Looking through my documents for something I download, came across my good ol' Word file of the PD Bio that I haven't worked on in over a year. I promise I'll finish one day, but for now I'll give you niggas a taste. Keep in mind, this is ROUGH. Lots of typos probably. Stuff needs to be added in the middle of things, clarified, corrected, etc. But here's what I have as of now:


It started with a simple video game, and a young Asian Californian who played it. The videogame was Pokemon. The man went by the name of Wei, but soon, would also go by the name of Mewtwo, and henceforth, such he will be called. Mewtwo had a passion for this videogame, Pokemon, but he also had a passion for the use of computers. One fateful day, he decided to intertwine these passion, and set out to create his very own website, based on Pokemon. He named this site Pokedream, and with the registering of that domain, like the almighty words “Let Their Be Light”, ascribed in holy text across the world, a new era was born - a kind of era that never existed before. Life was breathed into souls across the land, and a modern day utopia was beginning to form. Surely Mewtwo, all those years ago, could never have imagined what his innocent hobby would create. There would be tales of great triumph, and also of great strife. Bonds formed, and bonds broken. When Mewtwo was typing into the domain application “ www.pokedream.com” as his desired URL, the future of this seemingly trivial venture could not have possibly been imagined. To accompany this site, Mewtwo decided he would need a forum, for the visitors of this site to discuss it, and to discuss Pokemon in general. So he chose a free, simple message board client: proboards. The site was Pokedream.com. The forums were pdream.proboards15.com. In the beginning there was nothing. An empty canvas for the greatest minds of our generation to paint their own, and their story was set into writing right away.

An Age of Innocence

As is to be expected, the landscape of PD was vastly different after its inception over 4 years ago. Mewtwo was the administrator, and expecting great success of his forum, realized he needed moderators to keep things running smoothly. The oldest staff in memory consisted of Mewtwo as the Administrator, and Kaez, Coffee Addict, and Kit as moderators. There was a member in the earliest days by the name of inovativericeb0i who also seemed to have played a role in the staffing of the forum, but memory of him and what particularly he did is lost in the sands of time.

Soon, PD began attracting members. One of the first prominent members went by the name of LeaderMarina, who joined to post a Pokemon Fanfiction. She became attached to the forum as a whole, though, and was soon made a moderator. The prominent members of this era were the mod staff, Mono789, SassySuicine(who soon became a moderator herself), Sucasa, Pokemaster, and a man who still exists in a prominent role on PD to this day, by far the oldest active member - a lovely Egyptian man Peeki, at that time known as Peekimon, and reference to a contemporary videogame. At this time, PD was a very small community, engaging in sporadic discussions of no real consequence, such as matter of Pogs, and Birds in North America. The Miscellaneous Discussion forum, drastically different from how it is today, was a hotbed of Roleplaying, a type of posting that at this time ALL prominent members engaged it. Roleplaying, in this early age, is what defined PD existence.

Perhaps the most prominent member was Pokemaster, who was at this time the top poster on the forums, as in to say, the one who had the largest post count. Another poster soon joined, by the name of Thor The Pikachu, who would go on to challenge Pokemaster in his domain of high post count. This innocent little feud was perhaps the first instance of personability within PD. There was this mini-feud, and still more RPing, this is what PD consisted of at this point, and what it would continue to consist of for many years. As RPs overwhelmed the Misc. forum, which caused them to have to mingle with other non-related topics, there was a call for a separated forum made exclusively for Role Playing. It was made, and for a very long time, this was far and away the most active forum on PD. The most popular RP at this time, created by Thor the Pikachu, was known as Journey Through Malastare. Thor the Pikachu changed his name to Quaza~Te, and his battle over posts with Pokemaster intensified. A new prominent member joined - by the name of Leader Neeherc. He will play an extremely pivotal role in PD history in ages to come, but for now, he was like all the others - RPing, and not much else.

Aside from Roleplays, the second most active section was the Forum Discussion. Here there was a bit of turmoil, well, at least as much turmoil as there could be in these rather bland ages. The problem was what was interpreted as “Spam.” In these olden days, any type of message that was deemed off topic was taken rather seriously, and moderation action soon followed. PD at this time was very uptight, strictly adherent to the rules, and prude. Certain members, such as Quaza~Te and Pokemaster had been deemed to be spamming, certainly due to their competition over the top of the Top Posters List. Speaking of Pokemaster, at one time he was made a mod, but de-modded soon after. Perhaps this matter played a part in that saga, perhaps not, the event is too old and time too misty to tell for sure.

