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    Exclamation A new pokemon... (idea)

    I have come up with a sort of cool idea (well, in my opinion) for a new pokemon game (yeah, you can call me a "weirdo", "pokefreak" or "superNurd" i dun care!)

    the name of it is: Pokemon Dysilli: Secrets beyond the Arceus Rainbow and Pokemon Ovilyisk: Mysteries in the Shaymin Feilds [pronounced Die-See-lee and Oh-Vill-Ee-Ehsk]

    special features (i guess more will be added):

    ~Player can choose between 3 different outfits to wear (instead of wearing the generic outfit)
    ~free for all option in battle mode (up to 6 players in one battle)
    ~home is in a city instead of a town
    ~20 new TMs and 2 new HMs
    ~your nemesis is your own twin [talk about sibling rivlary! ]
    ~Takes place in the Evirah Region [50 new pokemon, i just have to come up with the sketches for them '] [pronounced Ee-Vai-Rauh]

    ~PLOT: every 50,000 years, the core of the world becomes enflamed and produces a very valulable stone called "the forgiveness stone", nobody knows what it does or how it survives in the molten lava. this year, 3 stones were born and the earth celebrated... little did they know that a fourth stone, hidden in the sedimentary glaciers of the northern pokemon world cracked open, releasing an evil pokemon only know as "the inevitable" (i'll think of a better name for it later) this caught the attention of the most prominent pokemon proffessors around the regions, they have all traveled to see this magnificent being for themselves. all but one, a woman by the name of Proffessor Cykillia... she wasn't invited to come so she remained in _________ city [i'll figure out the name later]. the hero (you) has to go on an adventure to become a pokemon master and figure out how to stop this evil....
    ~5 new legendary pokemon [all obtainable i might add]

    ~Has both gyms badges and contest badges that you'll have to earn (just so people don't get bored as fast)
    ~pokemons contests styled similar to the anime (visual, make your own creative appeals, dance competition and then a battle)
    ~New version of Dance competition in pokemon [more like DDR]

    more to come ^ ^
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    Please leave comments in my thread? i hade a new idea for a game and i need some suggestions.

    paired with.... Leafeon_2008 :)

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