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Thread: what moves are best for a charmander

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    Default what moves are best for a charmander

    what moves are best for a charmander?, im never gonna evolve him into charmeleon or charizard as his my favorite pokemon and im wondering what moves would be best for him

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    I think its the same move set. Its just that he learns them earlier than if he evolved. Have it learn blast burn

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    My thoughts: Dargon Rush(Breed), Swoard Dance(tm75), Flamethrower(lvl34), Burn Blast(on leafgreen/firered form a guy late in the game and that has to be your starter) other then that Dig(tm28) to avoid a couple moves.

    I like a balance move set because I train don't all my pokemon just about ten or so, Never had 6 pokemon over lvl80 without rare candy.

    There is said to be some kind of combo. Moves Needed: Crunch(Breed), Arial Ace(tm40), Subsuite(tm90), Belly Drum(Breed)

    Try Substitute if it dont get hit then use belly dance. Belly dance will affect the substitute not your hp. the Crunch can beat any thing down expect what fighting, dark and steel. Arial Ace can handle those. Again i think this might work.

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