The issue of this Spam was considered very serious at the time, and there are several old threads that can still be viewed in the Forum Discussion of the old forum that deal with it. The new member, Neeherc, at this time left the safeness of the RP board, and ventured into the realm of real forum decisions. He took a strong anti-Spam stance, and was rewarded by Mewtwo with a Moderator position. SassySuicine also emerged strongly on this issue, stand with the Mods, and was also rewarded in similar fashion. The culmination of this issue was by a short-lived member by the name of rickjamez, who posted pornographic images across the forum. This was a groundbreaking and monumentous event at the time. Talking about something that wasn’t completely adherent to the topic was considered a substantial transgression, and a bit of light cursing was considered perhaps the greatest evil alive in the world at that time. But to post pornographic images? It shattered the very foundation that PD was built on at the time, and there was an enormous outcry. Neeherc took to his modding and deleted all the posts of this character, and that was the end of that topic.

Around this time, there was a small exodus of many of the members of this era. Most of the mod staff left for a bit. In their absence, more recognizeable names in the days of old joined, including Espeonmaster and kantolagirl, who are still active in some form to this day. Another important member who joined during this changing of the guard was Team Aqua Leader Archie. After the rickjamez incident and the joining of these new members, things were very stagnant for awhile. There were no pressing issues, and the daily life on PD continued in peace. External peace at least, because in some members, the spirit of freedom soared in their souls. The huddled masses yearned to breath free, and soon there was a beacon of light that would take them. But the iron-fisted mod staff would refuse to go out without a fight.

The Seeds Are Planted

As mentioned in the previous section, Espeonmaster was a big new member on the scene. She had a brother, he had already had experience with forums, posting mainly on such places as GameFAQs. Upon learning that his sister was involved with a small little Pokemon forum, he took on the big forum mentality of wanting to mess around with a lesser forum, and at the time PD defined the term “lesser forum.” Young members, lack of humor, uptight rules, inexperienced in the way of the internet - it was a perfect place for TA to have a little fun at the expense of less experienced and intelligent posters, and get some ideas and debates out there that had probably never even came across the mind of the type of poster who’s most pressing issue concerns the best way to express Out Of Character comments in an RP.

So then, with the registering of the account TeenageAngst, the world of Pokedream was changed forever.

TA originally did not stir up that much trouble - at least not in the way we would imagine today. At this time, nearly any kind of debates were banned. Flaming was viewed as a high offense, and the mods deemed that topics relating to politics and religion would create flame wars, and therefore, two extremely valid topics of debate were banned. TA, a thinking man’s poster, and a lover of discussion, would not stand for this rule, and thus posted debates on the banned subjects. Indeed, these threads were entirely appropriate, but the stifling iron fist rule of the mod staff had arbitrarily banned these topics based on their own personal prejudices, and most likely even insecurities due to lack of knowledge in these areas. The mods, though, could not keep TA and his intellectual spirit down, some of the lowly members even agreed with him on these matters, they found that these topics were interesting to read, and greatly improved the quality of discussion at PD, and as they continued with activity, and not leading the flame wars which was the mod staff’s rationale for banning the topics, TA was allowed to freely pursue the posting of these discussions.

But there was a member who would soon incur TA’s righteous fury. He was known as Red 530. He was a real life friend of LeaderMarina’s, who was at this time the spokesperson of the mod staff, and the most respected member among the ruling class. Thus, he got good treatment, and even had a following. The problem though, was that his oppinions were absolute garbage. He participated in the kinds of debate topics that TA brought up, and his posts were so mind bogglingly stupid that TA could not just sit back and watch these atrocities to rational and intelligent human thought and expression take place. He was your classic 12 year old pseudo-intellectual - America was the worst country in the world, Bush was the worst person in the world, and Jesus just might have been a little gay - because there’s nothing wrong with that. These are the type of things Red 530 posted, and TA could not just sit by and see them.

