Well, as Pichubro (thanks, by the way) pointed out to me, I haven't done this in quite a few weeks, so this week's Pokémon of the Week is:

The pimp stick-toting Farfetch'd!

Red/Blue - The sprig of green onions it holds is its weapon. It is used much like a metal sword.
Yellow - Lives where reedy plants grow. They are rarely seen, so it's thought their numbers are decreasing.
Gold - If anyone tries to disturb where the essential plant sticks grow, it uses its own stick to thwart them.
Silver - If it eats the plant stick it carries as emergency rations, it runs off in search of a new stick.
Crystal - In order to prevent their extinction, more people have made an effort to breed these Pokémon.
Ruby/Sapphire - Farfetch'd is always seen with a stick from a plant of some sort. Apparently, there are good sticks and bad sticks. This has been known to fight with others over sticks.
Emerald - It is always seen with a stick from a plant. Apparently, there are good sticks and bad sticks. This Pokémon occasionally fights with others over choice sticks.
Fire Red - It always walks about with a plant stalk clamped in its beak. The stalk is used for building its nest.
Leaf Green - The plant stalk it holds is its weapon. The stalk is used like a sword to cut all sorts of things.
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - It can't live without the stalk it holds. That's why it defends the stalk from attackers with its life.

Farfetch'd is a pretty freaking awesome Pokémon I gotta admit. I never got the chance to use him back when the Red/Blue/Yellow games were in circulation, but that's just due to the fact that 'pimp stick' wasn't in my vocabulary yet.
Stat-wise, Farfetch'd is pretty much horrible, but that's okay, he makes up for it by looking cool. Oh and his movepool really isn't all that great either. But he can learn cut and trading for him in Yellow was pretty easy, so there's one reason I'm sure alot of people used him.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Keep 'em to yourself or Farfetch'd will pimp-slap you! SHUTUP! Just kidding, but there yah go everyone

By the way, you can post pictures/stories or whatever in this thread about Farfetch'd, so get on it!