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    Why are guys like TA insulting NHS? Is that the best socialised medical care system you can find to criticize? NHS isn't the example of what Sarah Palin hates - there are long waiting lists, but there are no death panels and age discrimination. If you guys want a health care system to pick on Cuban or North Korean health care or something.

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    I would wholeheartedly support a form of national healthcare if it was proven to be more efficient and cost effective to everyone involved. Who doesn't like saving money? Who doesn't like everybody saving money? Simply having one because "what we have now doesn't work" is a poor excuse, if we're gonna do this we need it done right. Personally I think if they deregulated the private sector and kicked those damn insurance and healthcare lobby groups out of Washington there'd be such rabid competition for customers in the insurance and healthcare industries the price would plummet and it'd sort itself out.
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    Price fixing.

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