Red quickly became TA’s greatest nemesis. And due to his connection with LeaderMarina, this is what lead to TA’s feud with the mods becoming more personal. As TA’s role on PD became more than just stopping by now and then to mess with people, and geared more towards a longer career, he decided he needed to invited someone new, someone to help him fight the good fight - an apostle. Originally this aposlte joined as CJayC, but soon changed his named to RedCheetah.

RC joined TA is his bringing of discussion to PD, and also joined TA in his insulting of Red, and the mod staff in general. Espeon Master became a moderator right around the time TA’s campaign against the mods became most personal - they now wanted to ban him, but they also discovered that TA was EM’s brother - therefore, if they banned him, they would be banning one of their own mods. New members joined, and their souls ached for freedom, and for the first time, TA was assimilating an army - Devil and Xion emerged as fighters for TA’s image of what PD should be. Devil was at this time a mild mannered Serbian boy who could barely grasp English, he mostly stuck to welcoming people in the newb forum and giving 5/5s in the Writing forum, but he still had the foresight to see that TA’s vision for the future was the proper one. Xion was a classic poster - big on RPing, and big on discussing Pokemon, but he was also progressive, and knew that the forum was boring without TA’s antics, and thus sided with him as well.

Eventually the feud between the mods and TA boiled over, and he was banned by username - the inexperienced mods finally figured out a way to ban without having EM also effected. But his main partner, RedCheetah, remained, and Xion and Devil rose to the occasion and campaigned for the unbanning of TA. At this time, the administration was completely infallible - if they banned someone, they were banned for as long as they said they were - and that was final. The idea of the regular posters having power was almost in conceivable at this point, but RC, Devil and Xion refused to accept that, they refused to yield at the stop sign of the mod’s iron fist of power. They knew they were better - and they knew they had power, official or not.

This was one of the turning points for PD. After campaigning for days, nearly dominating the forum with sentiments of unbanning TA, and getting many regular members to agree to this sentiment, as at this point they were finally realizing, due to his absence, that TA really did make the forum very much more interesting. In just a few short days, Mewtwo himself unbanned TA - considerably shorter than the length his ban was originally set for. This was a huge defeat for the mods ,and dealt a lasting blow to the PD power structure.

Around this time, Mex joined as well, but generally kept to the RP area. Although there she was building up quite an influence. Her massively growing post count put the past rivalries between Pokemaster and Quaza~Te to shame. This also came with increased socialization among those forums.

TA’s causing gaining powerful supporters in RC, Xion, and Devil, and Mex bringing up a massive post count and leading towards increased casual socialization in the forums, topped off with TA’s victory over the mods and a huge blow delt to the administration - they had never till this point looked less official and intimidating, a regular member, nothing but a good poster with influence over people who wanted change just like him, had bested them. The time was ripe for the event that would change PD forever.


Everything was aligned to indicate that there would be a great change on the PD horizon. But not everything was perfect - the mods, especially LeaderMarina and SassySuicine, were still strongly enforcing the, by this time, extremely out-dated rules. TA, RC, Xion and Devil were still fighting against them, but at this time it was just a stalemate, no great progress had been made on either side after the disgraceful defeat of the Mods in the TA Banning Scandal. To go to the next level, Pokedream needed something new that could push them to the next level. And soon that is exactly what they got.

Dogar the Brave, and a poster soon to be named God, were going around various forums, looking for a place. An attempted stint at FFWA ended with their banning after a multiple account prank. They then went onto AnimeForums, and had a great deal of success screwing with the terrible posters there, but eventually that began to stagnate, and they needed somewhere new. The poster soon to be God, at the time known throughout other forums as Zein, Tainted(an allusion to a manga he and Dogar were reading at the time), or masturbating penguin, was already somewhat of a forum veteran, although just now realizing what it takes to be a great poster on a forum. Dogar the Brave was very new to forums, just getting the internet a few months ago, but took to them quickly.

