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Thread: War of the Shards

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    Default War of the Shards

    War of the Shards

    The Ball is a planet located far-far away from Milky Way galaxy. It’s the region where Hoenn, Kanto, Sinnoh and Johto counterparts are located. The Ball itself is divided into two big regions, which are Red and White. Kanto and Johto are located in Red, because the majority of Red region is land. Sinnoh are fully located in White region, because the vast ocean of White is filled with small islands and rocks. Hoenn’s mainland are located in Red, while from Mossdeep and beyond, located in White. Hoenn is the only region which cuts its way through the Black Border, the border which separated both regions since The Ball was created. They haven’t been fighting in ages, and leave peacefully. But…
    The meteors from the sky are crashed throughout different places in The Ball. The big ones created a huge island located in the Black Border, in which the people call it the Circle. The meteors bring shards from another civilization. The Shards granted them numerous powers, in which the people call it the Ability. The Ability is numerous and can be anything, holds great powers and sometimes funniest ones. This is the reason the Red and White region are fighting over ages. The Circle is the safest place for people to live.
    Some people want all the Shards. Some people want to destroy it. Some people only just want peace again. Some people want to rule the Shards power. Many of them are tried to reach the Circle. Which sides will win? The Red? The White? Or no one? We’ll see…

    The Signup Form
    Name :
    Job: (pick any Trainer from the original Pokémon series listed above.)
    Hometown: (any cities or towns from the Regions.)
    Sides: (Red, White or Black. You can live in Sinnoh but you side with Red. It’s fine)
    Shard: (the abilities of Pokémon, ex.: Oblivious, Own Tempo, Keen Eye)
    Optional are Appearance, Likes/Dislikes, and any info needed to play the RP.

    PS. The Ball is really a gigantic Pokeball floating in the Space. Imagine the Red is the Red sides, and White is the White side. The Black Border is the central one. While the Circle is the button of the Pokeball. You can also suggest me for using another ball. Ok?
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    could you describe more specifics? cause i don't really understand

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