As long as man has lived on earth, there have been men who exhibit extraordinary talents. People who we today would call Mutants, Super humans, or freaks. Super human however is the most used term among the people because with Mutants, they would have a reason to be the way they are, but they don't as considered among the people but in truth they were technically mutants. The Government even took a interest in the super humans as they started making trouble in everyday life.

People started to hate others as they couldn't tell anymore who was a superhuman or not. This distrust led to various hate crimes among people who claimed the person they attacked were acting with super powers as they put it. The government eventually made a group, ASR. Agency of super human reduction, the government created this group to kill any super humans that are identified. As well as capture a select few to experiment on, to even find a cure.

This agency is considered around the globe as the fight against super humans but are called Agents, and using the newest technology that people don't even see possible at this point is very hopeful to reduce them. Super humans themselves are in hiding, some who haven't been identified are hiding in plain sight. Torn between fighting back against the Agents to lead a revolution or just sink in society trying to forget all about their powers.

Recently however, the super humans have been made to decide what side they are on, as the Agents went on the news from the white house. “We are happy to announce to the viewing world,” The agent said, his name not known, “That in as little as a week, a satellite will be sent from one of our various headquarters around the world into space and then three days later, it will be fired! And all super humans will be dead or neutralized, depending of course in how unnatural your cells are.” After that super humans packed, ready for a war to start and an expedition to find the satellite before its fired and a protection from when and if it does. Others are trying to find a hole and hide from it.

This is where the RP starts, you can be an Agent or a super human in the fight. Agents only go after discovered super humans so if your classified as not discovered though, you can't use your powers in public with out the risk of being discovered.


1.People won't die in this RP, instead their characters will be the one experimented on.
2.No god modding the powers
3.Romance is allowed but keep it PG 13
4.Be creative with the powers, or Agent technology
5.Have fun

Sign up sheet

History: (include how you discovered your power)
Power: (Can have only one power, super humans)
Weapon: (Only for Agents)