EspeonMaster, as was mentioned before, was TeenageAngst’s sister. TeenageAngst was also at the time good friends with Dogar the Brave. During a conversation between them, Dogar brought up that he had been messing around on forums and getting banned from them lately, and TA mentioned PD. Dogar was intrigued by this, and told God, but at the time he was very skeptical. It wasn’t till a few weeks after it was initial mentioned that they got around to joining. God was still very skeptical to this idea, and when they arrived on April 30th, 2005, his skepticism, for the most part, was proven right. Terrible threads littered their General Discussion forum, named Miscellaneous, and the mods seemed more than intent on keeping it that way. He could hardly even find anything to post in. Eventually, he found the most post-able thread at the time, a joke thread, and make some ‘inappropriate’ jokes. One of the most retentive mods, SassySuicine, was immediately on the thread and edited much of his post. God, having dealt with this type of moderator before, was not intimidated, and took the fight to SassySuicine.

He and Dogar went around the forum, looking for threads of hers, and attacked her in it. Most notably was her thread in the Writing Forum, a poem about a Trombone, which seemed very much like it could be an explicit sexual innuendo. God, Dogar, TA and RC exploited this aspect of the poem, and made a series of, to that date, the greatest posts PD had ever seen in that thread. Not being at all used to sexuality and witticisms, SassySuicine was flustered, and had no idea how to react. She did not act in her stony, moderator way, instead acting frustrated and confused, fully setting herself a peg below this new league of great posters.

There was nothing like God or Dogar on the forum before this. TA and RC were militant in their strive for changing the forum, much like God was, but God took it to the next level, with absolutely no regard for the power of the Moderators, experience, and charismatic humor that PD had never seen before. God had an obvious image for the forums, and people liked it. Dogar the Brave was not as militant, and unlike God, would have been content with mindless chatter in shitty threads, but he was charismatic, likable, and generally inoffensive, as well as being a very good poster in his own right, bringing a style of posting to the table no one else could, and being able to bridge the gap between the militant revolutionaries, and the contemporary regular posters.

God, at the time, had a very bad computer, so he could not be as active as Dogar was, who at the time was averaging 50-100 posts a day, nearly keeping up with Mex. God became THE quality over quantity poster, with every post being a massive blow dealt to the increasingly weak administration.

After their originally April 30th escapades, God left for awhile. Although he did enjoy making a fool of SassySuicine, and she was already considerably weakened by him(LeaderMarina would not even approach him or Dogar), the other aspects of the forum were not satisfactory to him. Dogar continued to post, mostly chatting with the regular members in threads of little consequence, generally giving the forum a more laid back manner, although it was not making any strides to true improvement.

But on May 5th, God came back, and this was the day that changed PD forever. God made several great Spam threads, which the mods would not even get close to, HIPPOS!!! Being the most notable. SassySuicine attempted to close a few, but God ridiculed her throughout the forums, and sent her a scathing PM, and after that, she was heard from very sparingly. In only about 10-15 posts, God had run out a long time, iron-fisted moderator. God, TA and RC joined Dogar in his chatting with the regular members throughout the forums, endearing them all to their revolutionary cause. Regular, generally rule-abiding posters, like Mex, pichubro, and Ripdo went along with their great spam threads, and the Mods no longer had the general public on their side. The people wanted a change, and they were getting it.

May 5th was an historic and epic day. Throughout it, a series of events took place that would set the stage to send PD skyrocketing into becoming the single greatest forum in the history of the internet. But first, the leaders needed an army. TA and RC quickly became second in command, but still extremely powerful, behind God and Dogar, who’s charisma, double team rapport, and innovative posting took the forum by storm. God’s first legendary thread was “Linkin Park Sucks” in the Music Forum. Although everyone knows Linkin Park sucks, many people at PD were still 8 year old idiots who didn’t, and such an obvious, seemingly harmless thread caused quite a stir. In the music forum, God and Dogar noticed a poster who kept talking about Green Day - MeowthEX. This is where they first interacted, and where they found the first new member of their revolution.

At first, they didn’t like MeowthEX, soon know simply as Mex, mainly because she was from New Jersey and liked Green Day - the antithesis of what God and Dogar stood for at the time. But she proved to be nice and likable, and their hazing of her soon turned into good natured ribbing and they became strong acquaintances on the forum. During the days between April 30th and May 5th, Dogar made a thread about FLCL, and in there he began a conversation with a member who would also play a role in the evolution of the forum - pichubro. She was a nice young girl who was simply too sweet not to love. She wouldn’t engage in the dirty tactics that the rest would, so she was not technically part of the group of people who are referred to as the ones who changed PD, but she played an important role as a regular member who strongly supported the movement.

