night,
    I see a lonely Froslass next
    to me, shiver in fright.
    "Don't leave me, again." it

    I here that voice where
    ever I go.

    When I sit on my porch in summer,
    shooting the breeze, I see it next
    to me with astonishing ease.
    "I have left you, now death will not
    wait. I will hide in the snow to
    determine your fate."

    I here that voice where
    ever I go.

    That next winter, I went
    to my grave. I thought
    about the snow girl,
    and the choices I made.
    Even in my grave, I hear it
    ever day,
    "I did not mean for you to
    die this way."

    I here that voice where
    ever I go.

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    Hubah <.<


    Has a nice rhythm to it, even if it's not sung. It rhymes nicely, too, even though it's supposed to rhyme.

    You moved through seasons, and that interested me. Some poets aren't even shifting through the year, but you seemed to do so quite boldly.
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    Better than most stuff here.

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    SING IT! I wonder how the tune goes..

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