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Thread: Intro! :)

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    Default Intro! :)

    Hi, my names Scott.
    I've been playing my pokemon pearl game for just over 5 months now and decided to join the PokeDream forums to get some more experience in battling competitively so it would be good to get to know those who would be interested in battling me although i am still just an amateur really so go easy on me!
    Pokemon games i have include Red, Silver, Emerald, Fire Red, Pearl and Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness for the Game Cube as well!

    Got the website bookmarked so hopefully you'll be seeing me around now and then and I can get to know some of yous

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    Hi Most people call me Ed and I'd be happy to battle with you once I port my Sapphire team onto Diamond and make some changes to it Anything else you need I might be able to help... Maybe.

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    Hello, Scott.
    Fallen Wings

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