So now the army consisted of God, Dogar, TA, RC, Mex and with some background support from pichubro. These six posted in the already mentioned Hippos!!! Thread, making it the first true spam thread in PD history, and the mods did not touch it. In fact, on this day, although the revolutionaries were making major waves throughout the forum, no mod came close to them after God ran out SassySuicine, as opposed to how hands on they, especially LM, were with TA and RC’s prior antics.

God made another thread, about the quality of posters on the forum. He ranked them in the order of: God, Dogar, RC, TA and Mex. Someone who was only active for one day making an arbitrary ranking of the quality of posters on the forum? This didn’t sit right with many people. Most just protested passively, not wanting to go up against the dominant personalities of God, Dogar, TA and RC. But one person did not go quietly. Xion: The Master of Steel. He spoke out against this thread, quickly earning him the ire of God and Dogar. He was a former supporter of TA, and had been a background poster for most of the time the revolutionaries were posting, so this came as a shock. He was quickly branded as a bad poster by God and Dogar, and ignored.

Across many threads, another poster seemed to be gravitating towards them: ripdoskryp, soon referred to as Ripdo. Not many people could actually make out what it was she was saying, but she seemed to support the revolution. They assumed she was just a young kid, and put up with her lack of linguistic clarity, as she seemed to be friendly towards them and their cause. But soon, her inability to be understood became too much, and she began showing anti-revolutionary sentiments, when the discussions turned toward sexual topics or the usage of profanity. Soon no one could distinguish where she stood on any matter, or what she was saying at all. She was simply Ripdo, and that was that. She ceased to be a player, at least for now.

There was another poster who, like Xion, took to the styles of TA and RC in the days before God and Dogar, and fought for them when they were banned. Devil. A Serbian lad who spoke very poor English, and generally stuck to welcoming people in the newb forum and giving people 5/5s in Fan Fics, but when he did post in Misc., he gravitated toward those on the revolutionary side. He wasn’t much of an asset at this time, due to his inexperience and poor grasp on the language, but he was a major indicator that popular opinion was beginning to change.

These were the major players. But at the moment, the only real grouping was God, Dogar, TA and RC, with a little background from Mex, something was needed to bring them together, and Xion and God and Dogar were still at odds a bit. What happened, was for two weeks, Dogar was unable to post, and without Dogar, God found it too painfully terrible to post. So the forum experienced two weeks without the leading players in the forums evolution. Not even TA and RC could hold it up, as they didn’t have the experience and thread making of God, or the charisma of Dogar, so the forum temporarily reverted back to its former state. Then, they simply came back. A very simple and undramatic event, but a pivotal one. The people noticed the change of forum quality when they weren’t there. And they didn’t like it. Xion suddenly became a huge supporter of them, and Devil quickly joined him. Mex became slightly more revolutionary in her stance, as before she was still an innocent young girl.

This is when the forum started making its major transformation, and one thread was more important than any other in this process: The Relationship Thread. Made by KidSephy, it was to discuss, you guessed it, relationships, but off-topic conversation sprung up in it, and suddenly God, Dogar, TA, RC, Xion, Devil and Mex were all posting actively in it. These are the Seven People, sometimes referred to as the “Sexy Seven”, who did more than anyone else to change PD. Social posting, with no real topic, just laid back and occasionally humorous. The forum had never seen anything like this before, and it took over the entire Misc. Discussion.

Things went on this way for several weeks, and it was good. Very good. All day and all night these seven posters with the occasional appearance by pichubro or Hatsuharu would dominate the forum with posting quality the likes of which had never been seen, and also with friendly and social posting. PD quickly turned into a tight-knit community based on these few people. It became like other forums, where the main posters knew each other on a more personal level, to the point of considering each other friends.

