100: People with a full sentence as their MSN name. Terrible spelling mixed with the fact that only four or so words fit on the little box means that the meaning is not only lost, but the frequent changes of the sentences means that it's hard for the people who you actually like to talk to to recognize you.

99: Quest for Fire by Iron Maiden: I just hate it.

98: People who are actually addicted to WoW: If you've played the game you know what I'm talking about. The kinda people who ignore anyone under lvl 70, the people who have at least three twinked 70s on the server, the people who spend more time on the game than they spend sleeping, eating, and on the toilet combined.

97: Arrogent dicks: I talk to people who have no fucking clue how stupid they are thanks to my glorious job. I get a kick out of subtly showing them, but it's an empty victory usually. We get people in there with TVs that have no composite jacks, the red, white, and yellow plugs like on a dvd player or a PS2. They started making these kinda tvs back in 1984, I know this because MY COMMODORE 64 HAS A FUCKING AV JACK!!! These people don't see the need for a new tv and complain that the RF modulator is $30. So then they buy some random crap that I know for a fact won't work, then they return it and blame the dude who told them NOT to buy it. I could go into the people who don't know what a modem is, people who think that the phone line connects into the hard drive, people who don't have a computer, and all their very justified reasons for their beliefs, but I think I've beat this horse enough.

96: Cell phone ringtones: They cost $4 each and they only last a month, God bless Capitolism.

95: Selling Sprint cell phones: The bad sides, people always want fancy packages that require you to jump through endless hoops, it takes 2-3 hours out of your life for maybe $10, and you just gotta love the customers when they get impatient. The good sides? It beats pointing people to the ink cartridges over and over.

94: Cell phone customers: Radioshack has recently dropped Verizon cell phones. For the spoiled assholes who get slightly inconvienced by this, it's like we told them we don't serve niggers (most people who cause this much shit are black people on welfare, I shall mention them much, much higher on the list) and they throw a fit. They act as if we grunts are the reason they have to drive a whole 10 more minutes to get their phones and thus we have to politely tell them to go pound sand up their asses.

93: McDonalds: They just inspire loathing.

92. Best Buy: We're drawn in by their promises of low prices, but are lied to, cattle-chuted in, and forced to buy overpriced computer equipment.

91. High gas milage cars. Just cause it gets 100mpg does not mean that it's 0-60 time of 12 seconds is something you can overlook.

90. The Gameboy Micro: Oh we love the gameboy, the gameboy pocket was okay, the gameboy color was god on earth, the gameboy advace was...meh, the gameboy SP was awesome, but this thing is unneeded, especially with the DS out. I hate it and it's overly ambituous nature.

89. Walmart: Also known as the Fortress of Capitolism, it's name is decieving. It's really a communist plot. Yes, Walmart is communist. Low prices for all? What next, free hammers and sickles? It's going down the same road as Circuit City.

88: Circuit City: Communist HQ. Low prises and prompt sevice for all is not the American way those pinko bastards.

87: Google. They're watching you right now, they're bigger than microsoft, they're more classy than apple, and they've got more porn than xnxx. Soon we'll be running Google OS and all sorts of glorious things like that. They also bug your computer with their desktop search.

86: Valentines Day. Oh everyone loves to get together with the ones they love, but who was the shithead who thought to devote an entire holiday to the idea of being with you're lover and not include the single people too?

85. Emos: People bitch about them, they bitch about people. They dress weird, but so does every other highschooler. They complain about every damn little thing, and people complain that they complain about every damn little thing. I think if we were to ignore them they'd blend right back in with the swirling masses, which is what they basicly say they're doing anyway.

84. People who type in all caps: CAPS LOCK IS NOT CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!!!

83. People who type in all caps and don't even write the king's english: It's bad enough to abuse the caps key, it's worse to use numbers and symbols in place of letters. Nothing is more degrading than "OMFG liek Im sooooo pwning'd dis n00b on WoW lmao he jus ttryd to get awa ybut I gank'd hs ass!!!11"

82. Working 9 hours on Saturday: My job is boring, exhausting, repetitive, and sometimes my coworkers can be unsavory. That's true of just about any retail job...which is why I loate retail. Being forced to endure 9 hours of this just isn't worth it.

81. CRACKA CRAZY!!!: It's moved down on my list, but I still hate it.


79. People who bitch about noobs. OMFG STFU U STUPID NOOB!!!

78. RIIIIIPPPPPDDOOOO: Just had to be said. Could be the next Leroy Jenkins or Khan if we try.

77. People who try to be black, but are not: You know who you are...*looks at himself*

76. People who hate people who try to be black regardless of whether or not they succeed: You know who you are...*looks at his WoW guild*

75. Bush: First he sends us off to war with no plan as to what we're gonna do other than run around killing people, then he invades our privacy with a myriad of new laws and precautions, now he just fucked us outta hundreds if not thousands of jobs from the whole port issue.