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Thread: Few questions about the games...

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    Default Few questions about the games...

    So i looked at reviews but im not entirely sure...

    Is pokemon crystal/silver/gold the only one with 2 maps to explore?(why it was my fav)

    and do any of the newer versions allow you to capture all Pokemon (minus the exceptions)?

    and this may be a stupid questions but i wanna make sure? aare you unable to trade pokemon with a game boy colour lol? my only theory is you would have to trade them to advance first.

    thank you!

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    Cover your ears, then I'll tell you.


    The newer versions come pretty close to having you capture every Pokemon, if you had Diamond and Pearl, you could catch every Pokemon I bet.

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    There is no way to transfer pokemon from red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, or crystal to any other game. Those seven are made completely differently to the newer games, and the coding in them does not allow them to trade with the newer versions.
    ALL other pokemon games, however can, in one way or another, be traded to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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