Around this time, two important things happened. Perhaps the first non-fighting-the-man forum rivalry took place - God and Dogar vs. Lemony. Lemony was a shitty poster, who just liked going about, posting shitty things, and generally sucking. God and Dogar did not take nicely to this, and proceeded to harass him across the forum. This showed that they were in full power. They were the ruling class, whatever they did or said, the posters would follow. Little was heard at all from any of the mods. Now and then they would lock an excessively inappropriate thread made by God, but since the indecency on PD was still in its infancy, he took it lightly, realizing even when he made the thread it was too much, and he just did it for kicks. As far as the day-to-day events that went on at PD were concerned, although at one time they would be considered high crimes, the mods did not dare touch them, interject themselves into them, or even comment on them. The other event of some importance was the first scuffle between two high profile posters - Dogar and Hatsuharu. Hatsuharu was teasing Mex humorously in the Relationship Thread, and at the time Dogar and Hats had not interacted much at all, and Dogar took it seriously and came to her aid. Hats and Dogar had it out for a few pages, but eventually Mex settled everything and Hats, Dogar and God became a lovely group.

Soon, a member started voicing his displeasure with the current state of the forum: Trannel. Trannel was a young man from Holland, and at the time, had the 3rd or 4th highest post count on the forum, behind Mex, Xion, and maybe someone else. He mainly kept to the Forums Discussion forum, but would venture into Misc. now and then. He was sort of a prolific poster at the time, although passive and soft spoken, usually, and abided by the rules. He was a prominent role-player, so he had respect on the forums. But now he came into Misc, and it was clear he did not like how the rules had deteriorated, and that discussion of sex was becoming commonplace(such as explaining to Mex why “muffin hunter”, and Milford, was funny). He did not wage full war like others in the near future would, he was just vocal about his dislike for God, as he was at this time, by far the most abrasive and revolutionary of all the new guard. God and Dogar soon went into a bit of a feud with him, with Dogar breaking out the infamous Rainbow Picture, insinuating he was gay. Not a light insinuation for the contemporary state of PD.

Eventually, though, Trannel was worn down, and began to have a more amicable feeling about him. He came to have a good relationship with God and Dogar, and the rest of the new great posters.

Soon, another new great poster came along, and joined, in a lesser role, the Seven. Shion - Xion’s girlfriend. That title would cause much controversy in months to come, but for now, she was very well liked, and joined them in their late-night spam sessions where every topic on Misc. morphed into a general, chatroom like conversation. It was smooth sailing after the Trannel saga, with no one challenging the great posters in any real way, except for Red530, but by now, the people who mattered stopped putting any semblance of weight into his opinions, and he simply became PD’s first inside-joke.

And thus, PD went on in this glorious path for several weeks. The posters grew closer - Mex, Dogar and God even planned to meet at a local anime convention. But another great change was looming over the horizon. It happened literally overnight.

God had just got home from school, and was about to walk up the stairs to begin the laborious process of turning on his decade old computer and trying to get to PD when the phone rang. It was Dogar. “PD is ruined.”

But how? Dark Leader Neeherc.

Paradise Lost

In earlier chapters, I mentioned Leader Neeherc, how he came in, was viciously against spam, and was quickly modded, but he did nothing of any real note and then left. I also said he would play a much larger role in the future, and here it is - an earth shattering event.

Although there were no seriously threatening detractors to the state that the so called Sexy Seven had created on PD, there were still immature, young posters who harbored resentment, but were too meek to say anything. One of these such members was named Jay. He never actually spoke out, at all, against the state of PD, but inwardly he must have despised it, because he contacted a former mod, Neeherc, and told him PD needed him.

Neeherc responded.

It happened literally overnight. Neeherc came in, and the first thing he did was delete everything that had been made great about PD. The various spam threads, even the Relationship Thread. Then, at the regular after-school activity timeframe, the important members logged on to see this wasteland, a once flourishing area turned into a scorched battleground by one man alone. There was a thread: “Neeherc is no longer inactive!” started by the previously mentioned member who solicited his return, Jay. Here was Neeherc, speaking of the ills of spam, profanity, and sexual dialogue. Saying it was his goal to rid PD of the people who had made it this way. Declaring war.

He stated his main goal was to go after the most revolutionary of the new posters - God. God immediately responded. And thus started the argument that would go on between the great posters and the mods for many, many months to come - The Rules vs. Quality. God defended the state of PD, saying this is what people wanted. They enjoyed posting this way, it was more fun, more humorous, more entertaining. Under this kind of posting, activity skyrocketed, it made PD a place people wanted to be. A place to laugh at things, get to know each other, and learn things they never would have in the old environment. He claimed that old PD was boring, a barren, dull wasteland, the current state gave it life, character, and actually made it a good forum. Neeherc argued that none of that mattered - what it said in the rules was to be obeyed by all, and interpreted strictly. He claimed that there were still young children on the forum, and they needed to be shielded from the vulgarity and sexuality that had come to dominant the current era of PD. He said PD was no longer a friendly environment for everyone - there was not just inappropriate subject matter, but flaming, and insults. He took a stance as if what he was doing was a righteous crusade.

This train of argument went on between Neeherc and God. Dogar joined in the fight by Private Messaging everyone of prominence on the forum, telling them why what Neeherc was doing was wrong, why what he and God were doing was right, and the join the fight on the side of the new, great, revolutionary posters. He even sent this message to several mods. Perhaps it was a result of that, perhaps for another reason, but no mod joined Neeherc in his holy fight against the new era. It was just Neeherc, battling against an increasing army of regular posters who supported the way the tide had turned on the forum.

But there were still enough counter-revolutionaries to keep PD going. Dogar made a thread: a simple poll, asking people if they felt PD had become inappropriate. The answer was an overwhelming No from almost all of them. Some, such as Red530 and Jay, stayed on the side of Neeherc. But God, Dogar, TA, RC, Mex, Xion, Devil, and a growing following of lower-level posters stood strong on their stance that PD was heading in the right direction, and it needed to stay that way. As more and more regular, no-name posters join the revolutionary side, saying that Neeherc was in the wrong, and no mod came to support his enforcing of the rules, he knew the battle was over. He left, a defeated man, The new guard had taken on a full-on mod, not intimidated by their political power, and more than willing to use his mod abilities - and they still won. It was the turning point - the mods were no longer in power. The people were.

But this victory did not come without a price. Not in the least. PD after this was a post-war battle zone. All the great threads that had grown near to everyone’s hearts, that had sustained the great activity, were gone. People got pessimistic, trying to pick up the pieces. Although they had won, it was a bittersweet victory, as Neeherc had dealt quite a blow. Even members like Red530 were now more emboldened to speak out. Sure, they were no threat, and still not taken seriously, but it was a hassle to deal with. Ripdo now even began to show spite for the way the forum now ran, and would become a far more severe critic in the eras to come.

Even, though, in this post-Neeherc era, with the greatness crippled and the opposing side more willing to speak out against those in power, it was still a great forum. The Sexy Seven still came on everyday and post with each other, and their spam sessions still lasted long into the night. More members joined - Raichu.26 and DarkUmbreon were two of the most prominent new members. In the art forum, they came to know each other, and become one of the first strictly PD-based couple, as Xion and Shion knew each other in real life - or so they said. But more on that situation later.

Still, PD had lost something. Suddenly, some of the mods came back – most notably LeaderMarina. She had always remained actively posting, but had abdicated her modding duties as she realized that the administration of the Sexy Seven was firmly in power – but now, with them weakened by a battle, and their dearest threads taken from them, complaints about PD began to sprang up. Previously no-name posters, who no one had ever heard anything important from, began to speak out in greater numbers. Red530 took the charge much harsher than before, starting multiple threads, and pleading for moderator intervention. But now, there was an even greater change on the horizon. Over a very good deal of the summer, God and Dogar would be inactive on PD, after to the previously referred to Anime Convention, and it would lead to a strange summer indeed. Uneventful but eventful, boring but pivotal – people would make greater names for themselves, at it would set the stage for the greatest evolution of PD yet.

Setting The Course

Coming back from the Anime Convention, Dogar had to leave for a 2-week long trip, almost right away. With nobody members beginning to voice their displeasure, a small but sure return of mods taking official action, and the 2 week departure of his main posting partner, God grew disenchanted with PD. He began to feel that perhaps this revolution could never be permanent, and that the changes they had all made were reversible – and indeed being reversed. So he decided it was time to move on, but not to another forum – to his forum. He had always wanted to make his own forum, and now that he was a prominent member able to draw good members to be active on two forums – PD, and another forum he had joined, without the usual backup from Dogar, post-FFWA, EOFF – he decided it was the perfect time to start one.

Thus began the story of one of the greatest and most sacred places that has ever graced the internet: gr00vy forums. Since God no longer cared about PD repercussions, and felt he was above the rules anyway(rightfully so), he began to advertise his forum all about PD. It was set up to be a very elite place, so although members like Mex, pichubro, and Ripdo were invited, the only people from PD who were really active at first were TA and RC, internet elites in their own right, and Devil, a man who had become a loyal follower of the revolution, and eager to learn their ways and their greatness. Many more members from God’s other forum, EOFF, had came than members of PD, so at the time it could hardly be classified as a PD-spinoff, just an internet utopia where the greatest came to be great.

Soon there would be another area of God’s life represented on gr00vy – real life. Yes, on the fated night of July 13th, 2005, the internet got its first taste of the soon-to-be infamous Mario The Black Knight. At the time, Mario had no computer, and thus no internet. But he was staying over at the house of someone who did, and when God found out of this, he figured Mario would be a perfect edition to the forum that he was destined to make the hub of the greatest posters from all different forums. Mario joined, completely oblivious to the way forums worked – he had to be told how to post, how to make a thread – moreover, what threads or posts were.

In regards to the thread making, although he hardly knew that it was, he appearantly had a natural talent for it, for on the even more fated afternoon of June 14th 2005 – Mario composed his first internet post and hit the create thread button. The thread? “Chicken Is The Shit.” It immediately was posted in actively for several hours by Mario, God, TA, and Devil. An amazing lineup to be sure. At the time, it was by far the greatest internet thread that they had ever seen. Mario staked his claim as a future internet great, but at the end of the day, he had to leave to go back to his own internetless house, and would not have another chance to solidify his claim for many, many months. Gone but not forgotten, his thread lived on in glory and respect, and his return was greatly anticipated.

Gr00vy continued in this way for a few weeks, mostly EOFF posters, but TA playing a prominent role, Devil dropping in now and then, and a few brief cameos by the likes of Mex and Xion, although PD still obviously held their allegiance. But then, Dogar came back from his trip, and what gr00vy meant to the PD world would soon change. Dogar came to gr00vy, and with his posting attracted people from PD, as he made it less hardline elitist, and more familiar and welcoming. Xion and Shion joined, and the stories of their relationship became a sensation. Thus, gr00vy started to become more of a PD-related super elite board, rather than a meeting place for the various greats of all internet locales, although members of EOFF still showed up now and then.

Soon, Dogar decided to start posting on PD again. Since it was more active, with more people, he began to post there more, and thus it became active again. Gr00vy would still hang on for a few more months, but its glory days were over now – at least for the first one. But there was still one major contribution to PD culture that the first gr00vy had to offer, other than menelec of course. Distrust.

TA admitted to Dogar that RC was an alt of his. Dogar was rather surprised, but not totally shocked, as he had somehow suspected it when he first joined, but TA denied it when it was brought up. God was hit much stronger by the shock and heartbreak, but Dogar was hit with something more significant – paranoia. He told God to cross-reference the IPs of various different members, and one came up with a match. And it was a terrible match. They didn’t want to believe it – ANYTHING BUT THIS – but it was staring them right in the face – Shion and Xion … were the same person.

This was an earthshattering, unbelievable discovery. Xion and Shion had become like PD royalty. They were beloved by all, it was the perfect match, and now God and Dogar had found out that it was all a lie. Xion and Shion were stilled adored by all, and Dogar and God didn’t know just how to release the information to the people, so they kept it with them for now, but it would resurface later. For now though, there was an even more important matter regarding Xion, at PD.

Back at PD, a whole lot had changed while gr00vy was going strong. Mewtwo came back, well, as back as he ever had came, and made some changes. First off, he created a spam forum. Although the spam forum holds a pitiful reputation today, it was seen by many as the future. TA and RC had become very active in it, and were followed by Xion and Devil. In the early stages of the Spam Forum, it has perhaps the most purely elite and exclusive area PD had ever seen. God began posting in it, creating several great threads, and getting caught up with what had been going on at PD in his absence.